Galactic: The Cosmic Perspective on Monogamy, Love & Relationships!

By Star




So I’ve been asked about Monogamy.


Is it possible to love 2 people deeply in your life

at the same time




Cosmic Answer:



Yes you can love more than 1

at the same time unconditionally

and respectfully ;)


Love essence is not about lust its about Trust.





It is possible to love more than 1 person equally and respectfully down here on Earth and I will explain why IN HERE.


  • I am not promoting hedonism but freedom and liberty !!!



The Higher Dimensional Relationship:


  • In the higher dimensions of love and light, A man/woman are free (even if they are married) they have a contract between them promoting *freedom*  trust… loyalty...


  • This freedom can allow them to have more than 1 husband/wife if they choose & if its part of their soul learning/ evolution too
  • and all the partners are in agreement too
  • (whilst in a state of unconditional love & respect for their current wife/husband.)



Earth In Her Bright Now & Of The Future:

  • So my question is why the cosmic rights above cannot be possible on a future, light filling Earth?


 That’s is the point; we ARE here to be the change.




 We are here to expand and to put these changes/thoughts/feelings onto the humanity grid,


which challenge linear left brain thinking

 not regurgitate the 3d nonsense of limits!




Earth & Her tremendous Value to a Soul on their journey back to Prime Creator:


Earth as we know is a school for spiritual learning, training, and growth.


Your efforts here are valued & praised highly, even if you are unaware of this remarkable truth.



So because this is a school for learning, we are faced with challenges to show our unconditional love for others… unconditional love means to accept what others do without judgment, and blame… and this place called Earth  is the ripe place to conduct this experiment.





The Higher Levels/Stages Of life & dissolving all your karma:


So now, assuming that you have dissolved all the karma & baggage in your life… i.e. you transmuted the crap you had to learn in this life down here and passed the *test* successfully ,

what happens is that  next is you move up a *level*  called a transition point,

where you are given another challenging test by a chosen *ascended master* who is helping you progress here... !



 Tests to evolve the Human Strand DNA


Now this test from an ascended master... could be...

that you are now already integrated with a high level spiritual partner on Earth Plane

BUT at the same time you can love another (high level partner,)


whilst at the same time maintaining loyalty, freedom, respect and integrity to both partners!


This is a tremendous opportunity to advance.




  • Once the test is set and you have accepted on a soul level (and whoever else who is involved has accepted this test too)
  • it has to take place on the physical realm down here.


As it’s a free will zone so you’re allowed the freedom to behave in any manner you choose regarding your test, there are no boundary's or limits... thats the paradox.




This test from the divine with regarding loving more than one wife/husband, is asking for the promotion of unconditional love consciousness to permeate this planet… and … fall into the earth’s grid and disperse to humanity to awaken them to NEW POSSIBILITIES, a world of freedom, love, and limitless!


The party of souls involved in this also fulfil their mission here on earth,

The souls are advanced and are ALSO from the same family/ soul group and not strangers. They are chosen purposely since they have to prove they dont fall into the reptilian brain of lust only, they have to cultivate the higher 5d perspectives too.



Remember Divine Law:


  • However maintaining the feelings of integrity and Divine FORCE in any situation, will ensure that you do not gain negative karma ..... or
  • fall into the reptilian brain of lust, power, greed, consumption. These are not real authentic divine love or based on any freedom.


Bear in Mind: 5d relationships in the 3d Matrix


Firstly, this is a tricky subject taking more than 1 spiritual partner as a husband/wife whether it is in the heart or on paper!!


Remember we cannot really jump into conclusions about people without having access to their akashic records to see why they are down here.


(It’s like doing a indepth film review about a film you haven’t seen for others, it cannot be done unless from a deeper perspective of understanding.)





  • We all have different paths, and some are highly advanced souls who have to challenge beyond the 3d limits which involves these kinds of tests (((so that some of us who are not from here originally can take back our learning and findings to our home planet )))  as well impart this knowledge into the human consciousness, so they grow in understanding about unconditional love and respect.



So the tests, in itself is basically always about unconditional love & showing respect here on Earth for us and for the cosmos… and as you learn & progress ... you go up a level in evolution and in your life learning.




You are asked to challenge EVERYTHING that you once believed… and transmute it into a higher level of GOD FORCE PURE LOVE ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





The higher STAR Realms:


The higher realms do not possess jealous, hate, or envy, they recognise they as we are all united family, so to love more than 1 person (or have more than 1 husband or wife ) is not a terrible crime, it is acceptable under  the cosmic law.


  • As long as both parties are on the same stage in spiritual evolution and have mutual love & respect in hopes of learning & growth to promote  co-create happiness, productivity, source light!


  • This type of unlimited love is to be celebrated and honoured through respect of the cosmos. Source loves us all equally yet we don’t all argue who source loves *better* because, this factor doesn’t matter since SOURCE treats us all the SAME in accordance to our divine essence… this is divine law.


  • Love is what created the worlds and what make the universe go round and round ;)  


  • Ensure you treat another as you would like to be treated, We have to strive to do good so that good is also returned to us.



Your love and light will grow strong on this planet and you will transmute the negative energies of limitations and lack,

and then by this process... you will glow/radiate / shine that light and love as beacon for others too!!! 


Shine Bright!!!


 With Love,  STAR.





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  • Well i think to love more than one is possible as husband or wife, but how ethic that a married man or a woman have sexual realtionships with the others except feeling the love you talk abt, i think there is a thin red line between them, and it is so hard to not to cross that line, so i can not take that risk :) and still keep looking for the love of my life haha!, it doesn't sound ok for me, but i do not blame anyone abt it but the person must be honest, some eastern cultures allow poligami, it's forbidden here in Turkey but in the eastern part of the country people do it illegally, one man - more than one woman, but i don't think that they feel the cosmic love, they have low profile of education and they just make children and popullation, the women see each other as enemies,

    So don't get me wrong, i see it is possible as the way you tell, but feeling in the way you tell is not so clear for most of the people, and if person loves someone than the otherone, must leave the other one, if not he or she would not be honest and the other person may get hurt

  • ok,Nice ! same here; Lyra, Pleiades, and..Vega. :)        

    Thank you for the blog :)

    • yesss vega too & arcturus ;) what fun!!! hehe!! :))

    • yes, just like I said; you're an angel interacting with the arcturians..wonderful..pure bliss.. :)

    • vangys, about the scout ship, just right click & save as... :)

  • ;)

    Shine as bright as you can

  • ** Sing like no one is listening, dance like no one is watching,
    love like you'll never get hurt and live like it's heaven on earth.***

    • hear hear Pete!!! :))

    • Blue Waterfall

  • You are so special

This reply was deleted.

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