Do you remember your Who are you?

Can you remember past lives? Or even the Pleiade? :)

Let us start with some few words about you all... WHO ARE YOU? Do you actually know who you are... or better lets say: WHO HAVE YOU BEEN?

Did you have strange dreams...? Seeing symbols, having dejavus, numbers connections...?

Tell us your story, let us all help each other as much as we can :) why? cause we will fun while doing this, and we will increase our knowledge :)

Love and Light during the Night! :)

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  • What would you guys comment on my alien past life identity?let's see

  • hello friends :)

    I now i am from the pleiadian stars some place.. my pleiadian name is Ma Na Kor, i went to school to the Arcturian planet for nearly 100 years.after that i start "working" in the Ashtar command, i now about two different mission i did. I worked as a peace ambassador, the command sent me alone to a 3D planet where they was about to starve to death. i told them i am there in peace and that we can help them with our technology, had to explained about the cosmos, they are not alone etc...

    My second mission I know of, was about two planets that fought against each other. I was sent in to talk to both parties to make peace between them.

    I know i had many lives in Atlantis, i dont know so much about them. only that in one life i was something like a priest. and was standing with st germain and Melchizedek inside a room where we had some priestly robe on us...

    one another life i was a monk that worked with the plant life. me and my twinflame Lady Evana ( here star name ) was tasked to look for DNA codes for plants, there were other forces in Atlantis who wanted to do something with DNA to plants that were against universal law. but we lost the battle. and they experimented with the DNA to the plants.

    I've had my incarnations in India, Asia and now Europe. 

    I am so blessed that i met my twinflame in april 2013,

    since this is the last life we ​​incarnate here in 3D, there are many who now meets his twin flame :-)

    Fill your life with
    Laughter and Joy



  • Yes, I remember. I have watched the ages go by, waiting for this time. Finally humanity is beginning to awaken.

    Life after life on this world, from the time when the great wave washed across the planet. Joining our souls with humanity's.

    The things I have seen! I watched the pyramids being built, flew vimana in Sumeria, seen the battlefields of ancient Rome.

    And now this life, awakening as a child, remembering the call, learning from the spirits and my family of Light.

    Meeting the Grays, the Reptilians, being on their ships and seeing so many wonders and horrors.

    Always knowing, never being believed. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the time that I knew was coming, the Reason I was here.

    Decades ago my pointing out the Truth would make people so mad they would want to fight me, they could not face the Truth.

    Now so many of you begin to see the Truth, are beginning to remember, to explore your spirituality.

    It is a good thing to see.

    They welcome you, you know. When you venture into your Dreams, they are waiting. Those of the Light.

    You visit the ships and assist with so many things there on the other side, before you awaken.

    I know because I am there every night, watching, helping, 

    One day our Dreams will merge with the Universal Mind, and we will all be aware that we are One.

    Welcome to the Light my friends.

  • Aint no doubt about it. I was a gunfighter in the old U.S. west in my previous past life, complete with nightmares and meditative visions involving many gunfights (including my death). I'm now a nurse working for the Catholic Sisters of Charity. Look up that connection with gunfighters and you will see who I was.

  • I was born in Pliladelphia sometime around 1850 and as a young man moved to Texas with my wife and became a ranch hand, a cowboy!  I even saw myself, you know, in that 'Nickelodeon' smoky vision with a cowboy hat!  This is almost exactly what my hat looked like!


  • Greetings Dear LiviAthena!

         I really love discussions such as this one.  Thank you!  Let me put my remembrance to the test, please.

         Well, let's see.  One life that sticks with me the most is not a pretty one.  As a matter of fact and to put it bluntly, I was a serial killer who was never caught.  I was allowed to see a few who I killed and how I did it.  This past life was not only traumatic, but relevant to my existence to the dark psyche.

         In another life, I was a very, very wealthy woman who helped others financially.  I loved this past life.  I also feel that this past life has a great deal to do with who I Am today, because I Am the opposite, the One in need of financial assistance.  So, I know how it feels to give and need.

         In other lives, there had been many times that I lived as a monk in a monastery, contemplating much.  These lives were very important to my philosophical mind and patience.  More importantly, though, living as a monk brought me closer to Our Creator, and let me fulfill my duties as a "silent lightworker".

         In a bunch of other lives, I was men and women living in distressful circumstances, both in light and darkness.  Learning experiences for sure.  In others, I was a dragonfly, a cat, a warrior, and a man who lived selfishly in the medieval times. 

         Lastly, and there are many more, I wanted to touch bases with my "future self".  I "touched" the Creator, I flew into the center of the Great Central Sun and was immersed in Love (best feeling ever).  I've played with two other future friends by flying our ships, dodging one another and having fun.  I was "happy".  I like to remember this life often, because in this life-yet, I haven't seen "happy".  I feel joy inside, but not happy.

         Now, about me and who I Am:  I Am d'tewa.  I Am a mix of origins whose mission in life is called a "system buster".  I have chosen to travel from planet to planet to free souls from the tyranny of the controllers.  This life as a Lightworker is not the only one I've had.  There has been many.  In the last one before this one, I was caught and brutally stabbed for holding Light.  I have traveled all over the many Universes and have been to many planets.  While I typically have a "knock-out" body all dressed in sparkling turquoise w/ sensors, that is by choice.  I Am Light Body and can travel by thought or by flight.

    How's that for starters???  Needless to say, all of these past lives and more has made me who I truly Am today, with the knowledge of knowing that anything and everything is entirely possible...because I AM.

    Love, d'tewa

  •  I keep seeing   333  and 11 11   I dont know what it means also 666  ??? Everyone Tells me I am a star seed where I live in mt.shasta and that my energy is so unusaul and strong. I wish I knew more about It.

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