LAW of Ascension & Obtaining YOUR Spiritual *Gifts*

LAW of Ascension & Obtaining YOUR Spiritual *Gifts*

By Star


I’d like to talk about One of the most important, if not fundamental rules of THIS universe concerning 3rd dimensional (and beyond) manifestation and that is the Law of Abundance & Prosperity.


This is the KEY to get everything you require in this life and

during / after ascension.




To obtain any spiritual gift (astral, OBE, Telepathy, Telekinesis etc) one must be in the state of Spirit abundance.


I cannot repeat this enough, abundance and prosperity is a fundamental LAW one must practice before they can progress up the spiritual ladder.



Abundance isn’t just about having plentiful riches, great cars & having material things (ok being rich is great, but that’s short-term), THE kind of abundance I’m referring to when dealing with this beautiful ascension and obtaining higher spiritual powers is something entirely different.




 The abundance i'm referring to is the utter faith that whatever happens to you in this world this beautiful universe has got your back.

This beautiful universe will cater for you.

This beautiful universe will nourish you.



This beautiful universe will provide everything you want, whether its food, a new mate or a new home, or having a remote viewing session in Mount Shasta with St Germain: it’s the thought & knowing it will happen from your heart chakra, that’s abundance!



You got to feel abundance, you got to KNOW abundance at your heart centre, and you have to nourish this thought like a new born baby. This is the way into tapping into your inner self, higher self, and all-that-is, who we call Prime Creator. This is the vital ingredient in ascension, because with abundance prosperity, one can tap into everything and obtain anything they want whether its 3rd dimensional or beyond.



How do I Become Abundant?


  • Go to your heart Chakra, feel the LOVE for prime creator & the divine, and for all-that-is



  •  Repeat the following mantra to yourself half hourly & daily, during the ascension process:


“This Universe is beautiful! I attract abundance & happiness! I allow it to happen!”



  • Envision white, golden light surrounding you, and then envision it moving upwards from your base chakra, going upwards healing all your chakra’s, eventually leaving from your crown and connecting you with the universe!




Whatever happens stay true to yourself, be in a state of gratitude and all that Is will make the good shown to you. Such is the path to Spirit.


 Love, Star

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  • Dear Maria, thank you.... this is OUR ascension, this is OUR planet Earth, this is OUR humanity - OUR family... OUR children....what one does benefits the whole ;)


  • Dear Maria, this gift is for all of us; all we need to do is access them.... there's nothing more that brings us joy, but feeling abundant and powerful; which is what we ARE !!!


  • Much maitrī to you too friend!!! :D

  • Perfect!Beautifully put my wise friend!:)

    • Cheers Marco mi ole pal LOL ; am off to check the linky u posted :) :)

  • I think it's a beautiful message for most people. On the other hand, it's also possible to thrive without abundance. It's like difficult aspects in astrology. At first, they tend to stress the heck out of you but if handled well, they can help you bring the best out of you.

    • yes true John; we can all LIVE WITHOUT abundance.... but the point is; without abundance would we be in joy would we be happy? i think not; because to manifest anything we DESIRE (whether it be in 3d or 5d).... calls for knowledge and application of the concept and law of ABUNDANCE :)

      this is a fundemental law followed by PROGRESSIVE beings :) <3

    • After what you've just added, I don't think my outlook is that different from yours. One of the things that make me what would translate as happy in you is expressed through creative writing. So I agree there's a form of abundance required in terms of keeping the juice flowing. Then to each their own when setting how much "abundance" they need to get their fill.

      If the question isn't too personal, can you give an example or two of what you would desire in 3 to 5D?

    • Abundance is different for all of us ;) but yes its key to getting what we want accomplished ;)

      in 3d i desire that earth is cleansed; there are enough food for all the peoples.... thats my wish daily, what i have; i wish for others.... so it should follow that it should happen at a 5d level.

      Thats just one example ;) :P

      of course in 3d ive PERSONALLY attracted and accomplished most things using this divine principle, and continue to do so, i want the same for Others. :)

    • Thank you for elaborating Star. Commendable pick.

This reply was deleted.

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