We can ban together as powerful lightworkers to boost the Peace effort, throughout the world. We are on 35 sites and I am changing them to Groups instead of events, seems to be working better.
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Meditate and/or Tap for world peace


New Moon and Full Moon will be our Power Tap for Peace/Meditate Days

Videos will remain open so you can do this when your ready on the day.
EFT'ers around the world pool constructive energy together for an unstoppable wave of positive change for healing humanity.

World Peace EFT Tap and Focus Events.

This Event is now on 35 sites, so power is mounting.

Everyone is welcome!
If you are not wanting to do the Tap session, then just do the meditation. All is in Love.
Add your light to our World Tap 4 Peace.

This is Open Time, any time come in on New and Full Moon.


(1) EFT Tap 4 World Peace

Find more videos like this on Advanced EFT Healing Begins NOW!
Why the Tap?

Now here is a way we can go deeper in the realm of helping the world. As it is said we actually have fear of our own power and this is why we stay small. This tapping to help you get past your doubts as a healer, your doubts as a spiritual being with immense power.
So I have added the tap to help release your doubts and increase your own power right before we do the meditation for world peace.

This event is on every new and full moon. Please join and invite your friends to join. I have this on 35 sites and if we all ban together we can have a huge impact in accelerating world peace.

I Love You

(2) Group Meditation for World Peace(New)

Find more videos like this on Advanced EFT Healing Begins NOW!
7 minute video for you to watch if you do not know EFT

Watch this Video on EFTWatch the new EFT video

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  • Since you have shown me the art of 'Tapping for World Peace' and not only for self and a few friends etc, It has actually made ME into a far more Peaceful person. By that I mean I have learned the art of relaxation - letting things happen 'around' me and not 'to' me and it has helped me to gain far more insight into the 'affects' and the 'effects' of EFT as a whole. Blessings to all. Azuba.
  • I Love You!!

  • To all that have joined with me, for a common cause.
    I Love You
    Marlene Marion
  • thankyou marlene love and light peace and truth xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hello friends! I am excited to be here with you all, visualizing and projecting healing energies into the light web for world peace. I look forward to growing with all of you!
  • thankyou i have just come from a visit witth a friend and she is talking about just this suject thankyou for the invite xxxxx
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