PROOF of 1000+ ELITE resignations, mass arrests, retirements

This post has been rewritten.

Here's the public, editable, excel sheet:
Please read my notes before editing, adding to, or sorting it.

It is an spreadsheet of details of elite leaders leaving their posts, the number is at about 1000 right now.  It will be updated, the number will go up as I and others research more.
This is a link for an excel sheet full of elite arrests, retirements, resignations, impeachments, firings.

Anyone can edit, but please view my requests before you edit, add, or sort. Please no duplicate data, search before you add, also please no false data.
Please read this entire thing before you do anything to the document, and if you organize it, make sure you select all, do it properly, detailed more further below.  If you don't do this, you'll scramble the data which happened before, and is the reason for bad dates, which some of the data has (and others have been corrected or added since this scrambling)...

My primary reason for starting this huge list was to see whether the galactic federation really are/is credible, and I saw this as one way to do that.  Over the last two years, they've been claiming that elite are leaving their posts.... and I wasn't seeing proof.  Well.  I found proof.
But, galactic federation "believer" or not, you should really look at this document.  It'll open your eyes and leave you questioning... is this normal?  so many elite leaving their posts? And what is the galactic federation, and what do they claim/teach?

I honestly have no way of knowing who's corrupt, bloodline, whatever, or not.  I could spend hours researching every single person on the list.... but I'm already spending hours on this.  So if you want to add an extra column of why you think they're corrupt or not, or somehow something similar on your own version of the spreadsheet (copied or downloaded to you), be my guest. But really, I think that even if a person doesn't seem corrupt or was very much adored by their organization members or even the public, what people do behind closed doors can be pretty secret- and seems pretty common.  So even if a person doesn't seem elite and corrupt, I don't think there's any for sure way of knowing.

Having said that, I also think that there are some very obvious and undeniable people/positions on this spreadsheet, such as politicians, CEOs, presidents, and top executives of famous corporations, top journalists & CEOs of media, bankers, corrupt religious leaders,and those involved with money scandals, phone scandals, swiss banks, etc.

Be aware that many people might just be CEOs, designers, or university deans (etc.) by coincidence, just because they earned that spot and wanted it.  They might not be a "dark cabal" or "illuminati" member. And if that is you, and you're on this list, I sincerely apologize.
That being said, also keep in mind that MANY of them are dark, seem rather guilty, and are associated with wrongdoings of corporations (if you're haven't woken up to conspiracy theories yet, it would be best to research this).  There is no way to know whether a person in a prestige position is "elite" or not.
Especially keep in mind that there are MANY elite who have resigned who were connected to banks and governments, investigations, scandals, etc.

If you think someone is definitely not elite, go ahead and delete them.  Or, maybe this would work better for you- save my document to your computer and make your own list with less or different people.  I won't be offended :)  Even if you take out people like school principals, whoever... you'll still have an impressive list to prove to yourself and the world.

Please keep in mind that elite people are everywhere, and that's how they've maintained control.  They are high and low, leading countries, organizations, and yes, towns.  I've heard this over and over, and I'm positive about it.  The question is figuring out who is "elite" but like I said, there's no way to know for sure.
To remind the world about their effective power and manipulation system, I included a few diagrams.  Elite have their hands in not just politics, but everywhere, in every kind of institution.  Elite are in every area of society, in order to keep everything how they want it.  Remember the Illuminati structure of control?




Here's a sample message from them about the subject:

Chamber of commerce:
Because they're elite.  They have power, control, are connected to organizations, hotels, politics.. It's similar to how Freemasons are; they have their small groups that are service oriented with social events, organization goals, charity, etc. and they are prestigious, often in leadership roles and leadership "friend" networking circles.

Question: "I was curious, so I checked out the list and I can't help but notice they include people like Randy Axelson who was a county sheriff. I don't see any reason to believe he's part of the elite. Then there's Mo McElroy and Leanne Ingwersen who were both chamber of commerce directors for relatively small towns. How did the author reach the conclusion that these people were members of the 'elite'?"
I have no way of knowing who is elite and who isn't (do you? I didn't think so..), and I'm not going to spend more time researching whether someone is corrupt or not (because I've already spent endless hours on this info, and that would be twice the time, plus I figure that for many elite, their corrupt background might be secret and not well known.)
HOWEVER, I used common sense. Plus I was aware that elite members are at high and low ends of the spectrum, in state-wide or nation-wide organizations of power but also in towns, businesses, and schools. I've heard this many many times, and it makes sense, because they need to maintain control and how could they have done it without the help of small town leaders?

I am aware that a percentage of the people on the list aren't corrupt, but I don't know which ones..

Also, so many of the people on the list are obviously elite (example, CEO of huge company) that I figured the excel sheet still has a huge impact, even if you think that some of them aren't corrupt.



"Maybe I'm missing something but what is this supposed to mean. People resign and retire all the time. A lot of these on your list are older and probably feel like backing off on their work loads."
I wondered that too- is this just a normal amount of elite leaving, like people normally do, because that does happen.. people leave their jobs... sure.  But so many? In such a small time frame (in 2 years, approximately, almost every organization out there shifting their executives)? Such high powers? It's your choice whether you think it's normal or not. From my research, I found that it seemed relatively normal for a person to be in their job for decades-10, 20, 30 years..., and most of these people weren't long term. But, interpret as you like.  Also, many of them weren't older.
I thought it was especially odd to have many executives leaving the same company within months of eachother, sometimes all at once. That happened several times.

Are these people just old?  resigning normally? In my research, I found what I thought to be an abnormal amount of people retiring at age 40 or so.  That seems odd.  There were several of them.

One person said that "it's normal to have CEOs and top executives leaving so often, because they're under high stress."  From reading 700+ articles, that wasn't the impression I got.  The articles, especially the ones where they said that the person was only in the job for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years... they described it as being odd, and that usually leaders stay for much longer.  Do your own research, you decide whether this is odd or normal.  Don't forget that many of the people on this sheet are being investigated, arrested, and charged for corruption, scandals, etc. that normal? You decide.

One person decided to research to compare and see whether this number was abnormally high:
"I tried searching Google News for all the CEO resignations back in 2001 and 2002 and it seems like there may have been just as many resignations back then."  (She gave me the link of her google search which looked like it went on forever)..
Just so you know, that google search only goes to page 10. The rest is just the same page ten over and over.
Your research is as good as mine.

I don't know if it's average or not, but my gut feeling says that it's not.... especially all the politicians and investigations... but I don't know.  Like I said, really look into this, do your research.
I also thought it was odd that so many of the resignations were abrupt.  I said "resigned abruptly" at least a hundred times.  Unfortunately I only realized that that might be important later on, so only a few of them have that information on the sheet.

ALSO: whole country governments don't typically resign all at once.  I've read (and noted) at least 4 small countries do this.  I can't remember exactly, more or less..  it was more than I expected.

WHY ISN'T THIS IN THE NEWS?  Theories, things to point out..
1. If you're not a conspiracy theorist yet, and you think that mainstream media is going to tell the truth about everything, and put this on the news.. and therefore it's false if it's not on the news?  You need to research media censorship and the illuminati asap.
2. But sure, why hasn't these mass numbers of elite leaving.. in regular alternative news?  Well.  Every single separate elitist is in the news.  I think it's just a matter of looking at the big picture, and that's difficult when you haven't seen it all in front of you.  However, there was a bit of this in the alternative news back in december 2012... Remember this? 
This spreadsheet proof..big picture... truth or not, I can tell you that it's beginning to get media attention, and will get more and more.  My hope is that people will see this, wonder, and look up more about it.
3. One theory explaining why there's not much news, obvious arrests vs. house arrests vs. resignations: "There certainly hasn't been much in the news about it. Maybe they don't want to cause widespread panic. ... lets come up with some theories (and I use that term loosely) as to what's really going on here. Mine is that the resignations are actually arrests, probably more like house arrests, and that investigations are in progress into the shenanigans of these banksters"
This makes sense to me because if there were mass arrests going on, people would panick, yes, but if they call them resignations, people can be calm and still asleep, just assuming the norm, plus an abnormal executive shuffle.
4. If our mainstream world isn't ready for ET disclosure, why would big media be ready to outright say  "hey, the galactic federation of light is making all the elite quit our elite jobs within the next two years, in order to make a society collapse in order to make a new better one."
No.  They're not ready for that.  Critically think about this. That wouldn't be in the media.  Not yet.

Taken from the banker tab, which is where I got the 600+ bankers list (which isn't being updated)
Abreviations used:
CEO = Chief Executive Officer
CFO = Chief Financial Officer
CIO = Chief Investment Officer also can be Chief Information Officer (head of IT)
COO = Chief Operating Officer
CMO =  Chief Marketing Officer
EVP = Executive Vice President
CRO = Chief Risk Officer
INC = Incorporated (can be private held or publicly traded shares)
PLC = Public Limited Company (publicly traded shares can be listed or unlisted on stock market)
LTD = Limited Company (privately held)
LLC = American version of LTD, but can have a shareholder/member that is an INC, often hybrids of both
AG = German version of PLC
AB = Swedish version of PLC
SA = Society Anonymous in various latin languages - same as PLC
NV = Dutch version of PLC
BV = Dutch version of LTD
LP = Limited Partners (partnership with limited liability)
REIT = Real Estate Investment Trust


No.  If you excessively research my research, you'll find that I did not fabricate any data.  I'm not interested in fabricating data.  That wouldn't prove my point, and I'm not a liar, nor am I dumb, nor do I take my news from forums or anything like that.


The galactic federation has been claiming over and over that mass arrests are happening. - within the last two years mostly. You can find their messages with google or youtube.
My primary reason for making this spreadsheet was to find out whether they are credible or not, and I thought that finding out about mass "arrests" would be a great way to prove credibility or lack thereof.

Mass arrests (which I figure, could be retirements and resignations to the public, but behind the scenes might be more than just that, they might be pressured to leave) .. mass amounts of elite leaving are a sign that our structure of power and corruption.. is being torn down, that they are giving away their power, giving up, leaving, saying bye- so long, we're not going to manipulate you anymore..

Galactic federation believer or not, I suggest you research the astrological age of aquarius, and the fifth dimension. Elite leaving is a sign that our world is rapidly changing, that the old structure is going away and making room for a new one.  The old one has to collapse before a new one can be made.

I have a lot of faith in the galactic federation, and I believe in what they say, because it all makes so much sense-explaining the universe, etc., and they've never failed me before. I have seen warnings about them and them being exposed.. but I've never come across a video that actually sounded suspicious like one of the ones these exposers are talking about (and I've watched hundreds).
But it's ok if you don't have faith in them, because I made this for skeptics after all.

If you want, you can try to find a different meaning.  It's up to you to decide what this information means, if you believe the data is abnormal.

Some don't have links- did I make the data up? No.

Most of the ones without links came with links, but then I messed up the data and had to start over without links.   However, if something doesn't have a link or the link doesn't work, you can easily google it.  I tried to test all of the links just to make sure, so I don't think you'll have any problems with the ones that have links.  Although, sometimes websites take their articles down.

Notice that the public is allowed to edit it, and it is available for public eye.  But please be respectful, mature, and professional..... Please, please, please do not add false information.

If the link you got leads you to a site which asks you to sign in, make a google drive account, or get approved, etc.  ...something's wrong with the link.  It's not spam, it is the right spreadsheet... but I've had this happen 300+ times, and the only thing I know is that my document has been made completely public.  Either someone has changed that (and I doubt it), or when someone generated the link to give to you, they somehow made it privatized on accident.  Try giving them the link I put on this post.  Try regenerating the link directly from where it says share this document. If nothing works, email me about it at

Why are many dates wrong?  / Please don't edit the way it's sorted.  I periodically resort back to original organization, and appreciate others doing so too. Sorting makes it confusing and more easily messed up, with data scrambled everywhere, saying that so and so from this country resigned on this date, when so and so is actually from another country, and resigned on a different date.  I have a lot of problems with it getting reorganized.  I don't want information to get scrambled.  So thanks.  This is why the dates are wrong- because someone tried to resort by the dates, but when you only select one column, and not select all, you end up scrambling data.

Also please don't discredit the page by putting in false information.  Only put in information that is for sure correct, with credible links.  Make sure your news links actually say what you're saying they do (example would be an article saying person resigning vs. person should resign, arrested vs. arrest warrant vs. want to arrest).

I researched this topic by getting a jump start from others' lists (thank you!) and then also searching "CEO resigns" with a brand, company, or country, over and over, with different roles (CEO, CIO, COO, CMO, CTO, president, executive, board member, chairman, PR, PM, prime minister, dean, judge, vice president, journalist, etc.).... Literally every company or organization of power that I could think of.  Many are so-so, like a journalist or a schoolboard member, while others are downright obviously elite, such as leaders of fast food restaurants, pharmaceutical testing companies, the FDA, youtube, billionaires, etc.

After awhile, I noticed that elite were leaving from every single organization, so I started searching in a different way: I searched any company, organization, product supplier, product, service, anything I could think of... plus [resign, quit, investigation, arrest, resignation]... and literally for almost everything I could think of, something (a top executive) came up within the last two years. I think that's odd. --Companies don't have top executives always leaving, ...every single company, within two years. But that's just my take on it. I'm really not sure, it's up to you.

I also thought this site was very helpful for leads:
I've gone down the list, starting at the type, and just used that information for leads on google.  Right now, I stopped at the chamber of commerce in Athens, TX and haven't done any of the ones below that.

Along with that, top on my list is updating my bankers because I only have about 300 bankers, and this person has 600+.  So I'd appreciate help with that, too.

Recent news: I also occasionally search google news for resign, retire, and arrested to see recent events.

1. I wasn't sure about 2010, 2009 ones.. because honestly I don't know when the elite got the memo that they needed to quit.  So if I thought it was pretty important and rare, I included it, but overall tried to limit the list to 2011, 2012 & 2013.

2. I would appreciate if the dates were in this format: 5/31/2013 for meaning may, 31, 2013 or month/day/year.
If dates are in multiple formats, excel will have a hard time sorting.  I can fix the dates if they are messed up.  Sometimes, if excel doesn't understand what you typed, it puts in ridiculous numbers like the year 2055.

Vatican, a country? I made Vatican a country.... because it's kind of worldwide, and I didn't know what to put.  Plus, other lists had Vatican as a country.. So that's where it the pope is.

The formatting on the data sheet is like so:
Approximate Date |  Country |  Role/company  | name of person | resigned, arrested, retired? any extra details like an investigation etc. | link/proof.

Below is the list of things (keywords & links & leads) that I had seen or thought of, but not gotten to... Anyone is welcome to continue researching.  I would love that.  Group efforts always work amazingly!

If you would like to continue researching and adding to my list or making your own list, remember to not have duplicates.  Before you add something, search their name, and then search their company, just to make sure that person isn't already on the list.

Search before you add.  If you can't find a name, just search --control F-- the name.  Sometimes people have nicknames, Mike vs Michael.

If you would like to see the excel sheet organized differently (for example, by column A (dates) instead of column B (countries)), you need to click the top left corner between A and 1, which means select all, then right click the selected area, and then say sort range, identifying what you want it to be sorted by.  But please don't reorganize the sheet unless you're putting it back to normal, like how you found it.
To make it look nice, normal, the way you found it: select all, right click, sort A, select all, right click, sort B.
Please remember that if you want to sort, you have to select all. One time, I was sorting, and I selected column A and sorted by column A only... without selecting all.. and it messed up the entire thing, where the date or links were with the wrong data, things like that.  This is the reason that some of the data does not have links-- because I sorted wrong and it made everything a mess, and then I had to start over.  It's also the reason that many of the dates are incorrect, unfortunately.  Luckily, the rest of the data is still correct.

How else can I help? 
You could also help by looking through the excel sheet and finding data that does not have links, or has the wrong dates (I need to check all).. then googling the data, and adding/changing that information.  People appreciate links & dates as proof.
If you can't find a link to prove the data, and you've searched high and low, feel free to delete the data. Or if you feel nervous about that, you can put "cannot find link" or something similar in the link section.

REMINDER: when a person announces their resignation or retirement, it often doesn't take effect till around 6 months later, give or take.  So we may not be feeling the effect of this yet.

This is intended to be proof for the skeptics who have heard of the galactic federation and mass arrests, but thought it was ridiculous because these things weren't in the news.  So I made a list.. But some of you are just too skeptical to believe it, which is okay.

1. Intention: Curiosity about the galactic federation is what compelled me to start a huge list, and to see where it could go, how many elite were really leaving their posts, and if what the galactic federation says/said was/is true. And I think it is.  But that's yours to judge.
2. Me: My name is Michelle Monk, I can be reached at I am not anonymous, but I am also not the only author of this spreadsheet, and some of the editors are anonymous.  I could be classified as a "lightworker" but honestly I don't think it matters.  I'm here to help people wake up ((FULLY, not just to standard conspiracy theories)), make the world a better place, and essentially make earth into a heaven on earth, leading our world into big [good] changes.
If you'd like to know more about these changes, research the 5th dimension and the astrological age of aquarius.  There is a list of research topics on the tabs of my blog (
3. Trustworthy?  I have done two years of college at a private university, and I have a 3.8 GPA, I've been through background checks easily, had several jobs, etc. I was a conspiracy theorist for several months, researching constantly about the new world order and illuminati, subliminal messages, GMOs, etc...., until I discovered spirit science [Hidden Human History And More ( Spirit Science 1-20 )] and Laarkmaa [1 - Laarkmaa - Who Is Laarkmaa?], learned about the holographic universe, 3rd dimension, really studied prophesies of end times... learned about the 5th dimension & age of aquarius.. and now I could be classified as a new age conspiracist.  This term isn't popular, but it's the only term that exists. There are many of us.  Whether or not you think I'm trustworthy is up to you, but I don't think it has anything to do with data.  I did not alter the data, and I specifically tried to make it neutral sounding, not twisted or anything like that.

2 PRIMARY SITES I USED FOR LEADS  (PPS. search chamber of commerce & illuminati on google), news, of course.

COPY THIS?  Credit?
I don't need any credit.  Community effort is going on here. I am not worried about being plagiarized,  nor were the people who made lists before me.  Go ahead and copy paste this post and/or the spreadsheet.

AN IMPORTANT LAST NOTE: What really matters... is who replaces the people who leave.

Signed, and thank you for the help if you do help,
yours truly,

Don't forget to leave comments/questions if you have any.

If you're not interested in the list below (like, for helping me make my spreadsheet more thorough) this is the end of the post.

LIST of things (key words) I wanted to research (about elite leaving) but haven't yet:
australia:   adami CEO ivanhoe Chief rugby league player airservices CEO south mp
alcohol companies
tobacco companies
office max office depot
Eli Lilly and Company (which is a global pharmaceuticalcompany and one of the world's largest corporations)
military, army, national guard
US national library of medicine resigns
clothing brands/stores
Ortho McNeil Neurologics, a subsidiary of Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals

researcher arrest: cdc mit chronic fatigue ayurvedic cfs york university  holocaust harvard indian ayurvedic
patent system
Bank of America board member retire
Miller's Bowlin resigns, Adami is the new CEO.(Miller Brewing co., John Bowlin)
video games
other IT executives who recently changed jobs as well: Gerbereux David, Berezniker Vladimir, Evans Jason, Cott Ray, Krebs Martin, Green Sharon,Hale Richard, Dohrn Joe, Loschert Matthew, Shanmugham Mahendran, Kevin Bradyradio
senior members of bush administration
school district board
pornographer producer resign


textbook author

dr. pepper

Church’s Chicken
tempur pedic international
discovery foods
private equity firm Friedman Fleischer & Lowe


tanning salon
post service
GlaxoSmithKline - vaccines and vaccine makers
windermere real estate
tj max
NRA ceo
wells fargo
Carls junior
al queda
courts - supreme court
cpac resign
intelligence agencies in other countries
EPA's and FDA's in other countries

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