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  • Wishing a Happy Christmas and New Year to all fellow Aussies and anyone travelling here! 

    For folk on the east coast who may be interested, ECETI Australia is currently hosting a visit by from well-known ET contactee and metaphysical coach, James Gilliland (of the ECETI Ranch in Washington state, USA). From early January to February he'll be running workshops and skywatching sessions in Melbourne, Sydney, Coff's Harbour, Brisbane and Mt Samson in Queensland.

    Here's a link to the ECETI Oz site, where details can be found:


    I've emailed Peter Slattery, who runs ECETI oz with his partner, Solreta Antaria. They come across as well-grounded contactees/experiencers, and have video'd and photographed many ships and beings.

    Namaste, and all the best to everyone here through the festive season. 


    I also have a new post about recent contact/communications, with the photos I've been taking here, at: http://heartstar.org/2015/12/22/the-sound-frame-of-creation/


  • Hello light eagle 74, I've been on holiday and offline the last month - am back now, and am happy to connect with other ground crew members of the AC. Will PM you.

    Love and Light to you, and all in this group,

    Joanna. <3


  • radient blessingss fellow ground crew members im searching for a light workers group who work with the ashtar command in perth western australia thank you -be love in action

  • @ Michael, I'm on the other side of Oz, but do you know of Peter Slattery? He's a contactee, now living in or near Melbourne with his partner, Solreta. I believe they plan to set up an ECETI type place in/near Melbourne, which could be of interest to you. 

  • Hi everyone, I live in the hills near Perth. I'm an Ashtar Command contactee, have been for a few years, and am feeling to 'reach out' now. If anyone here lives in Perth or is stopping by in the west, and would like to connect, I'd be happy to meet you. :)

  • I see events in other countries but nothing here.Who would be interested in a "Meet n Greet" Here in Melbourne. An oppurtunity for us all to meet chat and maybe pass ideas on future events or gatherings we could organise. because of our low numbers an open door policy where friends could be bought by members and welcomed into our realm..if people are.generally interested let me all know where you are from and ill organise a centralised low key event to hopefully kick start a mutual bond for growth and compassion in our journey.
  • Thanks for accepting me into our group, although the realisation of my spiritual path is rather new to me i feel enlightened and fresh and wish to share my experience and hope you share with me the knowledge, wisdom and guidance you have in you.
  • 8115139286?profile=original

    Photo i took from my balcony in Melbourne,
    very shoddy definition but
    thank god i just happened to have my phone on the table beside me.
    It was huge for a meteor!..... and it was amazing
    because the sky was clear.

  • Hey everyone from Oz! We are awesome :)


    The Australian Constitution Cover Up | Australian ... - YouTube

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