Life has really changed for me over the years of my life. I have read book after book. That leads to another book that leads me to another question that leads me to another answer that leads me to another book. Now where I'm going with this is I have been searching for the truth all my life, but I was fed more lies after more lies after more lies after more lies, but I have learned that some people do not know that there living a lie,don't care, or there in on the plot to bring down humankind.I really just don't know. Snakes have clever disguises and lizards and chameleons can blend in with the environment. The same as people around us. I do not fear anyone and I believe if it's our time to go, then it is our time. Ashtar Command is a very spiritual online community which I enjoy being apart of, but somethings just don't feel right and I choose not to discuss, because even among sheep there are wolves in disguise. Plus the internet I know for a fact that the Government is tuning in on every conversation that is being written, I wouldn't be surprise if there are under cover draconian's pretended to be someone as part of the group just to see who knows what, who is who and what type of information that is being revealed, this is how serious this is. The information that we discuss on this website is not a game and neither are our lives. So for each and everyone of us to post our comments and ideas make us very brave, but also makes us a target by  those who oppose us discussing the truth, so if your in public somewhere and you get dirty looks from people. I would  not choose to make those my conversation buddies because the energy is not there plus like attracts like! I no longer feel comfortable around religious people also, because I know it is a hoax, and it divides instead of unites and it is full of many untruths, just like our economy and the people who run it. I no longer have conversations with the average person because I am more aware of my existence and my conscious awareness considers primitive people more of a threat to me than a friend, because they do not understand and have not yet awaken from this illusion, they are more comfortable with the way there living and to impose on their beliefs could cause verbal or physical abuse. People have strong beliefs in their false gods and religions and I have learned that is very un wise to try to change that.

Does anyone else feel like this.

Later and remember

Peace Love and Understanding


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  • yes Shaz, totally understandable... relaxing and focus on breathing, does help <3!

  • Gaia always fixes my head, lol

    i think its the solar activity, thats what ive been shown,... is affecting my left side... temple... ;)

    programmed water also heals  ;)

  • I would have headaches off and on sometimes feel light as feather or light headed, but if your not eating right then that may be a result of your high blood  pressure, or stress so if this is one the case I would say seek physician, or if your own some knew medication that might be a result of your symptoms , but I will share with you a secret if you go into a quiet room lay flat on your back with your palms up eyes closed, your whole body will start to relax, try it and tell me if it works. 

  • Has anyone else  been suffering with severe migraine headaches an perceived elevated blood pressure and perceived elevated body temperatures and the Universe is conspiring to keep them at home?

    Be At Peace!  TEACH ONLY LOVE

    Rhiannon Yellow Star

    • i did have headaches, caused by the surge of energies... and i find if i ground on gaia it fixes the problem, hope that helps Rhiannon! ;)

    • I have seen a tree like that in real life not that color but all green and it was a little bit smaller then that.

    • i love trees!!!!!!!

  • I walk with Christ now and no one can ever harm me again.  I have learned to live a simple life and am already living in My Garden of Eden.  I went through a major ascension a couple of nights ago and it was amazing.  I feel that I AM living an ascetic life now like Master Jeshua did upon his incarnation on Earth.

    I have been telepathically taught how to activate my merkabah for the mass ascension!  I channeled a message to the other people that needed it to make them aware that the 144,000 had been completed.  Mass evacuation is going to happen much sooner than we think "in the blink of the eye".  There will be no time or preparation for it.  However, there will be those that are going to descend back to the New Earth.  That is why we are instructed to be prepared for a natural disaster so that we will have the necessities of life after the cataclysms that are supposed to take place on Earth.  We will be mass ascended by the starships "in the blink of an eye due to the Earth's tilting causing volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, mudslides beneath the oceans...get where this is going?

    I will post more of my KNOWLEDGE later.


    Rhiannon Yellow Star

    • Interesting please share with more when you get the chance. 

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