Balance your energy flow

Since breathing determines the rhythms of life, the way we breathe indicates the distribution of our energies. Excitement or nervousness leads to uneven and quickened breathing, and when we are calm and balanced, our breathing will be even, slow and light.

A person can change their mental and physical state by varying the way they breathe.

The state of intense excitement can be completely eliminated and a balanced state can be found by breathing slowly and evenly.

 The breath energy is most closely connected with the Vishuddha nerve center.

When the center of the throat is in order, then the energies flow in a coordinated and balanced way, mental and physical energy unite in a harmonious sound. However, in most cases, the center of the throat is agitated and unbalanced, as a result of which the quality and rhythm of respiration is disturbed, energies are “blocked”, which leads to various pathological problems in the body.

Therefore, in order to make quality breathing, it is necessary to normalize the throat center.

To achieve this, breathe slowly and evenly, simultaneously through the nose and mouth, with the mouth slightly open and the tongue lightly touching the palate.

At first, this would be difficult, but when you master this breathing, you will clearly feel that the energy is harmoniously flowing to the head and heart, breathing becomes even, and breathing is easy and pleasant. By breathing gently through your nose and mouth, you can gradually bring the breath to an even level and balance the center of the throat so that the energy flows evenly to the centers of the head and heart.

As we master the breathing, we begin to feel how our energy and endurance grow, the general condition and mood normalize, and emotions stabilize.

Breathing should be carried out without effort and tension, provide it with a natural way of realization, do not try to breathe correctly - just breathe, and your breath will be equally distributed between the nose and mouth.

Start with very light breathing, when the effect (relaxation) appears, breathe more slowly, quietly and evenly, almost without inhaling or exhaling. At the same time, your energy will begin to grow continuously.

To develop breathing that is produced simultaneously through the nose and mouth, it is best to exercise for 20 to 30 minutes daily for at least three months, and then continue to practice this breathing while working, walking, talking - at any time, even at night.

When you are awake, this breathing can be practiced while lying on your back, with your legs stretched out straight, or with your legs bent at the knees, and with your feet on the floor.

When practicing breathing, a huge healing effect is achieved when pronouncing Om-Ah-Hum, which should merge with the breath.

The monosyllabic words of the mantra Om, Ah or Hum are sung silently and combined with the breath. It is possible not to pronounce these sounds at all, it is enough to be aware of them internally.

Consider the essential meaning of this mantra and the words included in it.

Om means the energy of existence,

Ah - symbolizes existence itself,

Hum - expresses creation.


Om is the physical form,

Ah is the energy that contributes to the life of the physical form,

Hum - symbolizes consciousness, thought, activity.


Om-Ah-Hum, united together, express the enlightened body, mind and Spirit. - united breath and mantra Om-Ah-Hum.

This exercise is recommended in the evening before bed. You should lie on the floor, with your back down, spread your arms to the sides, spread your legs to the width of the pelvis. For a more comfortable position, you can place a small pillow under your head and knees. Open your mouth slightly and lightly touch the tip of your tongue to the palate. Breathe softly and evenly, simultaneously through your nose and mouth, while reciting the mantra Om-Ah-Hum in your mind. While inhaling, visualize or think of Om, holding the inhale slightly, say Ah, while preparing to exhale, say Hum.

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