The Riches of Bashar

Wonderful Day All,


  I just wanted to comment on Bashar, the channeled ET of Daryl Anka. This Channeled ET eludes to I-MAGI-NATION. The fact that this is what we must come to conjure the best in our lives, MAGI. I believe in Imagination to conquer the low density in our lives. I'm an artist, musician and writer and believe this is just good therapy as well as energy.

   I just built a tetrahedron Orgone Pyramid for my home and just in building it I have felt better. Start at home as spiritual teachings often say to find true sanctuary.

   Also, Bashar instructed one woman how to connect to ET light beings and I've followed the same instruction because we really need the extra help in this day and age. It's getting hectic in the world and I want to make sure I'm staying one step ahead. If not for my own life, this can only help my dealings with the world and tense people right now.

    Thank You to whoever created this group, this is a wonderful medium to post about the MAGI-C in our lives and what were doing to increase that energy in whatever shape or form. No best way and no right way, just good energy in home and your heart is what I believe.


                                          Peace Everyone, God Bless,


                                                Zachary Paul Hunter 

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Wonderful Day All,   I just wanted to comment on Bashar, the channeled ET of Daryl Anka. This…
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