Update: Increase in Portal Opening's Planned, Forging Ahead toward End of 2012

------By STAR


Cosmic portals are openings or doorways between realities or other dimensions.


It’s been brought to my attention that 7 extra portals  will be opening up (than originally anticipated) and much earlier.

These will then add on to the number originally planned for this year.



This is because there are still *those* out there in this world who haven’t woken up fully or dismiss the idea out of fear.

  It is to propel them (these starseeds/lightworkers) to make their choices wisely and redefine what their goals/purpose is  in this lifetime .... since so no one is left out of the *loop*.




Cosmic portals have been opening throughout this year, and as they continue they will bring with them the wisdom, healing, protection and unconditional love that’s so needed down here.




The 7 extra portals which are in the process of opening  is much beneficial to those of us who are already on a level of awareness here!!!


Imagine more & more influx of wisdom, healing and loving abundant energies surrounding our auric field!



You also have your inner portals that you are working on right now activating.

Many of the sacred sites and portals  on this planet have been closed or are only slightly  open. 

They are starting to activate NOW and profoundly influence people to wake up psychically and spiritually. 

 If you live near one, you will automatically draw in the higher energy.



So,  as always it is very important  to be aligned with the divine flow of God’s essence,  via the heart and connect to Mother Gaia.


In this way inner Peace will reign and lead to the transformation within.

Ultimately this change will effect the transformation of this beautiful home ,

that we call Earth, Our Beloved Mother.


Lets help her and each other, onwards & up!




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  • thank you vangys, for your words; your so kind :) :)
    • :) :)

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    • whaow ! how can I send myself a scout ship just like you did ?

      thank you for giving me the link, if possible, dearest Star angel..

    • scout ships everywhere vangys, unfortunately they have to hide because silly government hunts them... thats not nice ;(

    • yes, right.. they are clocked in the sky.. I saw quiet a few times bright stars moving after sunset and sunrise at shore of the beach last summer.. mother ships outside the planet in 4th/5th D.. :))

    • :)))

  • Yes indeed,"it is very important to be aligned with the divine flow of God’s essence,via the heart and connect to Mother Gaia" and I'm sending unconditional love from deep inside the center of my heart to mother Gaia !

    Thank you Star for this wonderful revelation..


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    • Thank you Star. I love the rainbow colors of the pic.. makes me remember that I saw a lovely rainbow in the sky not that long ago.. sending peace and love.. pure bliss, thanks to you.. you're an angel

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