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This is A Gift from me to all Souls of Love and Light! WE UNDERSTAND!!!

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  • HELLO, TO THE CREW..........This energy wave is a Cosmic Burst of Love pouring into the hearts of every man woman and child.
    It is in this Cosmic Burst of Love that the core issues will be healed, hearts will open up,
    Old programs will drop, and the merkiva in the crown and the merkiva in the heart will be
    In hyperdrive, receiving new coding for what is to happen next.

    The Cosmic Burst of Love pulsing through the firmament crystal tetrahedron core of each Planet in our Solar system,
    Through Earths core, and into each and every one of our hearts, will be a giant wave of energy, washing over everything in smaller and smaller waves, it will soak in and pool around and cover all the Earth.

    You will feel so washed over in love, bliss, and joy, you will know what is happening has never happened before.

    This 12:12, the center of the three portals, is for Group collectives.
    For this reason, we would like you all to meditate together on this day.
    Chose a time for your Group of friends, that works for you, in your timezone.
    We will have smaller groups and larger groups gathered together, happening in waves
    Throughout the period of 12:12.

    The Cosmic Burst of Love will be felt for a sustained period of time.

    On 12:12, the focus for Earth is, all of the Groups that have been working together in the past will in some way change.

    If the Group has been working for the Highest Good of All, it will be given a boost, abundance, new ways of Being More.

    If the Group has been working for the dark, it will be dissolved, it will be no more.

    With the absence of the later Groups,
    The organizations of the remaining Groups will in many ways change.

    This is also a time of forming new Groups.
    WIth the sudden increase in abundance to the Planet, and the
    Sudden increase in Light, new things will be possible, things that were never possible before.

    This will all happen with the support of the Cosmic Burst of Love.

    What this all means is if you have a dream for Terra Nova, 12/12/09 is the day of Manifestation of Group Work.
    Consider your heart’s desire, and be ready on 12:12 to put it into play. Even if you just take one baby step that day,
    Any effort you make will receive a great deal of support from the Galactics and from the Angelic Helpers, as well as the entire Universe.

    Join together in meditation with your friends 12:12 to raise Group Consciousness to the turning point the Kumaras
    Have waited for: The Trifold Flames in the Hearts of Humanity will be pulsing to the same vibration of the Heart Core of Gaia/Vywamus [Mother and Father Earth]
    As we usher in the Golden Age.

    Begin your Celebrations and the Group Meditations the night before, and continue the Celebrations around the World until every time zone has walked through the 12:12 Cosmic Burst of Love.

    On 12/21/09 we will continue the Celebrations. 2009 IS THE YEAR FOR PEACE...CHEERS
  • 24th /12/09

    The solstice, as you know, is always a powerful gateway through which energies are sent to the planet by those who, you could say, steer the consciousness of humanity. It is not widely recognised upon your planet that, indeed, the unfolding of consciousness upon your planet is quite carefully husbanded by those who have responsibility for the evolution of consciousness upon your planet. It is no random process. It has all been carefully orchestrated, carefully designed, and you could say, these observations provide a background, a context for all that has been unfolding upon your planet since 1987, when the energies of preparation for what awaits you at 2012 and beyond began in earnest and even more powerfully, the energies that have come forth over the last, in particular, two years and especially this year, 2009.

    In my last message; not just my message but also the message from Mother Mary in relation to December 12th, that Universal Solstice as it is known, we spoke about the power of the energies that have come forth throughout the year and indeed through that particular gateway. And so, we find ourselves as Carolyn said, almost at the end of the year and we have this powerful solstice gateway. So those of you that have been following these messages, these recordings would be by now anticipating that this gateway will be used for something important, and indeed that is so.

    Many of you are aware that this year, 2009 is an “11” year, a year of mastery, 11 being a powerful master number and we have made reference to this throughout the year. So this solstice event really is no exception to that pattern.

    What is coming forth on this day? Again, there are powerful energies which assist humanity with their preparation for 2012, but in particular you could say it is a completion, in a sense, of all that has unfolded throughout the year. Such powerful energies, such important events.

    Energies of rejuvenation.

    Energies of the ability to clear your karmic past.

    Energies that enable you to create from the formless.

    What an extraordinary year!!

    And so, beyond this point you will see much more public visibility of the preparation that is necessary prior to that event at 2012, which from this date is exactly three years hence. So some of you would know that the number three bears a relationship to that powerful shape, the triangle, and so we have what you could say is a triangle of years leading up to 2012.

    Perhaps the way to look at the energies of this solstice is a completion of this year 2009, perhaps you could see it as a seal placed upon all that has unfolded throughout this year, and also the beginning point of these three remaining years. As Mother Mary said in her message for December 12th, there has been a ramping up throughout this year in particular in preparation for the energies which came forth on December 12th. And she also said there would be a similar process occurring beyond December 12th, leading through to that event at the end of 2012. So you can look at the energies that are coming forth through this solstice as being the energies which begin that next phase of preparation, that preparation in earnest that everyone needs to do to be ready for 2012. It is a marker of sorts; a completion of the energies for this year and the beginning of this next three year phase of preparation leading up to the end of 2012.

    I want to take a moment to mention to you what will be unfolding upon your planet over the next three years and perhaps some of these words might be better placed at the beginning of 2010 for the beginning of that new year because much will unfold in that year. But I’m taking this opportunity to discuss some of this because it is the beginning of that triangle of years, if you like, leading up to the extraordinary alignment that will occur three years from now at the end of 2012.

    What awaits you is massive change on many levels. The truth of what is unfolding will become very visible to all of humanity who have any willingness to observe it, from the beginning of 2010. Many have asked, “Why is it that so few people are aware of what’s happening if this is happening for real? It’s so close. How are people going to be clearing their karmic past? How are they going to get ready? Most people don’t know about it.”

    Well, in very short order that will change, because there will be a basis upon which, for example, my two messengers here will step forth into the public eye with evidence of change that cannot be denied, and this will be a trigger of sorts for the preparation of humanity because some of the things that they will demonstrate to the world simply will not fit inside most people’s belief systems. They will not fit and so it will cause them to ask questions.

    Secondly, they will, in working with others, demonstrate the truth that they speak. It will not be long before they step forth in rejuvenated physical bodies and soon thereafter, they will begin to work with others and to assist them using the tools that they have been given, to assist others also rejuvenate their physical bodies. And as that begins to happen, as they begin this work, humanity in general will be unable to deny the truth of what is happening. And so many will begin listen to the messages that these two have brought forth over the last year or so. They’ll begin to listen to them from a different perspective and begin to understand what they’ve been saying, because there is powerful truth in all that they have been bringing forth.

    And they’ll begin to train others to use the tools that they have been given. There will be this flow that will begin in this preparation – the clearing of karmic past and rejuvenation. These two steps will begin in earnest in 2010.

    In addition, you will see more evidence of the planet beginning to prepare. The planet does need to prepare itself also; just as you need to prepare yourself. There will be more adjustments by way of earthquakes and volcanic action and so on. This will become more evident and it will continue throughout these coming three years. Much change will flow upon your planet, and I know some of you will choose to work with my two messengers here to minimise the degree of that activity, though much of it is inevitable.

    And some of that inevitability has been caused by the way the planetary lubricant, what you call crude oil has been taken from the planet. It was never intended that crude oil be used in the way that it has been used by humanity. It was intended that the knowledge that was given to Tesla come forth some 100 years ago, so that humanity could progress using energy from the sun and power all that was required. But the forces of the dark had their way and his life was terminated early and his technology was buried; and many other attempts to bring such, what you term free energy technologies forth have been also been buried and indeed many individuals who sought to bring such technology forth were killed to protect the interests of those who make money from oil and other energy technologies.

    But there is a price that humanity will now pay for that abuse, because the removal of those lubricants means that the planet will less gently adjust, you could say, as it prepares for its Ascension in early 2013. And so these events will begin to unfold.

    So this is a forecast of sorts about what awaits you in 2010 and beyond; and some of you might listen to these words with some fear. But really, there is no need for fear. If you are listening to this message, then it’s likely that you are already in some way beginning to prepare and as Mother Mary and I have said on many occasions, there really are only three steps you need take:

    Acknowledge your Creator,
    Clear your karmic past, and
    Rejuvenate your physical body
    Really this is very easy now, if you choose to walk that path and if you choose to walk that path, then any adjustments, for example, that your beautiful planet might make to prepare itself will in no way interfere with you. That is the way things work. You think it is some kind of chance that you might be in a place where such an event occurs and you could be killed by it. Let me assure you, things do not work in that simple manner that you might see. If you are doing this preparation work, you will be protected and many who choose not to do this preparation work, for whatever reason, their souls will have them be in the place where these events occur and so they will leave the planet.

    And many look at these events from a simplistic perspective, but there is a much bigger plan at work. The choices made by each individual’s soul will be expressing the choices made by the egoic self to participate in Ascension or not. So do not step forth in fear. There is no reason to do so. Simply take these steps and you will be where you need to be as you prepare for this beautiful unfolding that begins in three short years.

    And so it is.

    Mother Mary

    My children, you know how much I love you, and if for some reason you do not understand this, then let me assure you. I call you my children, though in essence you really are not children. But I call you my children because I consider you as souls whereby I shower the love of the mother, so I consider you my children. I have played that role through many lifetimes and I play it now. I am your mother. I will always be your mother.

    And I also hold the office of the priestess for your beautiful planet. The priestess of divine love, of divine caring, of the divine feminine and I stand here before you with my hands outstretched.

    My son has told you all that he needs to say with regards to the energy for this year and the culmination of the month. His message is complete; but I wanted to be here, I wanted to tell you of my love. And if there is a moment along the way where you feel that you need comfort, I want you to know that you can come to me; you can call me and I will be there. I will hold you in the embrace of my love. I can’t be there with human arms, but I can be there with my essence. And so, as you hear my message, open up your heart to me and allow me to shower you with my love; allow me to shower you with my care. Know I am your mother on so many levels. I carry the mother energy and I am here, sharing it with you, my children. And that is all I have to say for this moment.

    And that is, know that I love you and act accordingly.

    And so it is.
  • This e-gift sent by Commander Merkabah Shamiyr will be the means how to move in space when we will have access after Ascension ! style="text-align: left;">

  • The ones not yet moving forward will stay in their own fog and not notice the changes of the others, and the Terra Nova inhabitants will be aware of the smaller Group, but will feel so compassionate and loving and detached from them, one will not affect the other on a day to day basis. As the Ones on the parallel timeline continue on they will have a collapse of their financial systems and this will be devastating. Through this, they will come into new governance. They will continue to learn and grow in a duality setting. They have chosen this. They will be on a timeline where 3D is becoming 5D.
  • So stand tall, hold hands, hug each other and say to your brothers and sisters on this journey, 'Well done, Beloveds, well done!' You all deserve medals, only we call them lights. You all have the colors of Ascension in your fields and you can opt out if you choose, but we encourage you to stay along for the ride. The freedom train is where you belong and perhaps we should say the freedom ship. Enjoy the ride. Honor yourselves, take care of yourselves, help others with compassion, compassionate loving, and stand tall in your lights. Greet yourselves every morning or whenever you arise from your slumbers. Take time out to greet each other even during the busy times of your days, and come back and be with us fully as you prepare for your needed rest. Come aboard if you wish. You have earned it Commanders, you have earned it, beloved brothers and sisters of the light and we salute you as us. We are indeed One and the greatest adventure this universe has ever seen. Thank you for being here in this company. Thank you for being who you are. And thank you for being One with the All That We Are. Namaste.
  • I experience Abundant Love.
  • Greetings every-One !
    Each of us want to know about the first contact... Please read these excerpts from " The Extraterrestrial Vision " by Gina Lake - Channeled Teachings from Theodore - 1993 Published 1995 ISBN 1 - 880666 - 19- 7 Library of Congress

    " The positives have a general plan for introducing themselves to you. The negatives' plans concerning this are unpredictable, but will be known to the positives as events unfold. How this drama is enacted will be influenced by the negatives since the positives will be (in part) reacting to them. The positives will have to work around the negatives' activities.

    WHEN THE FIRST OPEN CONTACT IS MADE, IT WILL SHAKE THE WORLD . People will not know what to think.... The positives will not announce their presence until the non-believers are in minority. The positives are waiting for this time, because they know how disruptive an announcement like this can be to a world. They know that if at least half the population is psychologically prepared for a meeting, then the announcements stands a chance of being acknowledged rather than ignored, laughed at, or repressed....(...)

    We anticipate 3 possible reactions to the announcement that extraterrestrials are here on Earth :
    1. The announcement will not receive media coverage. Instead, either the government or others who feel they are acting in the people's best interests will try to cover it up.
    2. The announcement will be covered by the media (but as a joke), dismissed, and then covered up.
    3. The announcement will be taken seriously and all activities between the government and the extraterrestrials will be handled openly and honestly.

    Obviously, the media will be a key player in the first official contact. The positives have every intent of including the media and inviting them to interview them. They believe this is the only way that mass acceptance will occur. They have seen what has happened when media coverage has not been allowed and activities have been kept secret. The desire for media coverage is one of the most obvious differences between the positive and the negative extraterrestrials. The negative have shunned media coverage, because it would interfere with their covert activities. The positives, on the other hand, will use the media to accomplish their goals and to expose the negatives' activities. They will use it to unite the world, not divide it as the negatives have been trying to do....
    You will not be able to count on the positives pointing out the negatives to you, either. They will give you clues, but they believe you must learn to discriminate and make your own choices -and mistakes.
    One thing that will be different about meeting the positive extraterrestrials than meeting people from another culture is the difference in development. We are not only referring to intellectual differences but differences in spiritual evolution. Many will feel as if they are meetings gods, because of the enormous love, acceptance, peace, and wisdom exuded by the positives. An encounter with positives is not at all like an encounter with negatives, which can be terrifying and depleting experience. Nevertheless, not everyone will feel uplifted by the positives. Some people have blocks that will prevent them from experiencing this. So, not everyone will have the same reaction...
    Those who do feel the positives' love will instinctively trust them. They will evoke feelings of worship them. The positives are here to teach you of your own godhood, not make themselves gods. They have been your gods before, but they come as equals now, as members of the same family. They are here to reunite you with this family and invite you to take your rightful place in the galaxy. .. Once you have healed your own world, you will be ready to function as interplanetary beings.
    Some of the positives will be very beautiful to you and some hideous. This will cause you to examine your concepts of beauty and the value you have placed on it. It will become apparent that physical beauty is only one form of beauty, as even hideous creatures evoke your love and respect. The ones that are hideous to you will not be introduced to you at first, of course. We understand the allure physical beauty holds for you, as well as what you consider beautiful. Therefore the Pleiadians, who are most like you, will be the positives' first emissaries. Be forewarned, however, that the positives come in all forms and not all are ones you would consider attractive.
    Not only do extraterrestrials come in all forms, but some have no form !
    They will materialize a form to suit their purposes, most likely a human form that will allow them to intermingle comfortably with you. However, some negatives also can materialize and dematerialize. You can be sure they will use this to their advantage.
    Once the positives have announced their presence, the negatives will act more overtly than previously. They are likely to impersonate positives and try to persuade you to take their advice. However, their advice will cause you problems, which is their goal. It is not even that they have distinct goals, except that you not progress. They want your societies to deteriorate and to be overrun with negativity. Then, they believe, they will be able to overpower and rule you. Therefore, anything that will contribute to your demise will do.

    The negatives are easy enough to distinguish from the positives, even when they make themselves look like them. They can be distinguished by their behavior, their methods, and their energy. Many of you will be able to feel their negativity, but their behavior and words also will betray them. The negatives will be invested in having you follow their advice, so they will pressure you to take it. They will try to convince you with hype and promises, like any salesperson. So beware of sales pitches. The positives will not be pitching anything. They will offer advice when asked and hold forums on your problems. They will offer solutions without claiming that they are the only ones, and they will not insist you follow them. "
    To be continued...
  • When a thought that I do not wish to create enters my mind, or a fear thought, I just think or say CANCEL and interfere with the thought and allow a new one to fill the space.

  • When you see cruelty, you may yell about it. Sometimes all you want to do is to yell about it. It is already understood that there is cruelty. Instead of underscoring it, take a look at all the kindness in the world. Talk about that. Deepen that. Emphasize that.

    If there are two pots on the stove, and you like the stew in one pot more than the stew in the other pot, which pot are you going to stir?

    If darkness is in one pot, and light in another, which pot are you going to delve into? Instead of deploring the dark, explore the bright.

    There is enough bad news in the newspapers. Decrying the bad news is the same as extolling it. If you are the town crier who goes through the streets crying out: “Hear ye, hear ye, bad news today!” become the town crier who cries out: “Hear ye, hear ye, good news today!” Or be a salesman of good news. Cry out, “Good news for sale.” Create benefit over dismay.
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