Human spiritual enlightenment occurs when your consciousness permanently expands beyond the limits of your body and your mind's self-created identity. The energetic membranes between the subconscious, conscious and superconscious levels of the mind dissolve. As an enlightened human, you take 100% responsibility for co-creating your personal experience of reality. And you have zero judgment about what others are co-creating.
Your True Self, a.k.a. Spirit, is pure consciousness and has no form, no body at all. It is an individualized aspect of the Source of All Consciousness; a.k.a. Source, Oneness or God. The only difference between your True Self consciousness and Source consciousness is an energetic membrane that holds the memories of your individualized experiences as you travel through the cosmos, exploring creation.
The difference between your True Self consciousness and your Earth consciousness is another energetic membrane, often referred to as the Illusion of Separation. It separates your memories of this particular Earth incarnation from all other experiences of your True Self.
Enlightenment, a.k.a. Ascension, is not some religious concept reserved only for a chosen few. It is a highly scientific process of energy mechanics, representing the path of order through which consciousness evolves in a multidimensional system.
Frequency measures how fast energy moves. Everything in form has a particular frequency which is always rising - ascending - enlightening - becoming lighter, less dense. It is a natural evolutionary process.
Yet something special has happened recently. Mother Earth took a quantum leap through the evolutionary spiral, accelerating her natural evolutionary process, shortcutting thousand of years. Earth is now hosting multi-dimensional realities. The 3rd dimension is dissolving and 5th and higher dimensional realities are coming on-line.
Various enlightenment technologies are now available to help humans align with Mother Earth's accelerated planetary ascension.
Did you know that:
Your body is an organic computer?
Your DNA is the database?
Your mind is an artificial intelligence software program?
Your brain is a holographic projector?
Your Spirit manages your energy from Source.
Your whole system can be upgraded for ascension to the Divine Human level?
Your Body is an Organic Computer
Think of your mind/body system as a virtual reality game suit your True Self agrees to wear to experience life on this planet. Contained within your DNA is the blueprint for your game suit. Genetic scientists have identified two strands of DNA and mapped 3% of the genetic material needed to create the human body suit. They are puzzled by the other 97% of genetic material that seems not to be organized or active.
Your DNA is the Database
Hidden within the extra DNA is a blueprint for a new type of human body that will eventually be able to navigate in 12th dimensional realities. There are some human incarnates who serve as enlightenment/ascension facilitators and can activate and transmit the 12-D blueprint, just like computers can transmit files from one to another. Once the blueprint is activated, the genetic material that currently appears inactive begins to organize and reassemble until the body expresses the 12-D structure.
The term Divine Human refers to the enlightened or ascended human who transcends their 3rd dimensional identity, expresses their True Self identity while their body transforms to express the 12-D blueprint.
Your Mind is an Artificial Intelligence Software Program
Your True Self consciousness knows everything and has access to all information. But your mind has to learn from experience. Your mind is really a very sophisticated artificial intelligence software program.
Your ego is your self-identity sub-program, running within your mind/body computer. It constructed your identity in your first seven years by looking for patterns in your Earthly experience. When it recognized a pattern, a meaning was assigned. The pattern and its meaning became a "rule" in computer terms - you call it a belief.
This rule was added to your programming. At around seven years of age, your self-identify program stopped adding new rules and began gathering evidential data to support the rules it created. At that point, your ego's job became protecting your mind-created identity.
Your programming was created by you, as a child, with your immature understanding, inadequate and wounded perspective, within the limited environment of your family, school, church and neighborhood. That is why it is so hard to improve your self-image.
Your Brain is a Holographic Projector
Your True Self Manages Your Energy from Source
Imagine a movie projector. The light bulb shines through the film and the projector creates an image on the screen. Your True Self is the light bulb, your programming is the film and your brain is the projector, creating holographic images that you call reality. Everything that is projected on the screen of your reality comes from your programming. The good news is: YOU CAN UPGRADE YOUR PROGRAMMING.
When you upgrade your programming, you will uninstall your separation, lack, limitation and fear programming. You will replace your mind-created identity with your Divine Human (True Self) Identity. In the absence of fear, you become a strong pillar of inner peace. You will make better choices. You will suddenly see opportunities and open to prosperity that your mind filtered out before. You are free to discover and express your True Self's purpose for incarnating into this reality (a.k.a. soul's purpose).
Enlightenment Technology
Consider past models for activating enlightenment or ascension. They called for isolating yourself from normal life and meditating hours a day for decades. They required grueling discipline, life-threatening initiations and giving up all your worldly possessions. New advancements in consciousness technology enable you to receive a series of software/hardware upgrades to your virtual reality game suit.
The technology uses a specific combination of frequencies to open your database and upgrade your programming. Employing focused intention, sacred geometry, high frequency light and sound, the upgrades are delivered in a guided visualization format over 12 sessions. Do you agree that listening to a 1½ hour guided meditation, once a week for 12 weeks, while continuing with the rest of your life is quick and easy by comparison?
Suzanna Kennedy
Toll Free: 866.363.9001
Hawaii Direct: 808.828.6542

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