out of body expiriances any of us have

OK, i remember this much about one thing i was up to ,i was sitting in a nice chair at a computer council but way more better than that, and i had something in my boot, so i look down and see my boot, it is white and blue and like a ski boot.so i take off my boot i have gloves on and some suit like all white and blue and as i pulling my boot off i see my light foot all made of light and shaped like a foot mostly clear with some vains of other light and i am all "cool" got a get this on video but when i put foot in front of cam. it shows it as normal on the screen so i am thinking that sucks and is weird so then some one said we got a go let's go and off we went i remember where we went was dusty and not much light we were on a retrieval and rescue mission it seemed ,and after we got back and i was getting some gear of some thing happened and now my neck hurts but this pain went away quicker than normal it takes about a week useally but this time only a day .LAL,Obi

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  • I'm not allowed to remember my trips either, sigh.  But I do get some things if it is considered important enough... when I was younger I experienced OBE, enough that it scared me and I pushed it away a few times before it stayed away for good.  Nowadays though I remember exactly what it feels like and how I "got there"... unexplainable, really, but I know when the time is right I will have no problems adjusting and can create a merkaba easily. 

    I used to go into "trance states" easily too but I think I'm too poisoned now to go into that state of being again without some self discipline and practise. 

    • my first out of body was brought on because of a lack of sleep and at a time when i was sharing a story with some one i actually fell asleep wile talking and my entire environment changed and it lasted a long time as i was able to go mobile and create a strange world ,at the end of it i was trying to jump over a wall and ended up flying like super man till i got scared of the altitude

      the second was brought on because i ate a whole lot of fruit all natural and wile i was trying to fall asleep not long after consuming this mass amount of fruit that had my brain on high octane  i think , i could feel my spirit start to climb out of my body as i was dozing off, this caused me to get scared and it stopped as i kept trying to breath and could not ,this happened three times in a row as i was trying to dose off i finally said go with it and i did it was amazing and long ago for much details but it is all about letting go of fear of loosing your flesh body

      buy the way do you know if it is a requirement to connect with your twin flame to graduate this round , i have been told i am finished with school but i have not met my twin yet , i heard this some where and it bugs me , of course the last time i spoke with god about my having no desire for a mate,god said "I am your lover now" and why i am sure this was not meant literally i makes me wonder what was meant, kinda freaks me out well hmmm  , never mind , i really do not care anymore about to much ,least of all this.

      well it seems like a lot of things around this site are going quit well ,or is it just m new eyes, both perhaps ,cheers dear 1HappyKelly

    • Cheers to you delightful Obi Wan :)  Sounds like you are a natural in the astral realms, sweet!  You don't seem to have any scary stories either, lol, people make it sound soooo dangerous :) 

      The twin flame thing is just for a role we play here, I believe.  My sister insists she is merging duality "within" and is happily celibate and intends to remain so even after ascension.  Has no interest in "twin flames" etc. I don't think you are given awareness of it unless it is for your duties in 3D, the energy you create with your soul mate creates a third energy (spirit) which manifests as a result of the interplay between the sexes.  Janet McLure, who speaks for Vywamus, explains it very well in her Ascension Handbook....fascinating read, highly recommended, though it was written in the nineties it explains everything that is happening right now.  Have you heard of Vywamus?  Great being, doesn't get enough attention, I believe.... all those people dissing channels really ought to do their homework and find the old school ones who are proveable through time. 

      Besides, Obi Wan, ever wonder what happens after 5D?  Lol, there are more levels in which to find your twin flame, likely right now they aren't in humanoid form or something like that :)  "They" feel it would be a distraction most likely, from what you are doing now whereas its part of my job.... do you know what I mean? 

      Happy Valentines Day!

  • awesome to here from you Silverstar i am looking for the white room talked about by Chief Golden light Eagle to speak with Obama my self ,or transmute him ,it is cool to know we do all we can do always for the love and the light ,we need no medal or parade we just do it for love ,Obi

    • Thats interesting, could you share any details about this "white room" i had an OBE and was taken to a white room.....


      Cheers :-)

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