as answer over a astral projection

Posted by Roberto Durante on July 15, 2009 at 7:50pmView My Blothis happen to me on july 2009, and I think that we can call it a astral projection, or maybe better a astral travel, see by yourself, read it and give me your opinion, thanks :))I want to share with you this wonderful experience I had few days a go.It happen few days a go, I was chatting with Toni, and during the chatting, he received a phone call, and I directly feel his change of attitude , from happy to worry. He told me that the husband of her very good friend have been taking in emergency because of a heart attack, and if I could do something, to help. You have to know that Tani live in Croatia, and its a bout 4000 kms from where I live, I say ok , I will do the best I can, so give me the name of the man and where he have been transported. So he give the name, I ask him in which hospital he was, and ask also the direction, even I never been in my entire life in Croatia, but I need this information to visualize where I had to go in thought. So with this information, I ask him to gives me 30-minutes, and I went on my terrace, take a comfortable sit with my crystal in my hand, Then I close my eyes and start my visualization, on the same moment, I felt 3 entity surrounding me, one of them took my hand and in one flash faster than the light we ware above Zagreb, without knowing the city , I knew exactly to localized the Vinograska Bolnica Hospital where Boris have been take it, in one of the emergency room, we flaw down in through the underground entry we arrive at his room. he was laying unconscious, on the bed and the Heart monitor was really irregular, up and down with a large difference, the entity who took me and flow me there, just ask me to watch the monitor. 2 of the other entity went on the right and the left side of the bed and put their right hand on his chest, the third one who was the only one who communicate with me, went behind Boris and put both hand on hit forehead, maybe 5 seconds later the heart beat of Boris was regular again, the monitor line was not chaotic anymore, the 3 entity look to me with a smile and the next moment when I open my eyes , I was back on my long chair, still with my crystal in my hand. I went down and its was precisely 29 minutes that I was a go from our chat. when we start again to chat Toni told me, that Boris was out of danger, and again conscious. I told Toni my experience and told him who we got in the hospital, he dint know this entry and after checking it, he discover that this entry was exactly the way I describe it , so I told him that now I know Zagreb but only by night. Before I mad this blog, I told Nicole about it, because I dint want to seems making a story, and she justify my experience, that I have been helped by one doctor team of the Daystar Command and that I am part of them here on the planet Earth. It will probably seems for a lot of you science fiction and I will not be offended if you will have difficulty to believe me, the only thing , I want to say, is that every one of you can do it, you just have to re connect with your real YOU who is part of the ONENESS.Be blessed by the Love and the Light from the new Atlantis,RobertoComment by Light Ray (Angela) - DC Admin on July 15, 2009 at 8:13pmDelete CommentThank you for posting this blog.I wont to say to all daystars that you are writting about the experience , and that all is happe Thank you for posting this blog.I wont to say to all daystars that you are writing about the experience , and that all is happened to my husband. Yes, the entrance in hospital is like you describe to Tina, I talk with him yesterday, he is better and he said that in one moment his hurt from chaotic, started beat regular, so the doctors call me and say that he is out of danger. Thank you so much for helping, thanks to allentities which help. It was like you describe.My dear friend , be blessed.

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