8110381699?profile=originalThe truths about the Galactics & The Federation!

By Star


ok you get  2 blogs today ;) I was inspired into action:


here's a few hints about the Galactic Force:

  • there are Billions of them
  • they are up above the skies everyday, day & night
  • they go through star portals to heal earth and other places
  • they love to dance their ships around space with JOY, & on and above the Earth!
  • they love music & all art, all forms of source representation
  • they love true beauty: THAT IS OF THE HEART & beautiful highly vibration places, people, and are drawn to them like butterflys to grass!
  • they hide away from military and generally do not trouble humans,
  • they love PEACE for YOU & for THEM so it becomes WE
  • & they seek not fame or glory on Earth:


  • they love you so much
  • there is millions of their starseed incarnates who are here to help out during this fantastic time.
  • these starseed incarnates hold the healing codes and portal entry codes
  • the galactics are Angelic beings who are here to protect, heal, help, liftup the human race!!
  • they are intensily loyal , and that includes to the human race
  • they monitor this website, and read the good articles :)
  • The Galactics & angels respect Ben for starting this site & giving us the freedom to BE- which is RARE on other sites
  • they know each and every one of you reading this & your innermost thoughts
  • they call each other the most loving names
  • they respect our free will and all our choices
  • they do not judge , abduct, or harm
  • they ask your permission & acceptance for everything!
  • the first thing you notice when you see them, is their eyes; it dances with light & love!
  • the next thing you notice is their beautiful auric field,like a beautiful, innocent child's energy!
  • They are Pure innocence, immense love, light and of brilliant acceptance!

  • the last thing you notice is the impression they leave on you; which is a force of love & protection
  • They wear *suits* on duty, and off duty they dress whichever fashion is appropriate
  • they are healthy, and strong
  • they undergo fitness/health training
  • they enjoy every minute of their life!
  • they understand 3d stinks but they choose to send healing to stinky situations, :P

there are billions of angels in every country to help at this time, can you see them?

  • the pleadies are not just made up of a blonde race; they have all the races on the earth on the pleadies too!
  • the pictures / drawings of galactics; is not even 2% of how they ACTUALLY look. they look 101% better, BUT they seek not fame or glory, they dont really like pictures taken.
  • they are humble & loyal to serve the mission
  • they see themselves AS EQUALS to YOU
  • they love to keep *things* simple, easy, and with the divine flow! nothing should be complicated in life, not even learning!
  • the inner earth beings look like earth beings; would you notice an inner earth being? truth i think not; they are very human looking , the difference is they rediate a immense positive kind energy charge!
  • the love laughing and jokes!
  • the inner earth beings work with their galactic brothers/sister/family, up above via telepathy and teleportation contact
  • the inner earth beings keep a record of everyone's auric field on earth, they know our spiritual progress! they aim to help every human.
  • The federation loves to work together as a unit, and send each other msgs of LOVE everyday,
  • the federation is a family!!!!!!!!!! (not work.)
  • They are capable of walking into your house and standing infront of you
  • Once you open your pineal, this is YOUR KEY to discernment regarding Channellings!

they want u to have this information NOW so your hearts may grow in LOVE & Wisdom!






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  • yh cats always soo cute !!



  • physically, mentally, emotionally

    they are very very very very good to be around ;)

    when looking into a higher dimension it does take a while Ivy; the eyes need to adjust to their frequency, which is much much higher resonance.

    I have seen them; yes they all gorgeous brothers & sisters ... blessed be.

  • lol i know... the dove/bird and the ufo... see so innocent joke ;) ;)

  • Anita, wow! heheh... they love fun stuff... got the video spot on; yes they are aware of it; and >>> thank you!!

  • James G, is spot on.... Galactics are awesome & much more than our earthly words can describe;

    im just very happy and glad to share the info; they have shared with me... loving beings; from distant places...

    who really DO want the best for us, and work to INSPIRE us... ;)

  • Always nice words from you STAR! I saw a ship yesterday night, here in Galway, Ireland! It was made of light !

    • woohoooooooooooooooo Alex, i love to hear that....so glad u spotted a light ship!!

      did u see what colour?;)

    • galactic-center.jpg

  • I love you, Star, thank you for sharing this :)  All soooo true!!!!! 

    One of my meditation group members is beginning to awaken and hear them talking to her, I tried to reassure her that they are "real", she isn't going mad... they are as solid in their frequency as we are in ours... I'll send her this blog, thanks so much :) 

    • im just so glad if a service i does; helps 1 person realign themselves... so share it with the world... lol

This reply was deleted.

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