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Commander Ashtar
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Greetings to All Members, New Members, Visitors and "Welcome to Ashtar Cáfe Group"!  This discussion is a Universal Message directed to the Word Community from Ashtar himself at the beginning and height of the Cold War. The question remains as to how much of Ashtar's message was censored by government officials.

The actual transcript were quite damaged, typed and scratch through as if  someone did not want the real truth to get out.  I tried to present the writtings just as they were written at that time, leaving out a large part of the introduction and comments made on the Cooper Report.  Only a few times did I fit in a words to keep understanding and flow.  Regardless, feel free to inturpet this anyway you like and as it states several times to have No fear, and to see things without a negative inclination. The writtings are timeless and quite educational when viewed with educational purposes in mind.  Once it really dawns upon you, that you are an eternal living being, there should be a normal reaction and change in our daily activities.  But even as we now know, we still have a long way to go with great things to learn as we strive to be team players.  

People who are open and receptive "to right Spirits", correct spirits, the true and Universal Lifeforce or God as moderen man finds so popular will receive proof, contact and understanding.  Trying to understand it is one thing, being receptive and open to it all, is a totally different subject.  I personally hope you really enjoy these text, they are so encouraging from a time when the world was darker and more blind to each other. Nevertheless, no could see exactly then how billions would fall asleep inside a neo-political jungle where masses become materially brainwashed. Listen to your heart and the love you have for self and others and know your truth. Put aside the seduction of mind and the glamour of this or that option and truly listen to you, yourself. You will know the essence of truth when you allow your spirit to be.

Spring 2015,

CoMdr LightSpeed


AN EXPÓSE Communicator
 Commander Ashtar
*     *    *
Beloved Friends, Greetings from our Ship of Light.
  I Am Ashtar.

From the dawn of time, you have watched the seasons wax and wane from the blossom of summer into the autum of your year when the eagle takes flight over the snowy, high peaks.  From the winter's cool breath, you walk into springtime of birds returning to build their nest, and the sparrow's peeking head above the Earth to great your morning.

When viewed in total perspective, the human drama is a story of duality.  Man began to evolve upon a planet with a pristine beauty of planned and excuted precise creation.  Each walked as god, while retaining the power within his knowledge to live for it.  

The plan included he exploration of matter through human feeling.  The orininal plan was for Man to create on Terra a Community of Brotherhood, whereby he would live in peace and harmony with his species, and all the animals within that kingdom on Earth, as well as all life.

As you evolve from the original seed plan into generations of Earthman where you forgotten your connection to eternal life, you began the process of elimination.  That entailed the misuse of the resources upon the Earth Planet, as we were searching upon the territory that originally had been alloted the animal, mineral, and plant kingdoms.  Man's long evolution following that timeline had chosen experiences has brought him to his present moment point.

Throughout Man's development, he interacted with the elements of nature for Terre to reconstruct then into various componets which led the way into the present space age.  In choosing the elements for the fuel of Man's press towards spacecraft consumes, his line of evolution followed it previous disregard for the chain of life in it connectedness to the All.  Mankind has decimated all bounty the Father provided for all species on Earth and took unto himself a greater portion of the whole.  So it is the type of fuel chosen and thus, current rocket and spacecraft construction pollutes Earth's atmosphere. It also has the potential to destroy if a malfunction should occur due to the vehicle that's operating as planned in its design.

It is the hope of your Star Brother and Earth Scientist who soon will themselves from the small picture of immediate concerns with budgets and previous knowledge of fuel and spacecraft construction.  Extending beyond those would clear the way to perceive the grater picture which includes, not only Mankind, but the whole of the galaxy unto the totality of creation.  Each created unit's lifeforce is synthesised and fed by the whole, and Man must learn to incorporate that understanding into every decision to create.

Earth peoples have bee interacting with Beings from other world since your beginnings on Planet Earth, when first you stepped forth as Man upon Terra.  The seedlings of presant-day Earthman were deposited upon terra by Beings from Star Systems beyond your present capability to visit.  Therefore, interaction in it's myriad relationships and cycles of evolutionary programs, always has been a continious process.  You have not known us alwas as spacemen.  For many times we came, as you came to reside in the body with a plan to recapture our soul memories as to why we were visiting your planet in an incarnational cycle. 

The volunteers to Earth have come a-plenty to walk as Man of Earth.
We come now in your time, and our interaction with you has brought forth memories within Earth volunteers reminiscent of your beginnings upon Terra.  We come to those who are our own.  We come to all who will invite us to interact with their soul consciousness.  We come in Love, Peace and Brotherhood, as we came in your beginning.

Currently you have reports of "unfriendly" spacemen who quietly have manipulated Earth governments into submissiveness without "firing a shot heard around the world".  You have reports of abductions of Human Beings by Space Beings, cattle mulitations, and secret governments upon your planet.  Many of you now wonder if we, the Hierarchy, are who we say we are.  And you wonder if we also are "covering up" our real intent?  I wish to address those concerns with you.

We come to you with a will to connect with the beam of Love which radiates throughout creation, and symbolizes an umbilical cord linked to the Creator of the All.  We come offering the knowledge of a way to evolve into memory of the nourishing energy which sustains your Being into forever.  Your choice of manifested experience on Earth has become side-tracked, as we have been discussing within this dissertation.

In the vastness of the Cosmos, there are myriad lifeforms and unlimited ways the lifeforce has chosen to evolve within what you might term civilizations or planetary structures.  Many of those creations are similar to Man, but with different structures inherent within each society of planatary system.  Within your reports ("The Cooper Report", "The Secret Government"), the behavior of the grays is inherent to the nature of their particular civilization of evolvement unto present-day, as they manifest in your time zone of Earth twentieth century.  The civilization of the grays has Layers, or time sheet structures of behavior, as does Earth evolvement.  Many of you find the reported behavior of abduction of human beings abhorrent in your present accepted understanding of how humanity should be "treated".  Yet, I remind you to look upon Man's own time sheet of behavior.

Your recordings of biblical times paint a picture of Man's sacrifices of beast and Men unto his gods to pacify the chosen god of his time into "looking" with favor upon the Man performing the sacrifice.  Would not a God who is Love and who maintains the felicity of all lifeforms, in your terms, "offer" one of his creation taking the physical life of another in a attempt to "buy" the favor of the Creator?
I am saying to you to set aside fear around the discovery of the behavior those termed the grays (Cooper report). 

Now you may say that if you find yourself within the claws of such creatures, it is human nature to produce fear. And that is so.  I say to you that creating and riding waves of fear will avail you only heartache, as your race attempts to decipher and rectify the behavior of those "spacemen" you term the grays.  So then you may as, who were the gods Man sacrificed unto within biblical times?  Those gods were, and are, more evolved Space Beings who have not aligned fully themselves with the Love for all life, which is the center of the heart of God the Creator.

We have become known to those of Earth as The Guardians.  In view of the recent focus upon the "unfriendly spacemen," by many of you, you ask how we are guarding you? We reiteraite that we come in Love.  Through telepathic and physical contact, we have attempted to teach you that which you need to know to survive within the body, while staying aligned with the God Source.  Understand that we cannot live your lives for you, and we have stated that again and again.  We are here in the way a parent watches a young child as learns to swim.  If the child flounders, the parent jumps into the water and aids the child in getting to shore.  However, if the child leans to swim in it's own will, it is because he dives into the water and learns what movement of the body implamented by thought assists in moving his own body through the water.

Under Universal Law we may intervene in Earth evolvement if the following critira should manifest:

(1)  In case of nuclear war, our fleets instantaneously would be on alert to project themselves into your atmosphere.  As all life within the cosmos is linded, the ramifications of nuclear reaction on Earth would be detrimental to other dimensions.  We have an agreement with the Universal Federation not to allow that occurence to "bleed" into dimensions beyond third density wherein Earth dwells.  We mantain a constant "watch" of all activity upon Earth which is oriented toward nuclear activity.  On several occasions, we have used our mandate under Universal Law to elliminate a "planned or accidental" occurrence of nuclear holocaust.  This would have occured already on at least three occasions, except for the Guardian Force of the Ashtar Command with does indeed "watch over our own".

(2)  By the blight of human endeavor, we come in Love to impliment into your dimension the hight law known as Universal Law.  We come at a time when you have manifested density to such a level that you are drowning in your own created waste.  If the density of waste becomes life threatining to the Earth Planet to a degree of anihilation, then we will manifest with your dimension to "rescue", if you will, the threateded life extinction of Planet Earth.

(3)  We come to you who will hear our voice as one crying in the wilderness of the old, "Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight, for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand".  Should the human race bring into density the understanding the Light Forces whereby interaction can peacefully and harmoniously occur to a mutual benifit of all, we will manifest into your dimension to interact with a planned execution of discover and exploration of our combined forces.  This is our hope and your salvation, for then you would have created your own manifested destiny through bringing forth balance into your created experience.

We watch you from near and afar in an attitude of hopefulness and hope that you will awaken to a greater understanding and search into infinity as God-Man resurrected from the ashes of density into freedom of flight of the Dove.  The spirit with Man is rising to greater heights with the cycle now in it's completion stages upon earth.  The memory of life beyond third density is becoming revelant.  That is a sign unto you that the race of man is evolving into grater comprehension of cogtinuios lifeforce which knowns no end.  That perception will allow you to explore the reality of beings from beyond earth in a clearer way. 

Angels and gods we have been to you, and now you are beginning to reconize how we are of different viberations and from different evolvement or civilization cultures, even as you are.  Each of those structures holds inherent with it, ties of behavior in a simular way as your Earth countries of Russia and the United States.  The peoples of Russia and the United States are both Mankind, but the cultures, economy, religion, and belief systems vary, even as they contain simuilarity.  So it is throughout creation.

We must take the knowledge that is coming to light about the grays and the spacecraft which visit your planet in current time, and as a race, begin to simulate and disperse this informatio into collective Mind.  Some of your people who are distbursing that information focus totally upon fear, and only  the "other side" of the UFO phenomenn.  

We, the Guardians, have told you of these influences from "space" who are not aligned with the god source though Love.  The work of Sister Thedra and Tuella, for many Earth years, has contained solid thoughtforms from the Hierarchy and the Ashtar Command informing you of your inevitable conclusions that we, the Guardians, are not the only "spacemen" visiting your planet.

I have not focused upon those experiences, for out commitment to the Creator is that in which we share the Universal Laws with you, whereby your people create Peace and harmony upon your planet.  The lessons we teach will provide a strength in use implementing them into their daily thoughts and actioins.  That strength will become victorious in understanding and survinging the so-called "invasion" of grays and similar related "spacemen."

We recommend you obtain a copy of The Cooper Report" and read it in a sense of proofing information.  That report has much general information which is factual. Rememeber to omit fear as you read.  Remember that the lifeforce is eternal. Those who have given their physical lives in previous incarnations upon earth to being eaten by dinosaurs, in wars, dis-ease, in  "accidents," and what is termed as old age.  Face the facts, not in a heartless way, but in a Loving way, by remembering that life is forever.

It is time you all begin to become more aware of the situations discussed in "The Cooper Report."  Remember to stand within Light, and anchor the Light upon Earth as you do so.  Remember that we of the Hierarch are with you, but the Universal Law of non-interference still stands, My Friends.  

You know us, and you may call upon us in any situation you find yourself within, and we will come. On that you may rely.  We protect our own, and your call allows us, within Universal Law, to answer.  You are Loved.  We continue together to learn of the vastness of lifeforms within and the totality of creation. It is indeed the ending of a cycle, and you must grow into the acceptance of incorporationg that termed Light and dark into an amalgamation of One Creation.  With that understanding firmly implaneted within our being, we may create harmony.  We may then teach those with less understanding.

It is now time to begin to combat the darkness within the present situation, both within your Earth governments and their interactions with those termed the grays.  We are with you.  Under Universal Law, with which we comply at all times, we are bound by the directive of non-interference. Those aliens within the Cooper Report choose to ignore Universal Law, as do many Earthlings.  The Hierarchy and the Ashtar Command stand ready to assist Earth in the matter of the Gray Alien interaction with Earthmen.  However, under Universal Law, we must first be asked for such assistance.

I Am Ashtar, Commander of the Guardian Action Fleets of Earth, given authority through Archangel Lord Michael of the Great Central Sun Government, and our Commander-In-Chief Lord Sanandra Jesus the Christ.

*  *   *

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