Dream of Lions

A few nights ago I had a dream where I was walking in a park by the beach and there were lions running around. one big male lion was growling/roaring at my and the people I was with and was strting charging when I growled back at it for some reason and it attacked me, but I stabbed it in the throat with a fork, killing it. then another lion came at me and we fought and I did the same to this lion.

I have no clue what this dream means, but am very much wishing to understand it as it is quite a strange dream.

Thanks, Love and Light - Kata

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  • This makes alot of sense. I actually was playing body guard for someone today and will be fore the next few weeks because someone was planning to kidnap/rape/kill her and 2 others at a photo shoot she was working at. The whole thing had been a set up and I am SUPER protective so im playing bodyguard. haha XD I got another answer similar to this from somewhere else and it was something like this, too but more like I needed to stand up and be less scared in my more personal life.

    thanks so much for answering .  - Love and Light - Kata

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