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July 2

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I am a 47 year old female living in Los Angeles. I am going through what I call my second phase of awakening. I am at the divine masculine/feminine at the moment. But I do know that I am very spiritual.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

My teacher right now me, and I follow Thoth when it comes to knowledge

Portia2012 left a comment on Twin Flames & Soul Mates
"It does not seem that there has been much activity going on in some groups, which I am sad to see. I met my Twin Flame back in the Summer of 2018. How about everyone else? Have you met your Twin Flame and how is it going??"
Feb 22
Portia2012 and Arthura Hector are now friends
Aug 28, 2021
Portia2012 commented on Krishna Kalki's video
"I would love to go there and see that in person"
Apr 1, 2020
Portia2012 commented on Zendor's video
"I always think back to the movie Mrs. Doubtfire with Robin Williams. When he is doing the voices for the social worker he says "We came here looking for intelligent life. Oops we made a mistake" LOL

It is funny but it is so true. How can we as a…"
Mar 31, 2020

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Richard L posted a status
Hi! So many advertisements asking you who you were but how about what you are now?
1 minute ago
Agarther Z left a comment on Comment Wall
"Latest polls from Serbia 🇷🇸✊✊✊

82,1 against sanctions for Russia
87,2 agains Serbia joining NATO
84,7 against recognizing Kosovo in exchange for EU membership

NATO didn't even manage to land forces there and Serbia fought alone entire NATO at…"
49 minutes ago
Agarther Z left a comment on Comment Wall
"There's great pressure on Serbia to sanction Russia, you must know Serbia is the only country in Europe that has not done that 😁 for now we're independent 🙏"
1 hour ago
ET Hugger left a comment on Comment Wall
"🕊 May peace be restored on planet Earth! 🕊

I still live in Wokonia, where the WEF agenda is actively pushed. Climate this and that, wind turbines and solar panels should cover every piece of land and thousands of new immigrants are imported to be…"
10 hours ago
Agarther Z left a comment on Comment Wall
"yes, even "gods" fell in love with earth women in the ancient times ;)"
11 hours ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"I believe that although military conscription is not compulsory for women, in the Russian Federation, women make utterly gorgeous soldiers, when they do sign up. hehe...!!
I love their uniforms and other bits, too....😘 From Russia with…"
11 hours ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Yes, thanks friend I did know this and approve....It should really dawn on the western and Ukrainian fake news, to stop pretending that Ukraine is winning, when they have been kicked up the arse so decisively, in…"
11 hours ago
James McConnell posted a discussion
ANCIENT AWAKENINGSSunday Call 5/8/2022 (Sananda, OWS, & Shoshanna)James & JoAnna McConnell ALLOW FOR THE PROCESS TO CONTINUE TO EVOLVE  Sananda and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnellShoshanna – Joanna’s Higher Self These messages were given…
11 hours ago