Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Clearing the chakras is now your most important task, whether this is the cause of distress
or not. When the chakras are not rotating properly the angels cannot bring you direct aid in
clearing dross. When dross infiltrates the body, the energy it drains makes all of life appear

This is not always a controller created issue, it may also be happening to cause a shift in
your attention from outer causes of negativity into divine contact. It can also be what is
needed to get you to disburse the energy of fear or anxiety so you can live a more
desirable life. Clearing dross needs to be done for you to be FREE.

 When a lot of dross
has accumulated in a lifetime full of anger or negative attitudes, it needs to have more of
your attention than what can be done with affirmations, money attraction devices, new
attitude development, or new toys. Most of you have already been clearing dross with the
assistance of healers that don't direct you to chemicals, but we want you to know that
dross clearing can also make the suggestions of an alternative doctor more effective.

What is dross? It is dense, heavy energy created from existing contractions and anger
inducing comments that flow through your chakra system. It is not light hearted-rather,
the opposite. My use of this word refers to dense energy caught in the body as a result of
trauma, or when caused by other matters, being absorbed as negative energy.

Dross masks one's ability to care for others by naming another's character dark. It is not a
tool for developing a better world. Never before has negative thinking been so prevalent
What is needed now is more detachment from outside circumstances.

White light has no other claim to make other than bringing the mind one step closer to
happiness. Practice clearing your chakras with the breath. Clear one at a time as though
you were doctoring them for an afflicted condition. Once a day visualize each them,
starting at the heart. All the others are effected when you move energy in the heart. This is
why I have been directing nothing but love and caring in these messages. Opening the
heart clears all the chakras. Please, do whatever you can to clear dross out of your
chakras. When this is done, you will be an open vessel and can contribute more light to
mass consciousness.

Are you able to open your heart completely? Only when the dross of cording and
channeling of the deceivers has also been eliminated. Cording is an arrow of direct
connection between one of the chakras in you and an energetic exchange with an object
of your attention. Not an object that can be dismissed, only one that continues to demand
your attention. Freedom from cording also needs attention.

 Mental activity directed to one
or more objects can create a cord between them. Each cord adds contact to the object and
it builds to a big fat tube of energy that keeps the contact on the top of your attention list.
Meditating helps to lessen the charge of natural contact with that object, but not enough to
drop the cord out of existence. A cord can do many things.

 Here are a few:
1. It fuels the fire.

2. It moves your heart about the object corded to you.

3. Cords are controlling and are not love in the same sense as unconditional love.

Awakening dries up all cords. No cording can contain one who is free. When cords are cut
by an action in the mind, this also offers full freedom. But, when this is done, be certain
that you are not being corded again. When you believe you are no longer corded, ask to
be given an illustration of the energetic connection between you and the one you have
been having thoughts about. Should many active thoughts appear in your mind about one
individual, this is a sign that cording is going on.

Face the fact that attachment is desired by most humans, but is not the light of love to be
attached. Having all the chakras cleared can be the door to unconditional love for all.
Free yourself from all cords and all dross before more of the changes unfold. Believe that
you can and this will be so.


Ascended Master Saint Germain

Channeled by Aruna


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