• 2012 is a very big astronomical and astrologival milestone.An event of this nature has what is called an orb of influence.
    The affect is already being felt and will be felt for several years after.On the exact date there will certainly be a lot of activiy and celebration.I think the affect will be as much mentally felt as physically.But it will happen gradually and subside gradually.
    As to aliens comminig on that date and the world ending or the numerous imagined and speculated scenarios___:
    well what difference does it make? We will soon see what happens and why make up controlling and maybe even abusive possibilities.
    In summary the affect is happening right now and it will proceed gradually, so dont rush it.Enjoy the ride.
    Oh another thing.. the thoughts of the mass of people will also have a powerful affect on the event.
  • See that 0,between the 2 and the 1? usually, 0 comes before the 2 and 1,but this time , its in between the 2 and 1? Why?2012?,put the 0 back where it belongs! Before the 1 and 2! were getting closer!
    • ~More Love Peace and Bliss :)


      "Let There Be Light"!
  • Greetings to everyone.....

    The 2012 mistery is ....a big Mistery because of the humans or hybrides that rules these world.
    Durring the next years, 2010,2011 and 2012, great events will occure; including the spiritual change. Because we are humans, there will be a little pain throught this changes ( tzunamies, eartquaqes, giants fluds, massive volcano eruptions, etc, etc, etc.....).

    About you fokes, search the Light, no matter of what will happen in this years that come....including 2012...:):):)

    May The Light of the Force be with You !!!
    • Maybe its about counting from 0 to 2012? But when did the Zero start? who brang the 0 into existence? We cant count to 2012 without starting from 0.So start from 0 and work your way up to 2012! And when you get there,you might know what its about!
  • I now we have chance to make a change to save this planet, but if we dont succed mother earth "GAIA" will throw her anger up on us. and all people that are scared will die. and all people that are pure in ther heart will survive and make a paradise on earth....... GOOD LUCK
  • The 2012 conspiracies' creation was influenced by the mayan calendar. The mayan calendar, which is accurate enough to predict solar eclipses years into the future, ends on the year 2012. However, the mayans didn't beleive it was the end of the world, but the end of a cycle and they say a good change would start in the new cycle. Kabbalists beleive there will be a massive spirtitual and concsciouss change. I personally think that there will be either a successful change to connect to our souls or an effort from those in control to try and keep us from doing so and cause many deaths and hardships but even in this case I think the aftermath will have a spiritual change. I beleive this will be a change in which we connect to each other, the universe, and "God". Many religious people will see this as a bad anti-christ change in disguise as being good and reject it due to their traditional religious beliefs. I think that is one large way the Puppet Masters control society
  • ive read alot about 2012 and to be honest theres that much it gives you a headache. a lot of people think its armegeddon, but was does armegeddon meen. most people think it meens the end of the world, it does in a way its the end of the world as we know it. theres talk of a pole shift caused by a solar flare from the sun, world war 3 another possibility, my favourate
    is the concious shift and we have the end of the catholic churchs control of the world theres hundreds of theroies nobody realy knows it could also be the return of planet x . the mayans new something was going to happen to be honest something needs to happen the world cannot cope with all the negative energy produced by us so called civalized humans. we need a wake up call hopefully 2012 will be it.
  • I dont know what i think about it, I hope that the human kind will live on this planet for many years forward from today...
  • Everything can happen n happen, it is the real truth.
    it is the proof of infinite potential of infinite source. EN3RGY!
    Our Universe is energy, our universe has its own beauty,it is what we call cosmic, n the other opposites side we call Chaos.
    just Flow with it, coz it is real truth , REAL LIFE! - This website is for sale! - truth Resources and Information.
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