If you Encounter Negative People: A word!

So called *argumentative folks* are around on blogs,

i observe this all the time...

spiritual teachers and students observe such events on daily basis...

These so called labelled *argumentative*/ *negative* folks are here to teach us some lessons about ourselves and about human nature...


I've noticed on this lovely site (and in 3d life)...

many love to bicker and

take things way to personally:

my advice to the bickerer's on this beautiful forum:

lighten up! Try Smiling



 its off putting (for many newbies and oldbies of this wonderful form)...

READING such dramatic issues on blogs,


When there is more important things in this world which need our peaceful energy such as:

rape, homelessness,

peadophilia and war

and starving kids...!!!!

lets keep this in perspective people;

 its important when dealing with each other:

  • whatever someone says about you is a reflection of THEM and THEIR issues
  • english is NOT everybody's first language so words can be mis interpreted and mis construed, have compassion so that you may prosper!
  • forgive
  • they reflect some level of clearing going on in your own auric field
  • if you encounter hostility realise you have done nothing wrong, and accept it and let it go from your field
  • that person cares enough to argue with you
  • this beautiful site does not deserve bad press

Many Regards to site creator, dear wonderful Ben for giving us freedom of expression here, Many blessings on this blessed day!



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  • silas, i love angels! and that pic u pasted is pretty cool!!

  • A second reminder today about an issue this morning. You and Ben are Heaven sent!!!

    • and to you, blessings <3


    • ahahaha ,,, yea thats the spirit!!

  • Well preach Star preach :)

    • thanks joe joe :)

    • I have made mistakes on this site. I even post 17 blogs one day. The admin ben fixed this nicely. Only one person said anything and he just said Its flooding everyone else's blogs out. I told him I had no idea. Anyway no one was negative to me. I have been lucky no one"s ever been mean to me here. Are there less negative people now.?
    • i didnt even know there was an issue on posting blogs, dont worry about it... ;)

  • Thanks for the post Star, yeah i worry about negative comments being directed at my posts and blog articles, it can put people off writing posts. I know you can get very negative and agressive post replys on some other websites, hopefully its not as bad here on this website. You tube is a good example where you get downright rude, aggressive and even death threats from some people in the past ive read these on posts people have wrote on You tube and been shocked. 

    Hopefully things don't get as bad and dramatic on this website, because people should be able to have freedom to express themselves without others getting nasty to them about it.

This reply was deleted.

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