• I understand our "guides" as being only one thing - an advisor/aid to discovering and unlocking our purpose.  I'm not sure about this, but I've also heard that the dark becomes involved as much as is allowed to aid us in our enlightenment.  The daemon which is commonly viewed as the dark side is really the presentation of our own fears and desires.  It presents us with options & choices that we have in situations, with the good always pointing the way by nudging us in a certain direction (sometimes not popular to our egos) that will prove to be beneficial to our growth.  The dark appeals to the ego and power/control appetites of the lower self; often appearing as a better option in the moment, but quickly (and sometimes slowly) spiraling out of control and unraveling the hard work our higher selves have been attempting to accomplish.  Guides, I believe, warn & cajole us away from complacency and stubbornness.  We, through our guides, discover that we are really one with the universe in a grand plan of awakening and experiencing ourselves outside of ego.  The more we ask for help, whether on a project or personal endeavor, the more we need to be open to the voice of our guides which may speak to us through circumstances, people, or some other physical phenomena.  The more open & aware we become, the more playful and helpful the signs sent to us will become.Your guides are always at work.

  • Back in 2006 I began to meet my guides of which I have six.  In time they all gave me names with which to connect with them.  They come and go but mostly there are always some around me.  I liken my Grandma as one too as she has been with me since she passed over while I was six years old.  She has guided me in many things. Her and her other daughter (my Aunt Doris) have both spoken through me to my mother who is the daughter of my Grandma.  My guides were ever present in my early stages of awakening.  I have "seen" them standing before me.  I have "seen" other guides of other friends and have acted as a liaison between them.  We all have guides or guardian angels which ever you prefer to call them.  It is like they are assigned to us at birth and into our lives depending on what we are living through. I have photographed the guides and/or angels of my children and others.  We are never alone.  One must just quiet the mind and heart and they will make themselves known.
  • I know one of mine is Benjamin, a brother from a past life. I have several, and I'm working on resolving old fears, low self esteem, forgiveness, grief, generations of drug/alcohol abuse that I'm faced with overcoming...I have a long way to go and I'm putting more effort into opening up to my guides on a regular basis. And also connect with my own true being as I'm awakening faster than I can keep up! :O

    For me, they help protect me and guide me through difficult times and I have to say my guides have to have a lot of patience, understanding and love for me because I'm very stubborn, learn through experience over and over until they are blue in the face....Benjamin clarified once "She is so stubborn, to put it nicely, BULLHEADED." I always strive to do it "my way" be independant and resist being told what to do or how to do it. I see these traits in all aspects of my life. And I wonder why things get so hard! Because I'm making it hard, I need to stop what I'm doing and listen. Be open to advice and new ways.  Our guides truly love us and want us to shine, but we have to meet them halfway to receive the best benefits of their help and guidance, and also realize that our life is our own responsibility. Guides can't swoop in and save the day, fix all our problems with a magic wand (and neither can any beings in all the universe :), we have to be willing to do the work, listen and trust our own hearts too. I have so much learning to do, I'm not sure I should even be giving any advice on any of this, but all I can say is I've made leaps and bounds along the way as well as stumbled for miles too. I'm learning, and my guides, bless their hearts, have never led me astray or abandoned me even when I abandoned myself. And they have probably had a real entertaining suspenseful and exasperating ride along with me! I know I have.....

    • Krissy, we're all in search of our true purpose, and overcoming personal faults is everyone's struggle.  It takes a brave person to ignore other's indifference or lack of drive and move towards their life plan, and everytime I've made even a small effort in this, I've found where I made mistakes or miscalculations.  This can prove frustrating, and we must learn to accept that we may never have our total heart's desire - but we can find joy in the journey.

  • dear ben, i cant say i have all the answers, but from my own personal experiences, i would say that each and everyone of us is assigned various guides and angelic guardians to watch over our earthly incarnation.on one occassion over the past 15years alone,i had gone to bed for the evening,and no sooner settled into the bed was tapped on my right shoulder, i turned over to see a guide in a hooded cloak,like the dress attire worn in the bibical days,the guide reached out to beckon me to take hold of its hand,i felt totally at ease as my hand took hold of the guide,the next instant the guide, i would say thru mind transference, said to me,look down there,and as i did so,i could see myself sleeping on my side in bed,it was alarming for me at first,but the guide said,have no fear,and in doing so we went theu the ceiling like a slight poping sound,the next thing i was standing alone in a circular room,and viewing stone vessels and attached to the end of them were developing feteses,i knew that thay were young newly created souls,and i was actually viewing the nursery plain,there is much more i could write in refernce to your question of post,but to answer the question of guides,or guardians yes we are all allocated them,even our higher soul self is always over-seeing our earthly journey,as we are always connected to it,many blessings brother,eve(solaena)8113759065?profile=original
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