Have you been experiencing the sensations of time and space shifting? Have items that you care about and keep track of been disappearing? Has your vision become blurry or filmy at times in a way that does not seem symptomatic of allergies or air conditioning? Are you experiencing any dizziness or feel not quite in your body for a moment? Are you seeing more blue flashes in your periphery or colorful orbs on the etheric planes? Or perhaps seeing etheric images superimposed upon the so-called real world?
The Councils, and many light worker emissaries on Earth, tell us that there are so many faces to the changes of these transition times. But that the first great shift will take place in our field of perception: how we see and experience our reality. The Councils also remind us that there is nothing to fear. Reality is fluid, and therefore is imbued by nature with change.
They also told us a while back that a huge fold in the time space continuum has caused waves from the creation matrix, other dimensional realities, to head our way. Our perceptions of everything are changing, and this experience will continue--or perhaps even accelerate. Our very consciousness (which of course creates our reality) is shifting in response to these energetics. And life will feel more and more quantum, as the other dimensions start to float into and mix with our own, and we can expect to be more aware of it than ever before.
Expect that your intuition will kick up a notch. You may feel completely and broadly clairsentient at times, as creational matrix information pours into your field. You may hear new sounds, or feel various sensations within your ears. You may feel the energies of your life pulling you in new directions, urging you from the core to change something foundational in your life. It may feel curious, or exciting, or even a bit like trepidation.
Take heart. Remember that our 3D world is linear and our experience of life (and identity/sense of self) is based in that linear reality, where cause and effect operate in relatively neat patterning: I have experienced this, now I am that. I have chosen to do that, now I will choose to do this. But with these waves, with these creational matrix patterns entering our realms, life may not feel so linear anymore. The operational and organizational systems of 'reality' may not keep to cause and effect, because in other dimensions of creation, time and space are grid-patterned, or circular, or --even more wildly--simultaneous.
Quantum physics and spirituality have begun to teach us about these other dimensional systems, and now that we are in this Turning of the Ages, we can expect for our awareness to confront them. How will that happen? Well, we may have individual experiences unique to us, or we may experience common shifts. The questions at the top of this email indicate shifts that many are speaking of right now, and that we 3 have experienced over the past few months, but seem to be accelerating lately. And these may be just the tip of our 'experience' of these dimensional waves, as so much of the 4th & 5th dimensions and on up to the 13th and 14th dimensional energies float into our fields of perception.
The Councils assure us that there are ways we can ease and raise our enjoyment of this transition time. For one, they remind us that if we stay centered in the love of our conscious hearts, we will integrate these shifts. Take time to sit quietly, to enter your heart space. Reside there with calming breaths and feel the steady light of love. Trust in it. Return to its calm and dream your dreams of the new from this loving place.
They also remind us that there is great benefit to attending the Council Initiations. The infusions and transmissions coming directly from them both upgrade your vibration and attune it to the the other dimensions. The benefit is at least three-fold: increasing our capacity to hold greater Light, expanding our consciousness to hold alternative realities, and easing our lived experience of this transition time to New Celestial Earth.
We can also reach out to one another to talk about our experiences, and we can communicate with The Councils to gain further insight and comfort when we feel unsure or disconcerted. Please feel free to record your experiences on our Facebook page; begin dialogues, ask questions of each other and us. Respond there, and hold each other in your conscious hearts. We are all in this Turning together. Let's share, and feel the loving kindness of each other all the way through.
As a spiritual advisor and healer with 27 years of experience, my commitment is to work with Guides and Light Beings to help bring clarity, resolution, joy, and peace into one's life. In private sessions, I following the counsel of your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and an array of healing Teams, using channeling and a wide variety of energy modalities to effect quantum level healing. Formally trained in Chakra balancing, Hands of light, and Vibrational medicine, I assist you with the powerful transformative work of clearing & integration on the subtlest levels of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. My work helps your soul evolve, to hold clearer, higher vibrational frequencies.
Currently, I also co-facilitate Initiations into 8 of the Galactic Councils of Light with Linda Backes and Rina Rabassa. These Initiations are open to the public. Dates for all events are posted on our website <http://www.councilsoflight.com&gt;

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