Secrets from my higher self; what do I do?

Lately I've been dreaming a lot of what I call my "vivid" dreams. (Essentially what I call dreams that I feel very strong feelings from.) Has anyone else had a remarkable increase in these dreams in the past few months??

August 2nd, 2011 I had a dream that my higher self appeared and told me that I should leave my boyfriend. It was a very clear dream and it was very short. I have NEVER had my higher self make a direct statement to me. It has always just shown me, in an indirect manner, what will happen if I don't change the path I'm on.

My bf is a good man that treats me well. Without any knowledge of the future, can I trust my higher self? Intuition says there is no other way to operate, but logic says I shouldn't terminate a good thing. I've been contemplating all week about what I shall do. My bf is not at the same level of spiritual awareness. I am a great teacher, though. I felt like it was it was my higher self that led me to be with him in the first place.

I feel like my higher self is forcing me to analyze the situation and to decide what is the best answer. Please, any insight would be appreciated.

Breathe Deep, Seek Peace!

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  • You should question these things, even if it appeared to be your Higher Self (wether you interpreted it that way or not) it always wants what's best for you. BUT... we do have different experiments, such as Blue Beam etc. and it may trick your mind into creating "vivid, profound dreams" which are not your own. Regardless of Blue Beam, you may as well just've had a plain old dream. Remember that you are yourself, your Higher Self and your Ego and everything a human being includes. If you don't feel it's right to leave him, then don't. If the relationship is going well and you're in sync, then let the relationship run its course. Don't do something your doubting.The first thing I learned is that we should never feel forced by our Higher Self, because that is the proof the message did not come from our Higher Self. Either way, you will learn soon enough I reckon ;-)


    But you also ask if anyone else have those dreams, and I have to say that I do! A lot! I was wondering how I could make this a better planet, change the world so to speak. After a few weeks of pondering and researching, I had a dream about a Native American. He was sitting in front of his hut, and telling me so many things about the planet (which I couldn't remember anything of when I awoke) but the last thing he said was so clear, it sounded like someone spoke right into my ear: "Sort the plastic. It's very important". I continued looking at him, waiting for him to say something more. But he just sat there. I realised that he had nothing more to say, and felt a bit dissappointed because I wanted to save the world BIG TIME! Not just sorting plastic. then I remembered that; oh right, this used to be a dream but it's really not, so that's why the dream isn't continuing; I should simply sort the plastic. Then I woke up.


    Another night I asked my Higher Self of what I should do about some trouble at school at that time, 'cause I was afraid and worried a lot. I was scared to take a big step towards my future. I hadn't even begun dreaming when I closed my eyes and I saw clearly in front of me "Fear is false".


    Another one happened last night. I'm in a huge trouble about what I should do with my life and I can't find a job.  So that's me in a nutshell: The situation is fairly acceptable, I'm sure I can learn to like this. But is it reeeeally something I want? Well, sure! I'll try to want it. So I had a vivid dream about travelling. My suitcase was packed, but before I go I'm invited to explore a cinema. The cinema is filled with rocks and I'm thinking straight away that I know why those rocks are there, that I cannot spend my time on this anymore. I know the story, I know the dream. I'm in my own dream and realise that I'm dreaming. Suddenly it's all just a big 'swush' and I wake up to the words; "You don't want this". I know it sounds strange, but it actually helped me. I need to know when to leave a situation because I hardly ever believe something better will be around the corner. I have a tendency to stay in a rut. So now I keep a dream journal, very fascinating! :-)

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