Sirian Starseeds

Sirian Starseeds


The beings from Sirius are here to help bridge the gaps between the theoretical levels of knowledge that are presently being brought to Earth and the practical application of these ideas. They are here to ground information and to make it usable for the inhabitants of the planet. They are the workers and the doers of the Earth.

It has been written, and correctly, we might add, that the civilization of Egypt was aided by the souls from Sirius who came to Earth at that time as god-men and god-women. They were the builders of the greatest pyramids and temples of the higest forms of knowledge that have been recorded in the historical records of the planet. They builit pathways and tunnels to inner worlds and to the stars, which allowed them to communicate above and below.

They were the creators of the factors that provided for the grounding, applying and integrating of all higher forms of knowledge into the physical manifest creations of Earth. Creating this civilization was one of their greatest accomplishments. They excelled in the development and application of their knowledge. They ruled supreme for centuries.

It is the souls from Sirius who once again will help ground the information and build the Golden Age and its new shrines and temples in the future. But this time they will have help from all that are "hear" to orchestrate this overture. The response this time from the other star systems is quite different from that former time, when few came to assist. In the future, honor, accomplishments, and rewards all will be shared equally among the teams that are "hear" to sing and orchestrate the song of happy birthday to the planet Earth.

Soon the secrets of the great pyramid will be uncovered, and many of the mysteries of life will be revealed. It will be our star sisters and brothers who will reveal the information once again to the planet, for, after all, it was they who sealed the mysteries in the first place.

Source: Norma J. Milanovich - We, the Arcturians

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  • Hi, I am new to this site and have just emerged into my starseed SELF...I am Sirian (for the most part - I think this is one of my favourite schools and planets to live)...I am a Master Inter dimensional Communicator. My purpose to remind humanity how to commune and communicate with all Life and all living systems. I am able to 'see' the vibrational hue of beings and how they fit into and expand the living matrix on many levels. I am currently looking to facilitate the shift from reductionist science to heart based science and teach people how to listen so they might understand rather than listening to reply... I have been shown a world where our creative relationship to other life forms means the creating of organic flying pods which respond to telepathic command...I look forward to hearing how others are working to facilitate change...I have much to say but in the hope of getting ahead of myself and boring everyone to death I will stop right here and hope for a resonating reply from any other Sirians who remember their mission on Earth? !

  • At this point in our history I would not be surprised if we all were not hybrids once, twice maybe several times from several star groups. And even in the 3d the prettiest babies come from multicultural parents. Yea for diversity. I love it!

  • It is not wierd to be a travaler for many eons. I too had a Mayan past life.  My name was Amara a High Pristess in Belize.  

    , I am also an ambassador of the Siriun Galactic federation of light .. You are not alone. You came here to help the Humans shift into the higher demesional shifts. Thank You & Many Blessings To YOU!!! Lonewolf Amaya, LOVE ThunderBeat
  • Dear Ivy Ivy,

    Yes, Sirius is taking care of our Planet Mother Earth and always giving good suggestions thro' any Light worker who is in connection with....


  • So correct. Ive been struggling with the idea why Im so 3D capable, and not feeling the spirit world, it because I am spirit already, and know how to put it into 3D practice, even as a mother, wife and women, I feel I can pick up my swords and go to war anytime, even though I have no experience of war in this life, but Im ready none the less. I love being Sirian, regardless of how dark some make us out to be like some Annunaki Hybrids (No qualms from my side, I love Enki and Enlil's story), and I love both the Sirian dark side and the light side. I also love and accept all the Sirian definition you have provided, its beautiful, all of it. Thankyou.

    • Wow! Something just resonated.

  • I would like to add that the Sirians are also the holders of Sacred Geometry and keepers of (ancient) Knowledge.

    For all fellow Sirians, Lightbearers, Starseeds, and everyone, please take a look at

    It's a movie project by one of my personal heros, Dr Greer (CSETI)


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