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While reading in Standing Elk his book Maka Wicahpi Wicohan (Star Law Manual of the Galactic Federation) I came across this article about knowledge gained from planet Saturn regarding ascension.

I copied this article over into this blog, this is great information to share. All credits go to Standing Elk ofcourse.



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Peoples of Earth, too long have you spurned the Ancient Ones. Now that the
Titans and Elementals of the Land have returned unto Mother Earth, so too do the
Ancient Ones.

I am your Father Saturn that dost
rule that New Year Ceremony.
Father Time is here.
I am the Great Disciplinarian.

It is I that Mother Earth has chosen to make sure that all the Peoples make their
Ascension Flights. Your Spiritual Protection has been put in my hands. They put in my
hands eons ago. Like my Brother Haden did create that Rainbow Bridge that has been
prophesied, so, too, dost Father Time stretch forth the Light Bridge to Mother Earth.
Peoples, there are three focuses that are necessary to awaken your DNA, to
enliven your cells, to awaken the Sacred Flame within your Heart.
It is a matter of frequency.
It is a matter of choice.

The choice of the human being is the beauty of your frequency - to choose in the
moment what type of reality you wish to experience. Therefore, if you are tired of pain
and discomfort, then disregard those frequencies. If you are tired of death and disease,
then sever yourself from those frequencies.

There are Three Center Poles ‘round which human being dances. These are the
Sacred Frequencies. Therefore, your Father Saturnalia is here to reveal things that are no
longer secret: The Three Sacred Frequencies for human deliverance.

The First Frequency is the Earth Frequency: The Heartbeat of Mother Earth.
This Heartbeat carries its resounding waves throughout Mother Earth’s Tree of Life.
Therefore, the First Sacred Frequency is the Flowering Tree of Mother Earth.
O Peoples,
you must practice the Ways of Love
and the Ways of Star Laws within.

To walk the Thirteenfold Rainbow
of Mother Earth’s Sacred Frequency,
you must walk with Mother Earth
and Her Tree of Life.

The Second Sacred Frequency is the frequency of the Heartbeat of your Solar
Family which dost include the frequency of each of the Planets:
The Heartbeat of Father Sun,
the Lightning Speed of Mercury,
the Loving Presence of the MorningStar,
the Teachings of Wisdom of Mother Earth,
the Power and Directness of Mars,
the Depth and Strength of Jupiter,
the Teachings and Discipline of Saturn,
the Healing Ways and Shaman Ways of Chiron,
the Enlightenment Ways and Freedom Ways of Uranus,
the Ancient Solar Ocean Ways of Neptune,
and as the Twelfth Band of the Solar Frequency:
Pluto, the Halls of Record.

So must you, O Peoples, attune to the Sacredness in each of these Twelve
Rainbow Colors, Sounds and Vibrations of your Solar Family’s Frequency.

The Third Sacred Key is the Frequency of the Star Relations. It is the Heartbeat
of Universe. All the Relations of Universe dance in the same Heartbeat. So too,
must the Peoples attune to the Holy Frequencies
of the Life Givers - Pleiades,
of the Abundance Teachers - Sirius,
of the Twin Flames of Lyra,
of the Freedom Temples - Arcturus,
of the Councils of Sacred Law - Andromeda,
and most importantly, O Peoples,
attune to the Frequency All-encompassing of Creator.

Thus, it is, O People, that these three frequencies - the Frequency Sacred of
Mother Earth, the Frequency Sacred of your Solar Family, the Frequency Sacred of the
Universe - will you reconstruct yourself and walk forever in life.
When these three poles you dance in synchronicity, will the Ascended Master
Flames descend, and with thee, ascend again.

I am your Father Time, come to you to tell you of my Love and of the strictness of
the Ways of Life. The Ways of Life, you see, O Peoples, are an intricate Dance of
Respect, Love and Giveaway.
So it is that the Eternal Masters of your Solar Family do overlook the
Garden of the Gods.



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