ST.GERMAIN: The Man Who Never Dies…


The Man Who Never Dies…
“A man who knows everything and who never dies,” said Voltaire of the Comte de Saint-Germain.
AMONG the strange mysterious beings, with which the eighteenth century was so richly dowered, no one has commanded more universal comment and attention than the mystic who was known by the name of the Comte de St. Germain.
“He [St. Germain] taught that man has in him infinite possibilities and that, from the practical point of view, he must strive unceasingly to free himself of matter in order to enter into communication with the world of higher intelligences.” ~French writer Maurice Magre
“Whether beings love me or fear me is irrelevant. If beings give me their attention, I will take them to enlightenment and bliss.” ~St. Germain.
The winged dragon is a symbol that unites heaven with earth, a pictogram of “As Above; So Below.” It is the Intelligence of Light and Life. In yoga the dragon energy is kundalini, the serpent power. Its wisdom is the secret of primal energy hidden in us all. The Adept is the reawakened Dragon who is the Universal Medicine, and living Stone. If you possess alchemical gold, nothing else is worth anything because it is psychic completion, peace of mind, Jung called it the self — the light trapped in matter, the luminae de luminae, the light of light, the lux natura, the light drawn out of nature and condensed into a fixed form which then becomes the universal panacea.
The official documents of Freemasonry say that in 1785 the French masons chose him as their representative at the great convention that took place in that year, with Mesmer, Saint-Martin, and Cagliostro present. In the following year Saint-Germain was received by the Empress of Russia. Finally, the Comtesse d’Adhemar reports at great length a conversation she had with him in 1789 in the Church of the Recollets, after the taking of the Bastille.
HERMETICS The Egyptian Hermes Trimegistus was thought to be the repository of mankind’s knowledge prior to the Flood. In the Book of Hermes, Pymander appears to Hermes in the shape of a fiery dragon of “Light, Fire and Flame.” Thrice-born Hermes slew Typhon with the Caduseus, the kundalini of secret primal energy that sustains creation, hidden in us all. The Adept is the reawakened Dragon who is the Universal Medicine and living Philosopher’s Stone, whose influence spreads and reverberates down the ages.

ALCHEMY Alchemy, the search for the Philosopher’s Stone, deals with the process of self-transformation, or transmutation. The popular view that it attempted to turn base metals into gold fails to do it justice. The transformation was primarily of the alchemist, and, if metal transmutation was achieved at all, it was no more than a symbol of what happened on a nonphysical level. Significantly, kabbalah assigns lead to the lowest sephirah, Malkuth, and gold to the central sephirah, Tiphareth, which is usually assigned to the heart. Hence, the transmutation of lead into gold was, among other things, a metaphor for raising consciousness to the heart level.
QABALAH Blavatsky refers to a work no longer extant, the Chaldean Book of Numbers, as the basis for the Qabbalah. Tentative mention is also made of an alleged manuscript left by Count Saint-Germain giving keys for interpreting the Qabbalah. Blavatsky refers to ‘the Vatican MSS. of the Kabala – a single copy of which (in Europe) is said to have been in the possession of Count St. Germain’, and says that it contains more detailed teachings not to be found in any publicly available works (SD 2:239). Qabalah embodies the mysteries of the universe & the creation process. The Kabalah explained creation as a process of emanation, in which the divine force cascades down to the physical plane through 10 spheres, or sephiroth of The TREE OF LIFE: Kether, Chokmah, Binah, Chesed, Geburah, Tiphareth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malkuth. In the opposite direction, the sephiroth represent stages in the initiate’s search for the Divine, the Path of Return. Twenty-two paths among the sephiroth represent distinct experiences on the spiritual path, several of which involved balancing pairs of opposites. These paths correspond with the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

MAGICK Magic can be defined as the control of natural phenomenon by nonphysical means. Magic covers a broad field, from crude sorcery, all the way to sacramental ritual — theurgy of the Magi or thaumaturgy. At the time of the Renaissance, magic was understood to cover an even broader field, including necromancy, the healing arts, mathematics, and even the design of mechanical devices.

REINCARNATION; LONGEVITY; YOUTHFULNESS St. Germain was most famous for his medicinal Elixers for life extension, but he also followed a largely vegetarian diet and didn’t drink. However, the real secret to his longevity is likely the care and feeding of the Body of Light, which includes the astral and energy bodies, as well as the most developed vehicle of consciousness The Diamond Body, or Merkavah. Some contend the elixer is alchemical gold, monoatomic gold. “The Hermetic gold,” said Robert Fludd, “is the outflow of the sunbeam, or of light suffused invisibly into the body of the world. Light is sublimated gold, and gold is thus the deposit of light, which of itself generates.” Many Rosicrucians — such as Paracelsus, Cagliostro and the Count de St. Germain — claimed to possess the secret of prolonging life, a possibility which no Theosophist will deny. If nature is able continually to renew her wasted energies by absorption from the source of energy, why can’t we do the same? Maybe the “fountain of youth” is no fable after all.
DRAGON BLOODLINE The Winged Dragon is the emblem of St. Germain’s TRIANGLE BOOK. St. Germain is likely related to the Dragon bloodline through his Transylvanian ancestors. This line of kings and queens is traced back to both Egypt and Sumeria, the mystery schools, and through the bloodline of Jesus to the European Fisher Kings.

THE GREAT FLOOD The Great Floods of ancient times are not mere myths, but the racial memories of mankind’s struggle with melting glaciers, rising coastlines, and cosmic intruders, such as meteorites and comets that disturb the atmosphere, climate and contours of life on earth long after they impact. The flooding of the Black Sea is often mentioned as a candidate for Noah’s flood, but the Sumerian records implicate a massive impactor 4800 years ago, who’s remains lie in the recently discovered Burckle Crater off the coast of Madagascar. This is the infamous “South Storm” of the Enuma Elish and Epic of Gilgamesh, Sumerian/Babylonian creation myths.
LOST TREASURES The lost treasures of the prehistory of humanity have been found and restored. They include the pharaoh’s wisdom of THE BOOK OF THE DEAD, Pyramid Texts, Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trimegistus, and Corpus Hermetica, and the creation story of the Sumerian Enuma Elish and Epic of Gilgamesh.

CIPHERS That the Comte de St. Germain was also a Rosicrucian there is no doubt. Constantly, in the Masonic and Mystic literature of the last century the evidences are found of his intimacy with the prominent Rosicrucians in Hungary and Austria. This mystic body originally sprang up in the central European States; it has, at various times and through different organisations, spread the Sacred Science and Knowledge with which some of its Heads were entrusted–the same message from the one Great Lodge which guides the spiritual evolution of the human race. Traces of this teaching, as given by our mystic, are clearly found, and are quoted by Madame Blavatsky, who mentions a “Cypher Rosicrucian Manuscript”as being in his possession. She emphasizes also the entirely Eastern tone of the views held by M. de St. Germain.
ESPIONAGE St. Germain was employed as a spy by various factions, and he did his own espionage for his own hidden agenda — to forward certain historical interests of his homeland. His family historically fought the Hapsburgs and Papists.

SECRET SOCIETIES The late Librarian of the Great Ambrosiana Library at Milan says:–”And when, in order to bring about a conciliation between the various sects of the Rosicrucians, the Necromantists, the Cabalists, the Illuminati, the Humanitarians, there was held a great Congress at Wilhelmsbad, then in the Lodge of the “Amici riuniti” there also was Cagliostro, with St. Martin, Mesmer and Saint-Germain.”

M. de St. Germain was travelling in Leipzig and Dresden under that name of Comte Weldon. According to Cadet de Gassicourt, he was travelling member for the “Templars,” going from Lodge to Lodge to establish communication between them. M. de St. Germain is said to have done this work for the Paris Chapter of the “Knights Templar.” Investigation proves him to have been connected with the “Asiatische Brüder,” or the “Knights of St. John the Evangelist from the East in Europe,” also with the “Ritter des Lichts,” or “Knights of Light,” and with various other Rosicrucian bodies in Austria and Hungary; and also with the “Martinists” in Paris.
One of St. Germain’s adherents in Vienna was Count J. F. von Kufstein, in whose Lodge (in the house of Prince Auersberg) magical meetings were held which generally lasted from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. St. Germain was present at one such meeting and expressed his satisfaction with the workings..He belongs to the picture of ‘Old Vienna’ with its social mysteriousness; where it was swarming with Rosicrucians, Asiatics, Illuminates, Alchemists, Magnetopaths, Thaumaturgs, Templars, mystagogues, who all of them had many and willing adherents. He visited the famous laboratory of the Rosicrucians in the Landstrasse behind the hospital where he instructed for some time his brethren in the sciences of Solomon.

From the time of Robert the Bruce, the Knights Templars (exiled from Europe) became the appointed Guardians of the Kings of Scots. Various branches of the Order evolved, including the Elder Brethren of the Rosy Cross (1307) and the Chapitre Primordian de Rose Croix under the Comte de St. Germain (1747). The Order of the Templars of St. Anthony (which now incorporates these Rosicrucian branches) was constituted for the House of Stuart in 1561 during the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots. In 1590 and 1593 land was granted to the Order by James VI of Scots for the development of social welfare centres, one of which was the King James’s Hospital at Leith. (Gardner)
Embodied as:
The “Cosmic” Master of the Age of Aquarius!
Ruler of a Golden Age civilization in the area of Sahara Desert 70,000 years ago
High Priest on Atlantis approx. 13,000 years ago, serving in the Order of Lord Zadkiel in the Temple of Purification
Hesiod, circa 700 B.C., Greece Poet
Prophet Samuel, 11th Century B.C., religious leader
Plato, 427-347 B.C., Greece
“Lord” of Civilization
St. Joseph, 1st Century A.D. Nazareth. Husband of Mary and Guardian of Jesus
St. Alban, 3-4th Century A.D., Martyr
Proclus, 4th Century A.D., Philosopher-Headed Platonic Academy
Merlin, England Assisted King Arthur 5th Century, at Camelot, inspired Order of the Knights of the Round Table
Roger Bacon, 12th Century A.D., England-Philosopher, Educator, Scientist, etc
Organizer of Secret Societies in Germany in 14th-15th Century A.D., originated “Christian Rosenkreuz” character, who was supposedly Lazarus in a previous life

Hiram Abiff
Christopher Colombus, 14th-15th Century, A.D., founded so called “New Worlds’
Francis Bacon, 15th-16th Century A.D., England-Philosopher, Statesman, author of Shakespearian plays, father of inductive science. Bacon made it appear he died on Easter Sunday of 1626, even attending his own funeral in disguise. Traveled to Transylvania (Romania) to Rakoczy Mansion, where he prepared for Ascension. He has incarnated in this area numerous times. Some believe he was a member of the Rakoczy family. He asked the Karmic Board for a special Dispensation to allow him to function publicly in physical body as:

1. Le Comte de Saint Germain, the “Wonderman of Europe”. He worked behind the scenes to establish a United States of Europe. His abilities included bilocation, dissolving at will, removing flaws from diamonds and other stones, originator of the “elixir” to prevent aging.

2. Ascended Master Saint Germain is now known as “The God of Freedom” for Earth, since May 1st, 1954, the Hierarch for the “Dawning Golden Age” in this current Aquarian Age cycle. The name Saint Germain is the name Francis Bacon chose as his Ascended Master name upon his physical ascension from the Rakoczy Mansion in Transylvania. It comes from theLatin Sanctus Germanus, meaning “Holy Brother”.

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  • Thankyou, my dear friend, though I think I know what he would advise, lol, I am an obedient chela after all and know the routine, sigh.  I've got to go through this spiritually blind, my body is acutely sensitive as a blind man's hearing is amplified by his loss of sight... this is my role... I'm laced into this world for a reason.  No shortcuts allowed, though I am frustrated as heck about the loss of memory I know there is a plan and it is coming to fruition according to God's will. 

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