When is it time for Open Contact with our brothers and sisters from all over the Galaxy? How will you celibrate? How will it effect our world? Share your Enthusiasm about this event and transformation within this group.
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  • There was a time for me, where when I walked in the world, I could see my E.T family through the human outfits... When our frequency is free flowing and generated by the heart...
    our perception changes and we are able to see who is who... this is disclosure to me.

    It is also a reminder to always focus on the heart for healing as it can generate healing that flows into all other areas of life needing healing.

    I am so excited to know we are all on the path to experincing this disclosure- if it is our will- and also experiencing the feeling of unconditional love and connectedness that comes with this experience.

    My E.T family is always with me and have guided me through life and given me insight into this time, that we as earth beings are experiencing now. They came to remind me over 20 years ago and continually update our progress...

    All is progressing well- if you are fearful or unsure- spend time working on your heart chakra to hear the answers... we all have access to this.

    Peace out family of the light
    & love always
    • Hi Ebony, beautiful to read thank you. Heart blessings Star Sister <3
  • Hi Shashi, in my experience, a sincere intention to connect with Star Family combined with love and peace in our hearts opens a 'frequency match' across the dimensions, with Beings who are of love and peace. There are a few suggestions in this post, if you feel to read it:

    With love, Joanna. :)
    Tips for Ship-watching and Star Family Contact
    Dear All, I’ve received a few questions from readers recently about connecting with higher dimensional benevolent ETs, so will set out some guideline…
    • Thank you so very much Joanna, you have confirmed my gut feeling that I'm vibrationally not ready to try for benevolent ET contact. My inner heart was telling that I have to do a lot more of inner work to raise my frequency to resonate with theirs', lest I may have to face a pitfall. Your article on the subject is full of information not known to me. I honestly feel that your experience will guide me through. Blessings. Shashi.
    • Dear Shashi, nearly a year later, I've seen your reply (it didn't come through to my inbox at the time), and wonder whether you have experienced conscious contact with our star family of Love since then? I'm glad the article was helpful, but also just know that at the core, ''contact'' is really simple...it starts from universal love and peace in our hearts, with the inner knowing that we are One with the Beings of Light, of the higher dimensions, whose essence and vibration is Love, and is in truth soul family and soul friends to humanity, always connected in One Love. Much Love Star Sister, coming to you with this very late reply! Or perhaps it's ''meant'' to be Now. Blessings always, Joanna 💛💛💛
    • Hello Joanna, your reply was a pleasant surprise to me. When I look back, I don't find any resemblance to my 'me' one year ago, compared to today's 'me'. As you rightly pointed out, I've experienced conscious contact with cosmic entities of higher realms. Today I don't feel the urge for a physical contact. I'd only love to welcome it at it's natural pace. Contact or not, I feel their loving presence around me all the time. Thanks a lot for initiating this process in me. Much love to you & our star family! Blessings. -Shashi.
    • Shashi, this is wonderful to read, thank you for sharing your realizations and your experience of inner connectedness...peace radiates through your words. The loving presence(s) all around us are immeasurably supportive, kind and uplifting, whether tangible or super subtle. What I do feel deeply is that ''contact'' is experienced in the way that is most beneficial for each of us and all, in our various pathways, and ultimately as a collective experience too. Love & Blessings, Joanna 🥰🙏
    • 😊👍🏻
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    • Thank you friend!
    • Your more than welcome!
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