This group is intended for a progressive interpretation of the ever changing evolution of our earth and all its inhabitants.

No religion. Free thought accepted. Consistent bantering about an ideal will be removed. You may disclose your understanding but no propaganda nor admiration for one polar understanding of our existence 

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  • Hello all :) I just joined this group after being absent from this forum for a few years. 

    I am definitely interested in this topic, considering that a lot of people are starting to awaken. I was watching the documentary about the pineal gland, and it made the hypothesis of the change in the Sun that is happening. Any thoughts? 

    It seems to make sense when it has the Melitonin (sp?) as well as DMT in the gland itself. 

    Hopefully we can get some discussion going. 

  • When the hell you start this lol

  • Science WILL acknowledge it the moment I find a way to produce the device I need to measure these entanglements. I've already drawn up the baselines for such a device. All I need after that is a way to utilize all the unused processing power that the idle computers of the world can provide (a BotNet) :)

  • I'm not overly active in joining groups of any kind either, but for some reason, my consciousness, physical happenstances and forum-browsing patterns, steered me here anyways..

    After those 3, mathematically and statistically impossible happenstances, I didn't have much other choice than to join this group. ;)

  • Indeed. ;)

This reply was deleted.

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