Is this of pleiadians behavior?

Hi I would like to know if pleiadian give birth to half humans,I am contacting people claiming to be pleiadian, at least they look like them, on of them sent me energy today and it felt so great it was very high vibes.

Those beings wants me to a have a child half human half pleiadian so in the future they can have an ally on earth. Is this possible? I only sense a little of selfishness and their own convenience on them but not evilness.

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  • If you already thought of one of your hopes... you might already have produced that feeling... and for it to become true... is not very hard, during those days...

    Think only of what you want to have... No God will help you... the so called GOD did helped you the moment he/she has created you... you have and can be all what you want, you should at first notice this and believe this... speak with yourself, go to the mirror and ask you loudly: who are you?

    It is us that will help us and the rest,no higher beings will ever interfer so long as it is not necessarry...

    If you really wanna see them... just be positive and feel and know that one day they'll come, this is how we may open the gates also for the rest of the Galactic Federation of Light crew... but this is something else, anyway...

    The point is, trust yourself, and do never regret your actions, take responsability for them, and pe broud and happy even if u do make mistakes... cause this is how you will stop and avoid them in the future... It's like what goes around... stop and stares... :P

    Be well :)
  • HI.

    Alaje did respond to my Email, and it was as I also thought about, look what he is saying, and pls think again... listen of what you really feel, notice which is mind and which is your soul...

    What Alaje wrote:
    "That is wrong information.
    Spiritual extraterrestials dont need to have sex on earth to produce pleiadians.
    Spiritual extraterrestials know that every soul is incarnating according to the experiences that a soul want to have, on MANY Planets.
    This woman is under the influence of NON spiritual extraterrestials. The energy what she felt was NOT love. It was just energy." - ALAJE

    Be careful, they trick many people like that....
    Take care.
    • well then nobody knows if this people is what they say, I think I will take the risk, really I would like a child but humans in my area dont want to be with me I Dont know why, at least with a stable partner they only want pure sex I Dont want that.

      I will follow my heart on this

      Also thanks for the advices, you know I am tired about this I Dont understand why god has not protected me, I am thinking he dont interfere on earth matters too... still I believe in him, I just hope the kid I will have is not evil I just ask that....
  • Greetings,

    Trust with what you feel. If they gave you an option to say no, then just say no very firmly.

    And yes, it's possible. Be open-minded. There are half-breeds of human and star beings to make a result of a star child or galactic human as a result. It's a new type of human with great powers.

    If you sense selfishness on their part, do understand what they perceive us is different to how we perceive of them. They are very scientifically minded as well, so the selfish feelings is probably how they perceived as logic and science.
    • Thanks for all the advices people, I have decided to trust them

      And yeah probably what I feel as "selfishness" is just that they are more advanced and see ua differently.

      I just hope I can raise a child, I have no experience raisen childs, but I was talking with the future father and he said he likes my view of childhood that he want that for his child. SO I am happy,
    • Okay, I'm back reading this thread.

      I do recommend following Alaje advice, but in the end, it's up to you. Trust what you see and feel.

      The area of Pleaides have many planets and tribes, so Alaje advice may come from his tribe and my advice comes from my own tribe. Work with your own tribe to figure out how to raise your future child.

      I do see that you're not the only one with a starseed soul for your child. Many others, though few, will conceive a child through this way.

      Until then, you have my blessings.
  • Hello Lucia :)

    If you dont have a good thought about in the first place... then listen to it, listen to what you feel...
    Half human... hm... i guess its about a Pleiadian Soul... reincarnated... Maybe its a Pleiadian that is chosing you... But I am not sure if they do that kind of contacts... It is very hard to channel... or to make contact to pleiadians...
    How do they contact you...?

    Ps. Remember one thing : The "bad" isnt really just bad... they just chose to do so... Its the same for the "good"... Good people can become even worse than draconians... if they chose so...
    So... in fact Its you that must connect your mind with your Soul in order to feel the right thing for you...

    Have you seen Alaje's videos?
    He is an awakened Pleiadian, he is a pleiadian teacher... A part of his Soul (why just a part? cause the whole part cannot live in this human body, it would destroy it immediately, that is why it is also very hard to have pleiadian contacts... because of the frequency) , he sent himself here, to reincarnate and did become a good looking man. Although i believe its hard... to teach humans... he has a difficult task...

    I'll send him a msg, and he will probably respond to you here...

    Love, Light... during the Night... Be well and trust in your instincts, trust that u know whats right, and it wont keep u up late at night :P
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