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  • I enjoy reading others comments,but I am not much of a speaker myself.How long does it take for someone to comment here?I know I may be the most guilty party here.I guess I'll start with this,I am a bard in the Order of Bards, Ovates,and Druids,and a minster in both The Church of the Sevenplanes and Universal Ministries.

  • Greetings Magus,
    Where is the Moon...
    Know the truth of what is to be
    The signs of Alchemy
    Transfiguration is everything I'm told
    Watch your Kingdom turn to gold
    Secrets I fathom is known to thee
    Know this to be true no matter what you see
    In the stars it is written
    On the magikal wind,
    You know the answer so look within;
    A devoted one the Moon shall ever be,
    Let the Light guide you for an Eternity!
  • This is something of a little simple alchemy. It works and the NSA sicked BlueBeam and Mind Control on me for using it. It's an Interdimensional hack that utilzilizes our current information and power grid. This is the concept only, create your own as Magi will create their own thing.

    Peace- Be Careful, plug in with a group of others, otherwise, you know who will gang up on just you.
  • Th

    e creative force in action...
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The Riches of Bashar

Wonderful Day All,   I just wanted to comment on Bashar, the channeled ET of Daryl Anka. This Channeled ET eludes to I-MAGI-NATION. The fact that this is what we must come to conjure the best in our lives, MAGI. I believe in Imagination to conquer the low density in our lives. I'm an artist, musician and writer and believe this is just good therapy as well as energy.   I just built a tetrahedron Orgone Pyramid for my home and just in building it I have felt better. Start at home as spiritual…

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Wonderful Day All,   I just wanted to comment on Bashar, the channeled ET of Daryl Anka. This…
Jul 29, 2010