*End of the Year Message From ST.GERMAIN 2009*

End of the Year Message From St Germain 2009December 27, 2009 at 7:25pmSt. Germain:You are fast moving into a World where there are absolutely no forces in power who rule over you.No criminal Judges.No stealing Politicians.No corrupt Bankers.Sure, when you heard billions would be gone, it was hard to conceive. How does that happen?Will there be a parallel Earth with the war criminals there? NO. They, Bless Them, have agreed on the compassionateroute, being released through the Scorpi Black Hole and back to the Source of Creation. They will dissolve into light, for a new creation.They will be erased from every TimeLine now and in the future. The parallel Earth where many will go has been around as long as this Earth. It is another Dimension of Earth and separate. Many will go to parallel Earth, but not the criminals. The criminals will go to Herculobus. This Planet is pristine and fighting off dinosaurs is part of their reality. Who goes to parallel Earth? Those who are in a kind of anomaly bubble for another 100 years, give or take. Those Ones will live in duality a bit longer before they have to decide if they are coming with us, or staying back for a different reality. The Ones going to the Planet named Wolf 359 will be there of their own choice. They have decided not to go on this potential possibility. That is the division of the billions who are leaving.What will it look like?On the day the Announcements begin there will be a new way of broadcasting the news. Currently you have a few TV outlets, a few Newspapers, and some Blogs. All of these are essentially owned and controlled by only a few individuals. It is the same news in several languages day in and day out-no new news. No news which is helpful AND only the news necessary to keep the sheep flocks satisfied that nothing has changed. The news now is a bunch of pushy bullies explaining you have no choice but be a slave and give everything to a few. Also, if you need solace, turn to corrupt religion, not the State for help.On the day of the Announcements Ones like Rachel, Randy, Keith, Ron, Thom, Montel and others will be invited into the top spots as television news anchors, if it is their desire. The TRUTH will be told and there will be 100% transparency. There will be no more scouring the World over for one tidbit of news. All the Worldwide News will be available, unchecked, 24 hours a day.So now you envision a world without criminals, a place where all are guaranteed abundance of every necessity as well as money and travel. Also see the information is truth. Now see your Galactic Family is here. There will be no more wondering if the IRS is erasing the final shadows of its TimeLine. No more wondering if Leon Panetta et al are gone. You will know, on the morning of Announcements it is so.This is what is meant when it is said: Your Illusion doesn't exist. For those of you agreeing to go on, the Illusion will be wiped away in one day. The questions will no longer exist. There will be new questions.Each person hearing this can only hear from where their consciousness is this moment. Stretch.You have eyes to see, and ears to hear, do so now. Each One of you staying on the New TimeLine called Terra Nova do so because you are a Star Seed. What is a Star Seed? A Star Seed is an Ascended Extra Terrestrial, also known in your circles as a Christed ET. You are already ascended or you would not be here. You have agreed to go through the Ascension Process within the Matrix, forgetting that you are An Ascended Master. You are dropped into a lifetime which has had its many challenges and you have made the choices along the way that have brought you here, minutes away from Earth Ascension. Some of you here are still on the precipice of deciding where you will be next. You carry illness and you truly are not sure, in your heart. If this is you, please look at your situation today and be flexible in the rigid lifestyle you have chosen. Have the heart breaking honest conversations with yourSelf and with family members you had given up on. Sort out which house you belong to. Terra Nova? Parallel Earth? Wolf 359? There is no judgment here. You are not any more or less Judged than anyone going before Annubis, before Mother Sekhmet. Mother Sekhmet has said, You Do Not Want To See What You Have Done In The Past. It is why we come here with veils intact. We are all equal and willing partners here. We are clearing and cleansing. We are throwing our veils off, of our own Free Will. Some of you continue to believe in things that are outmoded by 20 years or 100. It is time to course correct now. Check the Path you are walking. Make sure you see me, St Germain, ahead on your path, lighting the way with my lantern. No one on this Earth is free from clearing and cleansing now. Sananda, Mother Sekhmet, and Metatron have all meditated with this Group, a Worldwide Group, and there is no limit to the assistance you have finding the path. You must ask and you must allow.Mark and Beth did not know how the events of the past two weeks would play out. They had been prepared, and in the end, realized it was something they both asked for, a profound healing for all involved, including Tara and Rama and this Group. They both agreed on the Inner Planes to experience it this way as a loving and compassionate act. They were supported by their Guides because they asked for support every second of the night and day. This support is available to every man woman and child on Earth now, Please Ask!These two Ones were asked, without prior knowledge, to demonstrate their Mastery and Be Grace through this hard time. After the initial confusion, they both were able to suss out what had happened, and finish the long way home. Please do not think this was easy, it was just these Two agreeing to be the Light Warriors they are in front of a very large and very public audience.This Example is not a personal pat on the back, not at all. This is a wake up call to you-Cosmic Masters!! No one is free from this cleansing and clearing now. You all are every bit the Light Warrior. Come into your fullness now! Remember who you are.On the Day of Announcements these Ones will be sipping champagne, hugging and laughing that they made it through. They have worked on themselves on the Inner Planes again and again and again. They have brought back to you their adventures for your perusal. They have had the attitude of love, take what you like, and leave the rest, but above all Know You Are Multidimensional. Know that there is much much more of Your Truth of Who You Are and Where You Come From than what is before your eyes.When Star Seeds came to Earth this time and they were left in their Vehicle, to Ascend it, with their Soul Family and physical family, there were no guarantees they would make it. None. A Star Seed voluntarily enters their training. They are advanced each time they Master a lesson. For 10 years Archangel Uriel has been silently beside you, Guiding you to look at life's challenges a different way, to Train you Up. As you had successes you were rewarded with more training and more challenges. As you had failures you suffered by staying put, of your own choice, for longer. As you asked and allowed more challenges were heaped on.As Star Seeds pass their tests, they come to see through the eyes of the heart. When this happens, they soon realize there is more fun to be had; levitation, transfiguration, teleportation, telepathy, and learning the art of battle for truth.Very very soon (Beth keeps saying this month, but only the Admiral and Captain truly know) you will have to make your final choice.You will have to decide, by right action, and by right relationship where you will be. Those cowering in fear will be off to Wolf 359. Those arguing they are always right, could be off to parallel Earth. Those seeing through the eyes in their heart and standing the ground of their truth, will be here. Mark and Beth talked about 'What Is Next' on the morning Mark left for the hospital. They both foresaw the end of their websites as they now exist. They both, together, offered them good riddance. Do not worry, it is because they saw the Group moving forward together, inseparable, and the Shift in Intention. After the First Announcement is Made, they agreed together, their Mission Together, will shift. Galactic roundtable will shift focus and there will be discussions, after First Announcements, on traveling out of body, living on liquid light, going home, telepathy, teleportation, and you all, who remain, will pick up on these things quickly. Together, you will have passed all your tests. Your Galactic Mentors will be here. The lessons for the Light Warriors are already being written.Blessings,~St. GermainMark and Bethwww.GalacticRoundTable.com

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  • "The Truth will emancipate you" ! Listen this Truth within your inner voice, within your heart, and nothing can happen. Listen and ask what our guides advise, it is the best warranty to go forth, to go ahead with no doubt hence you are sure to be One with the Truth, with this Energy which leads us, this Energy or Mother/Father creates !
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