Life has really changed for me over the years of my life. I have read book after book. That leads to another book that leads me to another question that leads me to another answer that leads me to another book. Now where I'm going with this is I have been searching for the truth all my life, but I was fed more lies after more lies after more lies after more lies, but I have learned that some people do not know that there living a lie,don't care, or there in on the plot to bring down humankind.I really just don't know. Snakes have clever disguises and lizards and chameleons can blend in with the environment. The same as people around us. I do not fear anyone and I believe if it's our time to go, then it is our time. Ashtar Command is a very spiritual online community which I enjoy being apart of, but somethings just don't feel right and I choose not to discuss, because even among sheep there are wolves in disguise. Plus the internet I know for a fact that the Government is tuning in on every conversation that is being written, I wouldn't be surprise if there are under cover draconian's pretended to be someone as part of the group just to see who knows what, who is who and what type of information that is being revealed, this is how serious this is. The information that we discuss on this website is not a game and neither are our lives. So for each and everyone of us to post our comments and ideas make us very brave, but also makes us a target by  those who oppose us discussing the truth, so if your in public somewhere and you get dirty looks from people. I would  not choose to make those my conversation buddies because the energy is not there plus like attracts like! I no longer feel comfortable around religious people also, because I know it is a hoax, and it divides instead of unites and it is full of many untruths, just like our economy and the people who run it. I no longer have conversations with the average person because I am more aware of my existence and my conscious awareness considers primitive people more of a threat to me than a friend, because they do not understand and have not yet awaken from this illusion, they are more comfortable with the way there living and to impose on their beliefs could cause verbal or physical abuse. People have strong beliefs in their false gods and religions and I have learned that is very un wise to try to change that.

Does anyone else feel like this.

Later and remember

Peace Love and Understanding


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    • She sure does!!!!! :)

    • yep Joe, its exactly as LW said... we are a community here... and we help/support each other... this is the place to be during ascension. Around people who understand.

      Because we know & are aware of the fact that we are beings of Divine Energy

      & we dont condone hurting or mistreating others here.

      You are infinite!


  • I empathise with you, it's definately an out-there, down the rabbit hole sort of existence to believe this stuff, and then to try to explain it to a newbie can be daunting.  First you have to get beyond the "is it real" barrier, and then you have to catch them up on what to read and explain things, lol, you have to understand the teaching and student role, each teach other if you know what I mean.  Thank gosh for youtube videos, eh?  If there is a crystal shop where you live, I'd hang out there, lol, mine is very sociable, I've had the most surreal conversations of hello, I'm arcturian, Really so am I?! Oh not me, I'm from Lyra... haha,really great people hang out with crystals, highly gifted too, mostly. People who you can connect with energetically, you'll notice the increase in your energy when around positive enlightened people, good vibes.  If you can't then you can always count on being with nature, I find myself increasingly wanting my alone time, craving just peace and my own company, but thats just dealing with heavy duty downloads, I suppose- interesting times we live in, brother.   


    • I totally agree with you I rather have piece of mind then to be bothered with other's personal vendetta's.

      Oh the crystal shop I would have to find one of those. lol

    • crystal shops are soo fun, probably a few in your area!!

  • Early in my own spiritual development I had these feelings of mistrust and isolation. But for the most part all the people you encounter are ata different stage of development. Read the Tao Te Ching (Jane English translation) "Those who do not trust will not be trusted" Accept people with Love. Resist labeling.


    • I know a man is not a man (person) if he does not have his own philosophy of life, and if this is so, why is he here in the first place, that is nothing more than wasted energy, and a wasted way of life, to live in another footsteps, dreams or perceptions. Yes, I know we can all learn from each others experience's and neither path of life is wrong but others lead to longer life and some lead to death. Woe to the man who see's a rattle snake and think it's sheep,

      for you will be bitten.

  • I'm sorry to hear that you were being mistreated and ignored by a group nobody's, Souls like that will never ascend to the higher dimensions because of the killings of their own human kind, greed and jealousy hatred towards creation which is us.  

  • And yes I do see what you see but I refuse to see that part of life and I noticed it started to disappear from my world! And that always reminds me they are who they are I am who I am and you are who you are and that taught me to let it be at that because free will alows us to be, do, have or live and love the way we want to! As long as we follow the true laws of the universe, like love and be happy then it's all good! Then it goes back to the above of do unto others as I like it to be done to we! Just trust in your judgment and stay in your vortex of unconditional love and it will be fine!
    • exactly patrick; thought creates reality... as soon as my family/ friends were acting up;

      i focused on all the good i had... and prayed hard...

      within a month my life changed drastically; im not more happier than ive ever been... !!

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