it seems everything i eat gives me diarrhea

it doesn't matter what it is i always get diarrhea. i tried going vegan but that seemed to make it worse i felt really good but still had diarrhea so now i'm back to eating meat and veggies. i have a burning desire to become vegan again because i don't like eating dead animals after they have come out of a purgatory and i get really tired and feel like doing nothing after eating meat. my mom told me that certain veggies cause diarrhea but i have no idea which ones and i have no idea what veggies to eat to stay healthy when being a vegan. any help would be much appreciated. 

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    • Just read this info about food combining, and try to eat like this.  I am quite sure you will see a difference.  It's not a 100% vegan chart, but still accurate. The main causes for diarrhea are too much liquid with your meals, and combining certain foods together that use completely different digestive enzymes, and have completely different digestive times.  It is not caused by being vegan.  You should try not to have liquids with your meals.  It takes a half hour for a liter of liquid to leave your body enough before eating to prevent diarrhea.  So if you drink 16 oz for example, wait 15 minutes before eating.  If you drink 1 liter you should wait 1/2 hour.  Please do follow your heart and ditch the meat if you want. 

  • Are you still having this problem?  Do you consume liquid with your food?  Do you eat fruit after eating cooked food?  Have you done any research on the principles of food combining?  Veggies do not cause diarrhea, they actually help with digestion.

  • lol i knew this day would come. now that this is an old post i think this is hilarious! at the time i made this post i thought that people would give me solutions like vagelis so yes i think that people who want to help one another would read about my bowel movements.

  • try some rice (in the steam preferably), with little lemon juice on top...

    ..also eat more pasta (spaghetti, lazagnia..etc)... and boiled potatoes...

    just experiment a little, to find the right balance...

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