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(With regards to the Neptune Mothership Excursion) Be Cautiously Optimistic

Part of me does believe that this contact will happen, but I have offered this perspective as well to remind people not to take this prediction too overboard until it occurs, if it does. 

The following was posted on my blog last night. 

I have been receiving a vast number of comments about this ‘Mothership trip’ that is said to be taking place on Saturday. I feel it is very important for everybody to remember the possibility of it not happening. No, I am not trying to be a naysayer but I have been a part of this movement for a measly two and a half years, which is a much shorter time than most as most have been at this for decades, yet I still have seen time and time again when collective hope gets built up on a prediction of understandably high proportions, only to result in so many being let down and heartbroken. It seems to happen on a cycle of sorts.

Most recently, Blossom Goodchild took a leave of absence because of predictions of Cities of Light before the end of the year. I’m not trying to sound negative here, I just think we should be a bit more cautious about throwing most or all of our faith into simple predictions. This is why I made the request through Mikos to perhaps grant potential contactees an initial contact or two in the dreamscape, so that a multitude of collective hope did not get built up on [what is as of yet] unproven predictions.

I have my own measure of faith in this outcome. Part of me feels that especially last night, in the dreamscape I was in a meeting with hundreds of souls. I remember Steve specifically. But our dreams also serve to teach us lessons, and it has been said that we should not always take what we see in our dreams as a literal prediction of events to come. It could have been some type of encoded personal message for me to figure out. And so you see, I am cautiously reserving my faith while at the same time considering this possibility and its magnitude and massive effect on our entire planet, if it is to finally transpire.

I’m not suggesting anybody have my exact attitude on the subject, but I do think that we should approach what could be such a huge event with a cautious ‘wait and see’ attitude. Building up an enormous amount of faith over something like this will only fuel our sorrows in this avenue once again if it does not happen and will also draw immense criticism from our typical criticizers.

Consider the possibility and all that it entails, but do not put too much of yourself into it yet. There will be plenty of time for that when disclosure does finally occur, whenever that may be.

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Comment by Drekx Omega on February 2, 2012 at 8:16pm

It was a good idea to post this, Wes....thanks my friend...  ;-)

Comment by Drekx Omega on February 2, 2012 at 8:11pm

I think it is important that people on earth realise that we are under the protection of universal laws and our local Spiritual Hierarchy and their allies of the GFL make strategic decisions here, until the moment of graduation and planetary ascension for earth ascendees...

An "intergalactic council" does not hold sway over the Galactic Federation of Light First Contact initative...

Such a "council" (if it were true) could not bypass the GFL and arbitrarily make a "collection" of earth humans, in this manner.....There is no ship from an "intergalactic council" that would bother to use the name of a planet within this system....unless the whole thing were made up in an earth human mind....which it was, unfortunately......

Comment by Pet Rock on February 2, 2012 at 7:40pm

Have you heard of George Kavassalis and if so could he have a point about the Reptilian/Grey deception?

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