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The second article in this series is an excerpt from a reading I had with Archangel Michael on Sept. 13, 2011, through Linda Dillon. I reproduce here part of the section dealing with Ascension. At a later date, I’ll also give other sources on the question of the Fourth or Fifth Dimension or Density.
Again the difficulty here may lie in my understanding or in another place that I’m not aware of but which will be subsequently clarified. My intention is not to make any source wrong but to communicate differences in perspective which, at this moment in any case, I cannot see any way around communicating because they appear to exist.
Later I’ll publish the reading with AA Michael in its entirety.
We begin the reading in mid-stream.


S: All right, thank you. One of [my questions] is that recently I had a discussion with Suzy Ward, and she corrected my understanding, I believe, … by saying that we don’t ascend to Fifth Dimension, we ascend to Fourth [on our way to the Fifth].. And so I wanted to ask you a number of questions about ascension… First of all, is that correct that, when we talk about ascension, we are talking about ascension to the Fourth Dimension?

 AAM: One of the things that I do not want to have happen is to have people arguing about how many angels are dancing on the head of a pin in what dimension.
The Fourth Dimension you have actually been moving in and through, and it has been available even via the Third Dimension for some time. Are there those that want to go the Fourth Dimension and play? Absolutely. There are also those that will continue on at this time into the seventh. It will not be immediate as I have told you before, but now you are passing through the Fourth. Think of yourself as going through a revolving door. It is not where you are landing up.

 S: All right. I don’t know if I should be discussing this or not. I’ll tell you what, I’ll give my question, and if you don’t want to answer, that’s fine. Matthew said that if we were in the Fourth now, that wars would cease and people would be relating well to each other, but we haven’t come into the Fourth. So I’m a bit confused because I do rely very heavily on Matthew. Could you comment?

 AAM: The Fourth Dimension is the dimension where you begin to see the alchemy at work, where you begin to feel and to fully participate in what many would think of as magic. It is where you have relationships­ open and conscious relationships with other kingdoms, elementals, and so on.
When that is really anchored, then the sense of wanting to destroy that sense of duality of either/or begins to cease. Matthew is absolutely correct in that. But it does not mean that you have not begun, … and some time ago actually, that you have begun to move into the Fourth Dimension. And you will see pockets of it around your world, around your planet.
Look for the places of peace. Look for the communities, and I do not simply mean geographic or social communities. Look for the communities where peace has and is anchoring very firmly, even within your own community.
The purpose is never, never to create discord. The confusion of this inter-dimensional relay is that so many on earth anyway are feeling is an either/or. Your core anchoring right now is in the Third Dimension. The Third Dimension, my brother, is delightful. The difficulty with the Third Dimension is the overlay of the human system of duality.
Yes, it presents many opportunities for spiritual, physical, mental, … all kinds of growth, but the core of that is to have this wondrous potential to be in physicality. And even duality can present great beauty when it is approached from a place of purity, but do not think of it as either/or.
The other thing I wish to say about this, dear friend, is that one of the reference points that you are all looking to, and of course this makes absolute sense, is the condition of the human race of the collective. And what you are not looking more fully at, is also the conditions of the whole of Gaia herself … and of her journey and the journey of everything else upon Gaia.
You say to me, “Well, how can that be Michael?” I say to you “Is there war between the kingdoms? … between the animals?” The answer of course, is, “No.” Oh, there are survival issues, of course, but that sense of harmony which is one of the keys to Fourth Dimension, is already present. So it is not an either/or.
Yes, Gaia, herself has been shrugging a great deal lately, as she is literally throwing off the shackles. When I speak to you, I speak to you as my brother of peace and my brother of change. And I speak to you about the absence, not only of war but of struggle, of hatred, of greed. Much of this discussion, … and I know your scientific minds of earth will not like this … but think of the inter-dimensional transition as being the transition to wholeness and to love.
There is not one being that you are following or listening to that does not come from a place of pure heart, of wanting to be the relay for truth. You, dear heart, have been given the gift of very high discernment. Use it

S: All right. Thank you. Another point of disagreement among people who are talking about this, is whether ascension will be sudden or gradual. Matthew says ‘not sudden,’ … people will not disappear, but then Sananda in The Celestial Stair says, ‘no, people will disappear. They will be sitting together, and one will disappear.’ Is ascension sudden or is it gradual?

 AAM: It is incremental. But let us be very clear, people will disappear. Now, in conjunction with that, they will also become a dim memory. You’ve had situations like this where you have had a pain or a bad habit or something that used to bother you very deeply, and you let it go. And then a year or two later, this situation will arise again and in a very vague way, you will say, “Oh, … yeah, that used to bother me,” and then you will continue with your day.
The shifting can be incremental. It can also be, … and this is going to depend on the readiness of the population, but what we are seeing right now, is that it will be in shifts. And there will be steps and doorways where some will simply go through and anchor for the whole, and then more will go through and anchor for the whole, until the entire process is completed.
Now there still will be those unfortunately, (or fortunately for they are doing what they wish, although it is not my desire), that will choose to continue on in this type of a reality, of the Third as you could think of it as … and they will be shifted to an alternate situation. The people, … say who are sitting there, may blink and not even remember … or have dim sense, ‘I wonder where so and so went?’
People will disappear. It will not be cause for trauma or mayhem. It will not be the same grieving as someone in the physical realm dying. It will just be a slight shift in the case of friends. But, in the case of husbands and wives, parents and children, there would be a knowing.


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