Dear Wisdom Keepers,  

Through these pivotal Rites of Passage, we are realizing an increasing unity with all life and the essential oneness of the Self with all outer reflections. These initiations propel our step-by-step graduation into the great halls of wisdom.


Through this Rite, we are initiating the shift from an intellectual thinking human to an intelligent knowledge-based expression. The basis of this expression is an unfolding inclusiveness, an expanding perception that can vision far beyond the realm of mass human perception.


It is the assimilation of pure wisdom, which supersedes the intellect through finely tuned sensitivity, intuition and the living of life through the higher mental faculties. It manifests outwardly in the selfless giving of personal energy and resource to the collective endeavor.  

This is the initiatory stage when we remember our inherent knowledge. It is then that we serve as conscious knowers. 


Defining Divine Wisdom



True wisdom unites. It is wholly concerned with the principle of one and the inter-connectivity of all life. It is actuated and motivated through love and is intelligently applied to all of life's activities. 


In this Rite, we are moving out of the faithful mind and into the knowing heart. Wisdom takes the place of intellectual understanding and transforms struggle, pain, hard work and all other limitations.


Pure wisdom and a pure heart are the two sides of the same motivating energy. The purity of the heart's feeling is fully dependent upon the guidance of discriminative wisdom. When the two come as one, we embody the illumined expression of love-wisdom.


Our daily life then functions through the reflective qualities such as true compassion and self-mastery with intuition and synchronicity being our most influential guides.


Intelligence comes from Unity ~ Intellect comes from Mind


To sincerely comprehend the intrinsic nature of wisdom, it is helpful to be aware of the distinction between the mind's intellect and intuition's intelligence acquired through Divine Wisdom.


The intellectual person is one whose mind is well developed with many facts and can operate accurately in a variety of mental functions. While useful in traditional modes of learning, the mind's intellect cannot understand the finer perceptions, which have their origin in unity consciousness. True unity cannot be actualized through thinking or reasoning.


Alternatively, one who has true intelligence has a keen ability to know the difference between the real and the unreal. This intelligence is fully aware of the illusions of life and can perceive the truths that are covered up by these same illusions.


Divine Wisdom comes as a result of the developed intuition, which makes it possible to comprehend through the heart intelligence, the legitimate nature of the unified reality.


Entering the Super Conscious Mind   



Divine Wisdom is a result of the intuitive process of truly knowing oneself. To know oneself at the deepest level, is to simultaneously know the Divine Presence, within.


This is the key to developing Divine Wisdom. When we know the Self and the Presence as one, all of our great works may be accomplished instantly.


Divine Wisdom is developed through our increasing capacity as "thinkers"to enter into the super conscious mind housed within us.


To do this is to declare and authentically live our eternal unity with the Divine Presence, first and foremost. The physical body and everything else in our life comes into alignment as soon as we self-realize and embody this fundamental unity.


From this state of resonance with a more supreme mind, we open into the innate understanding that we already have all that we need within our own powerful being. It has only been through our own separated imaginings that we have experienced reflections of lack in our life.



We are Light Intelligence          

3641.pngOur brain is built upon God cells. We are endowed with brilliance and  

this has never left our human design. There is an intelligent instinct and directing influence that pervades every cell of our human form.


Our cells want to remember. They are waiting be released from the binding qualifying thought forms that clothe them in limitation.


It may simply be a matter of transitioning our thinking to engage a more dominant thought structure as one with Divine Mind in order to reach our highest potential to where "thought"

can aspire.

Striving, struggle, suffering are false ideas that come from the old system of thought and of believing in limitation. We have all that we need within our own inner powerful self. To think any differently is to invite into our life the experience of lack.

REMEMBER... We are made of Divine Essence. REMEMBER... We are one with Divine Mind. REMEMBER... We are divinity through the form.   


*  If you only see what is true for you, then this truth manifests.


*  When you recognize perfection, you are this perfection. There is no other recognition than that.


*  All is Divine Presence.


It is to seek and know the Presence first. When that is accomplished, then health, prosperity and everything else that we require is received as a matter of our human birthright.


May we uphold prominently in our mind the thought of Divine Presence, knowing positively that this is the one point from where all success originates and where all success emanates.

As a collective group of awakening souls, we are moving into more expanded fields of awareness. We soon realize ourselves to be part of impenetrable group frequency that is supported through a vast, yet unseen, silent matrix of telepathic inter-relationship. This union is strengthened through our developing intuition, heart intelligence and unwavering alignment to Divine Will.   


To fully actualize Divine Wisdom as an embodied expression is an on-going process of inclusive recognitions.

After each successive expansion into deepened awareness, we are guided to return to daily life to apply the initiation and to ground it through the discovery of its inherent reality and truth.     

As we move throughout our day, we remain open to the ever-increasing streams of Divine Intuition, paying keen attention to what new knowledge must next be acquired to aide us in our advancing service to humanity.  



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Divine Wisdom blesses your path of knowing,

Tiara Kumara
Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation  

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