Hello there to All!  I am definitely Nommos, and from Sirius, and 3 other planet's prior to this life.  Please read my profile... I have much to share in the near future, and I am here to find Sirus, and Those from the Aquarius Galaxies,... I prior to working with Dolores Cannon had left myself many clues, and I am a Keeper of a Vortex and region connected to Cahokia Mounds near St, Louis.  Prior to 12-12-2012 work was done to push the evolution, and hold the grid, and change the future.. One focus is locating and starting the New Temple site's, and locating and bringing forth Prime Source waters, to re mineralize the soils, and clean and heal the air and atmosphere.. below I will be posting some of my writing that I have been living.  Please email me at homenearvalley@gmail.com  This is my first post as I am new here and I hope to connect with my People.  There are many keywords in my profile that may speak to some of you, and I have some tips and information to share and aid to drive thing's forward.  I have been to earth 5 times, and have been one to go back and teach and prepare the others who came in to Help the Earth and all at this very important time in the History of the Galaxies.. the following are posts I have done on the QHHT practioners facebook page. 

I feel Great and need to share! I had been given clues about my past life in the last year, and months, and in November had my QHHT session in my group at level one,.. I just found today "more" exact information which was "exactly" what I saw and experienced, and was in the past life, and am now.. I felt so good to read this..from link below. In my past life I was as big as a whale on an energetic planet mostly of water, where water was energetic and magnetic, not evolved to current 3rd dimensional state.. I had a large tail, as well I emitted low whale like om sounds, I had no need to eat food but fed and was alive by source energy looking up to the stars and planets, at one with Source, God, Universe. I moved forward 3 times, evolving as I tore my body in half to move forward into 2nd life.. I've been getting my right side back lately- and it feels really GOOD. I had left the future side in the past, and brought the past side into the future.. body did not transfer into this body, causing rare deformative problems in my hip bone structure. Because I had no leg's and more like a whale tail below.. I heard the call come out, a long sonic boom like low tone that raised the heads of the other beings which were on my planet. We were spaced far apart, and had no mate, or need for a mate. I watched the evolution of man happen in 3 life times.. on 3 different planets, from where there were no trees only ferns and mushrooms, and humans would scatter like pigeons at the site of me. They were very weak and small. I saw my form clearly all 3 times, and am working on drawing them.. Now this is weird cool to find for me, and confirms my QHHT session, witnessed and recorded the full details, of how I was built and looked... the description of Nommos Oannes is accurate above:

     I knew this! ....When Earth ascends the Etheric Sirians will take over as guardians of their planet. Those in aquatic form will have the choice to change form and take on a human body, walking the earth as a land guardian. Many of the Etheric Sirians in aquatic forms are making this choice now and, therefore, are beaching themselves. They are returning to the Nommos home world for training on being in a human body so that they can return to earth as land guardians.http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/nommos.html

    I came from Sirius, as water. -No space ship. I posted about coming to the Earth as water some days ago on 12-22 at 5:55 AM had the most beautiful Galactic experience.... as I was with God-creator-Prime source veiwing the Earth from afar, where I had a dimensional experiance and was raised to the 5th, 7th, and shown the 11th dimensions, before I exploded and feel back to earth as water molecules all over the planet, as I saw everything as one, no time or space as all waters were connected and collectively connected as all those energies aligned I was then thrown back into my body to wake up at 5:55 AM with a smile, and complete calmness and knowing.  I am still digging to locate final clues to my exact origins, I may be one of the one of the 8?  Spoken of in this video about Nommos, Sirius.  http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatc...

The new golden age that united the people of the Ultraviolet light.. the crystalline age.. in cycle of Aquarius.. they will come back..as humans.. regenerate to any cell, regenerating,..

Clues and conformations: in physical 3rd dimension. I was born to starseed, took 11 years for mother to conceive.. about as long as it takes to get to Earth.  Born with a very rare genetic bone defority in hips where physical alignment in human form did not correctly transfer. Genetically my blood is different so said a 2 different hospital labs, and I regenerated 2 units of blood after losing 4 units..(the human body only has 7-8 total) in a unexplained time frame.  I heal fast, do not feel pain as normal people, do not require much sleep, food,.. but water.  I look very young for my age. My Astrology chart is Cap sun, (Goat Fish), Cancer moon, Pieces ascendant.. (ankles, knees, hips, water.)  My true name even ties me to the crystalline granite steaming out of arkansas, ties to Maya Mia, Mayan male form of feminenine as well as sir name shows, protector and gardian of the royal holy grail blood line , and genetics show and confirm relations, to  Oneota indians (Oanness related I believe') Blackfeet Cherokee, and Montauk indians, which there are connections to Basin springs Arkansas to healing area of Arkansas (lots to share).  Atlantis, Montauk experiment, and Philidelphia experiment occurred in the region of the Jay treaty.. Born in Missouri (MU) (Musaurus) where there is the river and soil comparable to the Nile, and we have more fresh water springs, and caves in Missouri and Arkansas than all states combined..  My exact location is at a unique river bend occurs, which top Vortex expert Dan Shaw has looked at, where I was guides to a "Holy Grail" type of vortex archaeologist could not explain on a region where evidence of man dates 3000 years before Christ, having also been one of the smaller cities to supply Cahokia, having had over 5,000 people of different regions and tribes living there.. Vortex is comparable and rare in design to that which is connected to Stone Henge, connected to Egypt...much much more to say!!!  Please say hello, and contact me.!  Much love to ALL- Jay

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  • Hi Jay, I also am on the Sirian council with the Galactic Federation of Light.

    There is a sirian star base here in the US. It is located from pensicola Fl Mississippi to New Orleans. AND Hey I play drums too!!!  I am a lightworker to. I help people shift to the higher frquencys with Sound activation CDs and personal wake up sessions called 22 DNA Activations

    I friended you so I hope you reply!

    Thanks for being here my brother!!!




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Hello there to All!  I am definitely Nommos, and from Sirius, and 3 other planet's prior to this…
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