• Yes, and I have been into this crop circle for app 1 hour 7 august 2009. After the trip I have really increased my connections to Ashtar Command and Arcturians especially:)

    • Great video, thanks for this =)
  • i'm going to Europe soon, visiting Holland where the famous Buttefly crop circle appeared. Hopefully get to see one!!! =)
    • You WILL for sure! Your so very lucky :) congratulations, take lots of pictures and post them! :)
  • Um, been going to the circles in England since 1993. Get my movie: You can listen to me talk about my experience on radio shows I've done. Some of them are posted: -- click on RADIO. Top one is with Alan Cohen, who also has lots of inside experience as the star who gets booked by tours groups to attract customers. Become a fan of the movie on and you'll know when I do more radio shows.
    • Hi Suzanne, very nice to meet you! :) I actually HAVE your movie, I can't believe I found you on THIS website...this is gonna sound crazy, but I was watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (well kinda, i was typing at the same time) and all of a sudden I heard a name from the movie said louder than the rest.

      I thought maybe it would lead me to some neat movie trivia as to who Tony Pizzocata (that was the name) I typed it into Google and it was someones profile on this website...and now this! :)

      I was first introduced to your movie when I met a woman named Keena Meridian who was part of a "think tank" involved in some pretty awesome stuff out at my parents Research Facility/Organic Farm/Retreat with Elizabeth Rauscher and Nassim. There my fiance and I were the in charge of feeding and cleaning up after the group, and Keena (so sweet) gave us YOUR video as a gift for helping out, she said you were a really great person and that your DVD was awesome (it is :)

      Since then I have been very taken with crop circles which has lead me to learn about sacred geometry, so my question is (finally)... what is the feeling you get when you are inside a pattern? Is it physical? Mental? Explainable? Hahaha!

      Thank you so much for the links, and your time, I will definitely be tuning in to listen :)
    • Feelings run the gamut for people -- some might not be able to enter, the energy is some circle could be so "hot" to them. And many, when inside circles, have all sorts of physical responses. I"m a mental person, and go into awe. How can this miracle be?

      Glad you like my movie. Spread the word if you would -- we depend on that!
    • Oh, didnt know we had a famous CC lady on AC ^^ ;) Miss Taylor

      I went to Wiltshire (UK) back in 2005 with a friend to encounter the field glyps ^^
      Arriving in Avebury we met a Frenchman inside a "Esher triangle CC" who saw formations of lights up the air the previous night. Seems our ultra-visitors are as interested in the phenomenon as we do... As many came to understand most CC are an interaction of Earth and the Arcturian codes...inspiring the Earth heart with cosmic language. The CC are thus not only to inspire us surface dwellers, but also the Earth her self, and the Intra-terrestrials who get their cosmic updates as well.

      The feeling i got inside the CC was one like when entering a cathedral... a dramatic silence. It made me feel contemplative, and gave me desire to sit down and meditate. I also felt more connected with Earth and sky... The many Croppies ( CC lovers) we met inside and around CC, felt good to connect with inside em...
      It sure amplified the sense of familiarity with one another. A few nights after we arrived we had our own lightship encounter, as we were setting ups our tent close to the hexagonal CC in the picture below.
      Exited the new CC season is about to start again !!! Numerology sacred-geometry and consciousness are intimately linked...

      These are the CC's we visited :

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