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  • That is something refreshing about a Plejare such as Quinto....He is factual, honest and truthful....He is not afraid to speak his mind, which reminds me very much of Kalestra, my Sirian contact...She can be blunt about human frailties, immoralities and stupidities, especially the so called "leaders" of nations....

    Starting his prime role in June of this year...he specialises in politics and Ukraine...He knows about the corruption, the money laundering, the lot...
    He also fears for Swiss neutrality, which is something that has been thrown out, with the EU/US pressures...The sanctions on Russia, etc...

    Quinto actually describes Biden as "senile." He is not being rude, or disingenuous...He is being FACTUAL......Ah.....!! I love pointing this fact out too....Biden is senile......🤣

    Bravo, ETs....The truth is refreshing...
  • As Zelensky issue fake news, meanwhile Russia is hammering on steadily one town after another. They have now liberated the last city in Donbas. They say 'it is aenemic move', but Putin never said how fast he was intending to move!

    These 'westerners' never learnt the most important lesson from middle east. Weapons donnot win wars. Biden left tons of weapons in Afghanistan and thought 'so the government will stop the Talibans' but we know the amusing thing that happened!
  • There was a member here at Ashtar Command a few years ago who had a nig website himself. The website was called: "LYRA & VEGA" and it showed a little baby. I ask him if he knows what I have to do with this character from the anime because someone told me I have a soul connection with him. He replied that it was my soulmate. He is no longer here on AC and has deleted his website.
    As you can see, I get strange information that concerns me because I don't understand it.
    Even my father talked about my soulmate, so he called the anime character by name and he would have seen it. I couldn't do anything with the information. I don't know my Soulmate, I've never met me in my life. Only always seen in the distance. Has already driven by car in front of my front door. Remains unreachable.

    Well, i am not get it. What about Soulmate or connected? Be connected because we have a Child? Why not remember i give Birth? I thought it was just a dream 😵. You know someone who is my Soulmates Frinds did tell me i do have a Child with Soulmate, but 🤯 i do not give birth to a child. Or i don't rember it 🤔😮😮😮??
    He also said to me that my identy is fake and no one told me my real name, cause it is top secret and Yeah i woud have made a promise infront if God wich He has see. He migth see my and my Soulmate Promise infront God and say he did see that we both has Promise to do our Mission in Germany. (maybe it's mission camelord?!) It's about a Tzunami all over Germay 🤯you know. Each Technology don't work then. We have to walk from North to South Germay 😑 and so on. Maybe i shoud talk my Group?? Coud be named Jebel, but this is just guessed or speculated, because of chats here on AC in the past.

    😒Hello Soulmate if you see it, i got important Infos for You. (keep wonder WHY your Frinds got inpotant Infos about YOUR Mission)
  • Yes, Quinto in particular, really finds this absurd Ukrainian leader, repulsive...This Zelensky character and all the western fools who send him weapons...It just prolongs the suffering of people in that region...They cannot beat Russia and should stop this conflict...
    As for that buffoon, Boris Johnson, he is simply using the situation as a way to make himself popular at home and on the international stage.....He has very little morality, as the law of cause and effect will teach him, in response...

    And Quinto correctly points out that it is not Russia that is behind many of the "Russian atrocities," highlighted in the corrupt MSM, but rather these are false flags, by the Ukrainian nazi units, conducted with utter wickedness...
    He correctly recognises the propaganda nature of this conflict, with Zelensky trying to cause the collective "west" to hate Russia and go to war with her...Which would be suicide...

    And when Quinto condemns the "USA," note he uses the corporation abreviation, as opposed to the original united states of America, constituitional republic, which he understands as in opposition...

    USA a corporation......a large conglomerate, owned by the central banks...

    Also I love it when Billy describes the EU as a "dictatorship"....It is exactly that, and anyone who thinks it represents any real form of people's democracy, is gravely mistaken....
  • I was not shocked to see this transformation when he was on the Alster boat. Yes, I feel my 6.chakra giving off positive energy. It reacts on its own, without my intervention. When my Soulmate is nearby, I get very calm, almost tired and the 6th chakra activates itself. I am able to indicate other people when my souls frequency is so high. I try to spread the energy and consciously release it until nothing comes from the heart chakra. I observe that other people then get red faces, much more laughter and somehow seem very happy, as if they unconsciously perceive the positive energy.
    To the question of whether my Soulmate belongs to a religion. Either he is a Buddhist or he has no religion. Not that I know. I only know the anime (Pleiadian Drawing). I always thought that in the anime only the characters of the Twinflammes are shown. Apparently also from the Soulmates.
    The fact that he is my soulmate means that he comes from the same soul family as me. You can also have two Soulmates. Something like soul siblings. He and i, we may be similar in character.
  • 💫 Billy Meier is having frequent chats with his ET buddies 🙋‍♂️ about the current political situation on this planet 🌍
  • 🤩Well summarized and I hope that 𝒮𝒜𝒩 不滅 can comprehend the esoteric intricacies and finer minutiae, of this subject's complexity...✨✨✨ Hugs for the ET Hugger....🤗
  • ✨ Soul Group = Ray Group = Ashram.

    There are seven Rays, each Ray is governed by an Ascended Master. But every soul within a particular Ray has their own level of spiritual awareness.

    Not everyone knows or understands the same, not everyone operates yet at the same spiritual level. The more aware, the more one is able to express their Soul Ray. ✨
  • We reincarnate in soul groups
  • 🇳🇱 Massive farmer’s protests to be expected in the Netherlands on the 4th of July 👨‍🌾 ☀️ 🤗
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