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  • Hahaha - I love that you can intuitively tell when I need a Baba! Thanks for the much-needed smiles!
  • You have some interesting information on your site Enolla but as to ascension. Daily we are ascending or standing still. Jesus said,"Let your yes be yes and your no,no" and notwithstanding the Bible is a copyrighted book, Psalm 23 or 24 Says " who shall ascend on the high and holy hill, only he (she) who has a pure heart. Hence love one another for it is the law and has become the lore in story form. Your footstep will be light for you are living truly; it will not be heavy because your word will be true. I am happy to be of help. I feel that I will be acknowledging each one's higher self first. Heart, Head and Hand. Beloved threefold flame so true in our hearts do now renew.
    Those colors have now gone to Fuschia Lime and Acqua which you shall see daily in the fashions. I have seen them in prolific use in Solusa. Bye for now Kingjeff
  • That was my first time being BABA'd and I loved it! Thank you and thanks for the fun group too!

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  • Hi Enolla,it is indeed an honor to have you as a freind.
  • dear ENOLLA,thankyou for your friendship,i am so looking forward to learning,growing,and shareing our wisdom with each other,you are such a dedicated soul of light,as myself,and servitude to the divine creator to giving and shareing with many,regardless if ears are willing to listen or not,is what we are assigned to do,have a very blessed day dear friend,and a very blessed weekend,love,light,blessings eve(solaena)

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Beaverton, OR


November 7

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I AM ENOLLA of the LIGHT, bringing comfort to ALL in the light of LOVE. Now in 11th Dimensional SERVICE. Call upon me to reset your comfort levels from deep within your magnetic presence (M-Theory or Supergaravity) , or hit your own reset button by MEDITATION upon grid below. The feeling will be similar to degaussing a video screen, leaving your focus and picture sharp, clear and comfortable. In LOVE and LIGHT I AM ENOLLA ALL ONE reflected upon ONE SELF in SERVICE to ALL. 1111 XX I I THR33

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ALL R Teachers IN Students MAN-EGO=GOD ...........................SAI BABA

ENOLLA left a comment on Ascension In This Lifetime
"I would like to start doing exercises to help build the Antakarana Bridge.
There is a nice overview in book 1 of the Ascension Manuals.
Dr. Stone Offers a Six Steps to building the Antakarana:
1. Intention
2. Visualization
3. Projection
Jan 31, 2011
ENOLLA left a comment on Receivers Of; "The Mt. Shasta Call"
Greetings, once again. Nikki and I are still looking forward to meeting up with you, before you go to Shasta.  We had family visiting from Phoenix this weekend so we have not gotten a chance yet to hang out with you. We have our trip to…"
Dec 14, 2010
ENOLLA left a comment for Misty
"Greetings Misty Portlander,

Thank you for the friend request. We r glad to meet someone else in the Portland area who shares an interest in the Love N Light. Welcome Aboard

Now what better way to say Thank You the the gift of the BABA

Nov 30, 2010
ENOLLA left a comment on 11:11.
Nov 11, 2010

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