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Hi i am a new member as of today. About a year ago I was driving and noticed in my rear view mirror a very pale faced man with very light robe like clothing in the truck driving behind me. The second I saw him I knew he was not of our world, i'm not sure how, but i just knew.  He was seated between two normal human looking men who seemed completely unaware of his existence, the man only seemed to be there for me to notice him. I continued to drive and once more glanced into my mirror only to notice that the man had disappeared from sight. Well a few months had passed after that event and I had put the idea to the side just assuming I was imagining things, until one night the very same man visited me in a dream. This dream was unlike any other I have ever had i was somehow laying in a grassy field and the sun was about to rise and i looked up and the pale faced man was looking at me about a foot away from my face. I got a great look at him then and saw that he had somewhat messy white hair, very pale, greenish grey eyes like the sea on a rainy day. He did not say a word to me but somewhat gave a smile that was comforting yet creepy at the same time. The next thing i knew I awoke in my bed and it was 5:45am. The sky looked the exact same outside my window as it did in my dream. I know this man is real but i'm not sure what to think of his as. I believe he also visited me in october when i was about six, he stood in the corner of my room for a while and i got scared and ran into my parents bedroom. They entered my room and he was gone. Any suggestions?

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  • We have many spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, etc.  that are with us through out many incarnations on Earth.  My experiences with the angels started in 2000 and I have spent these last 12 years in serious self paced studies since then.  We all knew as children that there were angels with us.  Over the years, as the Ego grows, we lose sight of who we really are.  The Ego is responsible for the many incarnations we have had by putting the proverbial "forbidden" fruit in front of our faces and promises us the world of knowledge if we partake.  In fact, what he didn't tell us, is that fruit had  been laced with a poison to erase our memories so that we would forget the we are  Christ and the serenity that we feel in Christ Consciousness.  With losing that memory, we lost many different gifts of telepathy, clairvoyance,gnosis etc.  Now the Ego knows he is losing because our Galactic families are here to save us and help save us from it's control and help give us our memory back.  He is going to fight until the End by poisoning your energies with negativity turning us against each other.  He will not get me because I now know who I am and have already been ascending at a higher rate.  I communicate with the Galactics telepathically.  This gift is awesome too.  I am blessed to have it.  It helps me in my line of work with handicapped children that can't talk.  I know who I AM and why I AM here.  I only send out love from my body and only good words from my mouth.  The Ego lost me permanently.  Once you start to remember, you will see how important it is that you only speak with positive words, or no words at all.  

    For many, these subjects we are discussing in in Earth terms, "Physics".  If you can understand that, then you will ALL.

    • Thank you very much Rhiannon and SuperDave for replying to my post. Your words are greatly appreciated. And yes, I know exactly what you mean by not giving in to the negative energies. I have completely chosen to help spread positive vibrations and energy only. I'm still lacking in the telepathic communication department but, i'm going to do some research and really try to improve in that area. It will be so wonderful once we all regain our full memories once more. Rhiannon, that is wonderful that you are using your telepathic skills in such a way to help those children! 

      Love and Light,


  • Depending on your level of connectivity to spirit, this sounds slightly suspicious.  I always supposed that workers from the dark choose subtley sneaky ways to pry their way into your life.  Always remember the Light never despises investigation, in fact mostly does nothing but encourage it.  With the dark there is also a feeling of being rushed/hurried,  as if the better to draw you away from your decision making abilities.  Take your time is the main rule.  Hopefully, he is a lightworker, but I'm extremely suspicious, it seems a dramatic, appealing way of catching your attention, anyway.  

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