The term Akasha comes from a 5000 year old Sanskrit language which means "hidden library". This secret hall of records (known as the Akashic Records). Share your knowledge in this Focus Group.
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  • Hi all, I just joined this group. Jerod, in answer to your question, Linda Howe has an excellent book called "How to Read Your Akashic Records." She gives a very simple and brief method of how to access your own records. I've only done it once but I'm going to try it again!

  • A very dear soul sister,who i have had the honour,and prevlidge of knowing for nearly 3 years,(and who is not a member of ACC) expressed the Akashic Records to me in this context,and will share here,blessings eve(solaena)
    There the wisdom of the Akasha is born in which the word
    Akasha means records as in the records of All That Is were born into
    creation. In Alpha Centauri one of your charges was to assist within the
    Akasha’s creation, as this is an energetic book if you will of such.
    thought, feeling, emotion, experience, creation, every soul and every
    path including the Master Artist and so on is within these records.
  • what an excellent group,thankyou Ben,for adding the group,blessings eve(solaena)
  • yes this is one very great subject I explored myself and did an in depth study and remote viewing astral projection and well it has done much for my enlightenment check the blog if you wish

    The Akashic Field- In Search of our Past, Present and future - Asht...

  • I've always wanted to learn what was in my personal akashic a universal/dimensional "master file". I'd love to know all the things I've done..
  • Now more than ever would be the time to bring out the recorded material. I would love to interpret.  So much is changing in this world so fast. we need a little bit of congruence. many years ago, i read a book about akashic records. i want to begin by finding that book. it might make more sense reading it the second time around.
  • I always knew that nothing is ever lost. This gives me great comfort. I knew about this before I ever heard the term 'Akashic records'. Also, I now believe that water molecules are the bits in a super massive computer. This may be where the Akashic records exist.
  • Hello nice to meet you all.

    Since I am remembering more and more feel the need to join this group and share general information about the Akashic Records.



  • anybody here knows how to read akashik records, or does readings?? let me know, thanks.
  • Hello Everyone, nice to be a member of this group!
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The Akashic Records, Inner Earth and your Book of Life

Dear Ones, we the Arcturians are joyous to communicate with you again. We are proud to see that our grounded ones are downloading the increasing light and using it to transform themselves and their realities.The awakening ones can hear the call of Gaia and wish to respond to Her. Gaia’s call for assistance started about seventy years ago. At that time Her planet had returned to a state of darkness corresponding to that of the time before the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis.It was then that She…

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Dear Ones, we the Arcturians are joyous to communicate with you again. We are proud to see that our…
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