Galactic Information: Your Ascension & What You Should Know!

Galactic Information:

Your Ascension & What You Should Know! 


I had a question from a Member after I wrote about the hour of 3am being significant in all our Ascensions.


So i made a blog about it!



Time is an illusion,

Every breath you take is a heart beat in this matrix

And every moment you make happily…. creates a happy parallel reality … a SHIFT…into Joy!!!




The wise have always said:


The gift of the moment,

Also called the “PRESENT” …

Should YOU CHOOSE to live in the NOW  !


Every moment is a gift which can manifest a joyful life!




 However, since we are all governed by something called *3d time*,

We have incorporated this debilitating concept into our system.


Society is so brainwashed, following a 24 hour clock where there is no 24 hour day!




  • 1000 years ago it was the Ascended master (Prophet Mohammed, peace to him) who mentioned the hours of 3am and its importance for humanity, ascension and its power.


  • 3d scientists have only just found out in the last 10 years that the hours of 1-4am is the time chemicals are released in the pineal GLAND (that bring about feelings of connectedness to God/Universe.)


 I mentioned 3am being important within the ascension plan is because on the earth plane:


  •  THIS HOUR is the *peak* hour


  •  The veils *thin* so much that we’re able to creatively manifesting anything we desire on this physical plane much quicker, faster, and happier.


  • Praying at 3am increases whatever it is you want; to come to you (manifest) quicker, if the prayer or mantra is said from the heart with your SOUL.



That’s why those in power and control arranged the time in such a way, that wherever you live on this planet, you would be so busy sleeping at 3am to notice!!




Dreaming & Seeing INTO Future Time Lines:


  • A person who has a dream during the hours of 3-4am and wakes up, remembers it,  must consider that then it is a type of prophetic / future dream (and that topic deserves another blog all together on how to discern!).



The Angels & The Galactic Federation:




  •  The Angelics & Galactics all foresaw the future of Earth a long time ago.



They saw those entities here who control and who seek to suppress humanity (during this time) via nonsense brain waves and other mind control nonsense, cannot suppress you during this potent hour!


  • This was a gift to humanity a long time ago from the Angelic teams AND the Galactic Federation who assist Earth and her people to RISE UP! 




Prime Creator & the Universes:


The pineal gland and the heart are connected to the collective whole/mass of the universes and especially to Prime Creator (Source).




  • At 3am Prime Creator via the beautiful angelic team (including the Galactic Federation)…
  • know the pineal automatically secrets chemicals to connect to SOURCE AND DIVINE AS FOOD AND NOURISHMENT TO SUSTAIN ITSELF
  • This enables the angelics to collect the data from all hearts, minds, in existence…
  • then assimilates the data randomly…to see what is going on with this conciousness
  • to analyse the spiritual progress too
  • and to process any *wishes* or desires ( if they are aligned to it.)



It is from Earth at this time of the day (around 3am-4am morning) The data is collected, and reviewed and helped moved forward with such force,  

  • That if a person is awake at this time and sincerely asks for something, they will be helped along at a much faster rate.


This is standard practice for thousands of years of earth time.


Those who know:


Know the significance and peak times of early hour.




Ask for your desires with faith and love

And it will be granted at any time!


Prime Creator always says YES to you,

Because you are wonderful!


You deserve all the good in this world

 And You deserve all the good in the next one... (5d)!




It is your heart which is your navigator,

the seat of your magnificent Soul,

and it is the role of your eyes to shine and reflect the divine love and light back to everyone you meet!


You are deeply loved, deeply abundant!


Because it was the wonderful PRIME CREATOR WHO THOUGHT you into existence, into being, into LOVE !


Being aware of this information is your divine right.






  • A person can pray or say a mantra anytime of the day and the desire can still manifest.
  • However, please note the manifestation can be intercepted
  • by lower entities and other vibrational *factors*.


Asking at 3am ensures that it will kick the 3d matrix into action!


(The 3d matrix which surrounds us, near enough collapses at 3am and the dimensions can merge fluidly)


  • 3am is there To make our desire’s happen so much quicker!


  • Especially if you are at the vibration to RECEIVE the chosen desire!

  • You can use also use this time as an aid in prophesising a particular outcome/future probability for yourself and/ for others!



May this information prove useful for you!


In gratitude!





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    • Thanks Adam :)))

  • Very good info, i experienced it before but i did not know abt it, thank you for sharing...

    • yes this is a detailed explanation :)) glad you liked it :))

    • "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." ~Rumi

    • This is perfect advice. lol

    • yay!! lol

  • Thank You!

    • your welcome Yorgs :))

  • Pete, In my view, the pineal is the aid to see both in the light and dark ,

    The 3d eyes have to adjust and SEE through the 3rd eye, to see through the dark... symbolically and physically...

    ;))) ;))

    • sir peter the pineal doeseth worketh good!! hehe ;)))

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