Here you can read and put the channelings of Angels and Masters.The first one will be from Gabriël as I have already channeled.
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The heart knows what the mind can understand

Today night from thursday 26th upon friday 27th March I just got a message/channeling with Gabrël.
This was also put on my own created ning network site
Please do not point at me or stuff as this is already weird for me.
Also know that this message will be continued as the messages keep coming
and as i type this from what I have written on paper as i written it down, I know now why Gabriél as he is also for creative writing and they all are connected, it is not only Gabriél but more than this, but this I will tell later after this is finished and when I have got some sleep.

Channeling with Gabriël

Dear beloveds,

Like you all have heard just now when this was written that we masters and Angels of love light as Amey choose to call us will bring you a message about love, healing, twin flames and why you are set on earth.

First of all.
I want to say that some of you who always had the feeling of not having one true love like twin flames are right and also who think they have are right too as there is no wrong or right in that.

What is the truth?
The truth is twin flames are your higher consiousness, your higher selfs.
You were all set on earth to find yourself.

Messages were always interpretated in many ways, but for today this will be a bit better translated in words you might understand.

The Meaning of twin flames and how people interpretate it, is beacuse your expectations of love.
It's still conditional, when you were a child it was still pure and unconditional.
You have lost this meaing of life.
As you all think and need love to be one.
And this is true, but to be one full of love is love yourself needed.
To become one is to connect with your higher intentions, your higher consiousness, your higher self on a higher frequentie of your being.
This has not happen for a long time on earth.
This will be easier to understand in just months time, but it can talke longer or shorter, it's up to you.
You choose to be open or not for the messages.

You all have been guided for many years from the beginning on.
You have always your guideance system within to find the truth.

So listen carefully to this guideance that is you.

All angels, all masters are in each one of you.
Nobody excluded.
But it is youwho keep on holding yourself back on the information that was been given to you, but don't be hard on yourself as it is not entirely your fault.
This goes back many ages ago and will be showed in messages later on.

First we want you to concentrate on your love for others and yourself.

Find your love within that is pure.
Be that love.
Show this love without fear or doubts.

When you reach the stage of loving yourself fully.
Trusting every part of your being and existeance.
Then you find your twin flame, the meaning of your life.

You can then connect with every part of you and remember who you were, are and always be.

This is what is all about.
Love and who are you?

I greet you all with warmth of the soul i used to be and the healing energies of love that is within all of you,


Converstation after this message

But you said soul you used to be, but you are an arch angel, how can this be or are you another master or angel? How can I know this is real?

How come you are asking me this question? as you were and always will be one of us.
You know this answer.
Listen within....
Who are you?

I am Yolanda or better to say Amethyst LoveLight the name you angels gave me.

Yes and what does this name say to you about you?
It's just a name.
Like you said what is important is to know and understand the deepest parts of you were and are and always will be.

You have seen the light many times and still your earthly body keeps you from hidden truth.
You who knows this but doesn't wanted to believe because of fears.

Be free my dear.
Loose these fears, the demons withinas you have been in hell and heaven.
Wake up your consiousness.
Become the angel light that you are and let go of the fear.
Remember the beginning.
Don't doubt yourself.

I am your brother,
your pupil, your teacher,
Your lost soul and your guide.
Like you are too for many.

Angels aren't always what people think they are.
They are myths Missinterpretated messages.

We so called Arch Angels were once souls like you are now.
Souls aren't just only human beings.
It's energy.

Please listen.

Be one with yourself.
When you want to know if it is true or not, listen within.

I can call myself other names as we do not have forms.
We all are connected and we all have many other names and still we have none.
We all are everything and still we are nothing.
We all are the source, God you might call them or as you Amey call it Love Light or the whole, but there are many ways to explain and many ways to interpretate.

Just know love is all
Love is healing.
Nothing else really matters as long there is love.
And you know love is strongest as the soul cannot be without as this is what makes us together as one.
This is the true energy of the divine light.

Go and get some rest.
You'll need it.
Be the light that you are dearest.
The rest will come.



While I was typing I felt the Master Hilarion with me for healing.
It's not the words that are important they have teached me many times, but the feeling part as that is the true messenger and receiver of the divine messages.
As it is more connected to the sourse.
But I am off to bed I hope to get some sleep.
But hope this can show some insights and know that this is scary to do as it takes a lot of couriage for me to put things like this on internet when there are still people who judge too quickly.

Lots of love, light and harmony,
Hugs and kisses,


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  • The Thirty Æthyrs or Aires and their divisions and angels are as follows [We omit for
    the present consideration of the parts of the earth to which they are stated to
    correspond, and the question of the attributions to the cardinal points and the Tribes of







  • Arcane elivating sanctuary within the center balancing forces of infinite light! Harken, I cast out the living spirit of the holy angels abound the discord of this falsifying mistrusting entity. Divine raptures and powerful scriptures written inside this temple darkening from lies. A light of a million hands brilliantly exploding out from the sky. Matatron and the spinning multi-dimensional Merkavah come in manifest existing through the light, underneath them gravity breaks in peices from rumbling waves of thunder shaking the ground underneath this house! Yeshua! Holy, Holy, Holy, YESHUA! Sanctified and exalted on from the highest form of truth and love, The Holy One Yeshua walks down from a giant golden door vibrating with ancient music. A stairway into your heart made from heavens breadthe twirling deeply awakening your soul to revive this blood that resurrects you! In disbelief you are awake with The Holy One Yeshua in your soul outwardly creating a bubble of light. Filled with Indestructible Faith and immortal Hope, You begin to walk from out the darkness amidst a vapory cloud gnashing with fears and negativity. From your first steps into the infinite walk you enter a sacred tunnel between the connecting existence of your higher self, and all the aspects in which the dimensional conduits co-existing within the balance are merged into one truth; everlasting existence infinetly balanced for all within and all without. Ascension is activating the collective dimensions syncronized within your higher consciousness. (channeled by Seraphiel)

  • If there is a message for me please do let me know and i can tell if its reall you can tell cause you can feel it.thanks LOVE and LIGHT..Im new to this so there is much im still trying to understand.


    Lighting Up Your Life by Solar Logos Helios and Vesta

    Channelled through Natalie Glasson-09-09-11

    Luminous light vibrations shower onto your path and into your being, we wish to fill your reality with light so that you may feel the joy of holding light and using it in your daily reality. Light is essential to your entire existence on the Earth, you are composed of light, your body needs light to survive, even your happiness can depend on the volume of light that you hold. Light is actually the result of continuous connection with the Creator. When your life is filled with light it signifies that your life and being is immersed in the energy of the Creator and you are constantly focusing upon your divine and sacred connection with the universe and source of the Creator. Light can bring active energy to your being allowing you to jump with joy achieving more things in your reality. It is essential for your life to be filled with light now because it will allow for all stagnant energies to be dissolved, meaning that old energies are let go of. With the presence of greater light you are naturally protected and any form of darkness that enters into your reality or is created by you is dissolved instantly. With all the transitions that are occurring on the Earth and within your being you are using up much energy and therefore must replace it more often with the presence of light. Some people are feeling sluggish and lethargic at this time of ascension because of the numerous energy shifts but we wish to fill you with light so that you enhance and empower your being, with the ability to achieve and do all that you wish and feel guided to do at this sacred time.

    It is also our mission to dissolve limitations, allowing you to be an expansive being of light; we will achieve this by dissolving many fears that are hindering you from radiating your light brightly and powerfully. We see you as a magnificent light bulb but you are using your dimmer switch when you should be allowing your light to exist at its natural state of radiance. We wish to work with you to allow your light to shine brightly, your energy vibration to increase and your trust in the power of your light to develop.

    We are Helios and Vesta, we are the Solar Logos which means we over see the Earth and its evolvement from a solar level while encouraging and tutoring solar masters and those who work within our solar system. The Earth and its humanity are all connected to the solar level of the Creators universe but this doesnt mean that they are fully integrated or have mastered the teachings of the solar level. In the Earths history we see that many civilisations worshiped the sun, those beings were working to integrate with their solar level energies and manifestation of themselves. Their praise and honour of the sun was simply a result of the transitions that were occurring within. They were worshipping the sun because they knew that the sun held profound wisdom from the solar level and so it was their way of accepting the wisdom and integrating with the solar level light. You can also gain wisdom from the sun in order to aid your spiritual path through a simple intention of connection and acceptance. We use the sun as our symbol because it is so very bright, at the solar level it is our mission to increase your luminosity, assisting you in expressing your light as well as comprehending light.

    We, Helios and Vesta exist as the masculine and feminine energy of our soul; you could say that we are twins, two aspects of the same soul. We exist in this way to demonstrate that the two powerful energies of the Creator are equal and can shift from being one to separate at will. Many of the solar level teachings concern exploring the masculine and feminine energies, understanding them and in which energy one should place their focus, we therefore exist as examples of the feminine and masculine vibrations of the Creators soul at a solar level. We wish to share with you that both aspects, feminine and masculine, are love and are loved, that both hold tremendous power and light. We almost hold a mirror up to each aspect of the Creator, the feminine and masculine, to bring unity, seeing each aspect as the same in essence. When one is becoming a solar master they must delve into their feminine and masculine aspects with incredible depth to gain a greater understanding of themselves and their truth. When we, Helios and Vesta, exist at higher vibrations of the Creators universe, studying or developing our own growth we are seen as one soul of magnificence luminosity.

    The solar level holds the symbolic light colours of a copper gold colour this is to demonstrate the solar levels integration with the universal levels and beyond as well as the presence of the Christ consciousness. Luminosity is the main purpose of the solar level as well as aiding activations and energising or enhancing growth or experiences. After you have become a planetary master whether on the Earth or the inner planes it is a wonderful process to then connect more fully with the solar light and to allow your energies and light vibration to soar and expand beyond limitations. It gives the soul a great sense of freedom in which to grow naturally. When we teach students of the solar level we speak much about focus rather than practices because we know that when they simply use the power of their focus alone they can achieve much, enabling them to begin a wonderful journey of discovery.

    The anchoring of light or acceptance of light is extremely important because it enables a tremendous healing process. If one is in a physical body then they can bring great vitality, activeness, and life to their physical body and its abilities. We so wish for you to understand that even on the Earth the teachings of the solar level are extremely important, if you can fill yourself with light, anchor so much light into your being then you would gradually free yourself from pain or illness, dissolve all negative things in your life, decrease all negative and unneeded habits that you hold and gain a positive, bubbly, focused and aware outlook on your reality and being. Essentially the more light you fill your being and reality with the more aware, connected and at one with the Creator you will become. We do encourage students to connect with the Creator in order to absorb light but we also believe that by absorbing light from guides or the solar level one actually finds the source of the Creator and the truth that the Creator holds naturally as the influence of the light is alignment, balance and awakening. Our teachings are extremely simpleafter the challenges of the Earth and the planetary level but this is natural as the more you integrate with the Creators light the simpler your focus becomes. We also believe that self exploration and Creator exploration can only truly be guided by the individuals soul so too much guidance can restrict the freedom that the soul needs in order to develop and shine as brightly as the sun. This may sound impossible but it can be achieved with ease.

    The Solar level light holds an element of fiery determination which can offer courage and confidence as one focuses upon discovering many new truths. The element of fiery determination extends from a source of warming tender love which is held at the very source of the solar level of the Creators universe. You can ask to be connected to the solar core energy to experience this tremendous loving energy.

    We are here as bright loving beacons of light to assist you in manifesting into the same, your unique and magnificent perfection.

    We encourage you to energise your reality, spiritual path, being and soul by anchoring as much light as feel appropriate into your being throughout the day. Fill your life with light and you will notice the tremendous difference in your feelings, mood, actions, reactions and spiritual practices. Now is a time on the Earth when we must be so aware of our own energies and our spiritual journey. It is important that you maintain a high level of light within your being so that you have enough energy and power to achieve all that you need to, remaining balanced and aligned at all times. By calling upon the solar level light to anchor and flow throughout your being during meditation you will rapidly increase your light quotient and allow yourself to move closer to the soul of the Creator in numerous ways. Holding light will allow for your journey forward to be one of greater ease.

    We are here to be of assistance,

    Solar Logos Helios and Vesta

  • Great comment EVE, You took such a concept and put it into such a logical and easy to follow prose. Thank you for the wisdom.
  • if one re-connects with there higher-self,they learn,and discover more of them selves,as each incarnation one has had,the higher-self over sees the incarnation,as well as ones designated guides,as the incarnated,and the higher-self are always connected to each other,there will always be many who deny this,but that is what coming out of the slumber of unawakend is,to re-discover ones true higher-self and origin,many will remember,and many will not,but once one has remebered,then as Omala commented,any physical manifestation can be considered an angelic act,many blessings eve(solaena)

  • Any physical manifestation can be considered an angelic act, the population in higher planes is much more than our physical population, so it's safe to say angels literally do surround us, every waking minuet ;)

  • Angels are always with us!
    Love and Light!
  • Thankyou Angels so much for that message ,it means a lot to me and confirms what you have been telling me in my Spirit,and that i am hearing you and myself right. xxx
  • What would we do without the help of Angels and Ascended Masters 24/7.
    Arch Angel Michael is doing a lot of clearing work for 2012 with his blue flame sword he is cutting off all negativity from beings and bringing them light
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Did anyone ever see angels for real?

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Gabriel and Hope . )Please Keep Purity close to this Discussion)

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Dear Amethyst, thanks for courage to place these channeling.There its many fantasias concerning Twins but I feel it such as Gabriel it formulated… we am able contain what it means LOVE TO BE. .already think/feel we this….I Love you dear sisterMadelaine

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