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May 8

About Yourself

Im a confused soul traveling my path of ascension on a journey that will hopefully enlighten me and keep me illuminated along the way. My realisation of the intensity and abilities of my spirituality is quite fresh and still astounds me daily so i try to follow whichever path is presented and learn as i go

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

My inspirations are my family. my siblings and mother all travel a path unto thereown and express there spirituality differently with my main inspiration being the adaptable changes i have witnessed and been subtly guided by.

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  • dear Michael,welcome to ACC,and also your friendship,and shareing,and learning many insights with each other,have a very blessed weekend,love,light,blessings starchildeve.8113659066?profile=original8115162695?profile=originalMAP OF MU,OR LEMERIA.

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Michael Lauwers left a comment on Australia
"I see events in other countries but nothing here.Who would be interested in a "Meet n Greet" Here in Melbourne. An oppurtunity for us all to meet chat and maybe pass ideas on future events or gatherings we could organise. because of our low numbers…"
Sep 9, 2014
Michael Lauwers left a comment on Australia
"Thanks for accepting me into our group, although the realisation of my spiritual path is rather new to me i feel enlightened and fresh and wish to share my experience and hope you share with me the knowledge, wisdom and guidance you have in you."
Sep 9, 2014
Michael Lauwers left a comment on New Members Lounge
"Would like thank everyone here for my acceptance and hope that along our individual paths we all are ableto form friendships, to inspire, be inspired and share our wisdom to all"
Sep 9, 2014

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Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Oh and Roaring's mention of Ukraine is correct...The idiot, Boris Johnson, only offered his support to Kiev, because he was foolish enough to believe that it made him "Churchillian" and popular with people, everywhere...Of course, we have problems…"
39 minutes ago
ET Hugger left a comment on Comment Wall
"Protests everywhere in Europe. Also in 🇲🇰 Macedonia. It has to do with EU membership and a disagreement with 🇧🇬 Bulgaria.

My guess: the EU is crumbling…
Joining the EU isn’t a good idea at this time. Central and Eastern Europe could actually break…"
42 minutes ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Yes, there are confusions, as any other PM would have gone by now, but this delusional character is so self-unaware, that he thinks everyone supports him, accept the press and opposition parties...Actually, his own Ministers are resigning, as they…"
46 minutes ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"I guess Boris attempt to divert the attention to Ukraine did not work.😆"
53 minutes ago
ET Hugger left a comment on Comment Wall
"🇳🇱 The Netherlands seems to be 'sliding into dictatorship'.

56 minutes ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"He's virtually gone...Now we need a Tory replacement who will not play with the globalist elites and instead, serve the people and true national interests.....

Johnson is not the man he was in December 2019.....Especially after the covid debacle.…"
1 hour ago
ET Hugger left a comment on Comment Wall
"🇬🇧 UK - ‘Get Boris out!’ Protesters demand Johnson's resignation.

1 hour ago
ET Hugger left a comment on Comment Wall
"@VanLansl: “Off-grid knowledge network.”

💡This sounds like telepathy💡
It’s work in process for most of us.

All kind of information has been ‘channeled’ or intuitively received throughout the centuries, including technological data. It depends on…"
3 hours ago