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Greetings Dear Ones, Galactic Humans, and beings of infinite Light, Councils of Star beings, Star Seeds, Ascended Humans, and gatherers amongst the fields of Light.

It is I, EL Anora, though there is no EL left of I, nor an Anora, only the Presence I am that remains, and so dear Ones, this is my re-introduction to you at this time, as the group present I am, and also as a humble Diplomat, representing this now time period.

I was not sure, dear Ones, if I was going to write to you, on these matters. 1. I was not sure if the time was appropriate. 2. Being in my own world has become quite a joy for me as of late.

But I was asked by several members, whose names I will not mention here, out of respect, of the Divine Council we are all, to come, and participate in this now grand event.

For me, that begins tomorrow, on April 11, 2012, but it may or may not begin there for you, time has been lost to me, and I am never sure when or where I am! But here I am for this moment.

What was asked of me was to relate this message to you, and this may be a repeat, I am not sure, but, it is, I think, important for I, to contribute of I, in this manner for all.

It is time now, dear Ones, to become Divine Diplomats for all that is, if you so choose to do so. Which means to step into Unconditional Love for all beings, planets, races, and all other manner of creation, in the Universe that is.

How can, dear Ones, we greet those who have come to see us, if we are pre-judging them by what was. No, we cannot, for in that which is the Eternal Light, there can be no judgement, for how would we choose? By what barometer would we decide who gets to love us and who does not?

Certainly, dear Ones, it is by consciousness, not by appearance, and so we must let go of the appearance of those we have pre-judged, and enter a consciousness of unconditional love, especially for ourselves.

I imagine, in the days to come, there will be far better of those here to speak on the events that shall transpire, know that I AM HERE, to be present with you, as the information is received by me, if it is to be received by me. Oh, if I were the one to control when, how, and so! But I am not, and how I have not even been the one to decide that this experience would occur! But you, by your devotion and love, have made it so.

I would like to give you this now acknowledgement, that the world you inhabit after April 11, 2012, will not be the dimension you currently inhabit, but then again, when ever is even the next second the same dimension you were currently inhabiting?

Whenever you meet your ascension, however you meet it, greet it with unconditional love. For only that consciousness shall be the vehicle for our unity in these times to come.

God bless you for being so,

I am a messenger of Andraste in this now moment, but I simply, humbly, am.

Yours in Light.

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