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PREPARATION FOR 10.10.10 - for the Opening of the Crystalline portals and the Balance in the Element Portals

Breath deeply to anchor all that LOVE and LIGHT in every cell of your body…

Direct your attention to Mother Earth…feel her pulse unified with yours…breath deeply…feeling her Loving energy flowing through your body from your feet…

Just right above your head, a Crystalline portal of pure light opens up…

And this portal drives you through your heart into the connection with your multidimentionality

You travel through that light portal…visualize the radiant colors that surrounds you, turquoise, magenta, golden, White, pink, violet, all the most beautiful colors that
help you to harmonize your energy…

soon you start to visualize a White sands beach…

right there we found each other and recognize, one by one as beautiful beings of Light…all the people that has reunited from the heart…are present there …

feel the energy of the beach…feel the soft and warm sand…the crystalline ocean…the waves dancing with the chant of the Mother Earth…the fresh wind…

take a deep breath…feeling the connection with the Mother Earth…

take a deep breath sending your Love and Gratitude to the Mother Earth…

in the ocean you listen to the chants of the whales, belugas, dolphins and cachalots calling out for you in joy…

to find us comes a groups of dolphins to takes us in a journey into the deep blue…

we hold on to them and swim together…fast and filled with joy

we are children happily playing beside them

The beloved dolphins directs us to a group of loving whales and with their chants the fill us with love…

Now we find a group of happy belugas that fills us with deep tenderness…their love fills us with serenity

Together we travel until we find a group of cachalots, their chant fills us with deep peace…

we look up into the bottom of the ocean and we see that is filled with huge crystals radiating rainbow light..

we hold each other hands and form a circle, in the center of our circle there's a huge crystal…

dolphins, belugas, whales and cachalots surrounds us and with the bodies and energies the form a huge mandala around us…

and so, the huge crystals starts to resonate and radiate rainbow light that goes up forming a huge spiral in the center of our circle…pure light and LOVE resonating from the
deepest of the crystalline heart of the Mother Earth…

emerging into the waters…healing deeply…balancing our own WATERS, our emotions…

breath deeply in deep joy, feeling the frequency of the Dolphins, allowing joy to awake and heal your inner child….

Breath deeply in deep LOVe and tenderness, feel the frequency of whales and beluga whales…allowing Love to heal all your old wounds, from this and from past lives…

breath deeply in deep Peace and security, feeling the frequency of the cachalots…allow their peace stabilize your inner waters and fill yourself with a deep feeling of
security and stability…

and so through our own balace, we radiate balance and Love into all the waters of the earth…expanding the frequency through the crystalline grid to all the planet and the people
that open their hearts to receive it…

From our hearts emerge beautiful melodies of pure Love that resonate in harmony with the melodies of all the crystals of the oceans…

A beautiful symphony of Love and Unity flows through the oceans crystals and expands into the whole earth…resonating in every human and living species…

we align ourselves to the frequency of the crystals and Cetaceans and allow the opening of our inner portals..

Earth Portal…the roots…allow us to feel the unification through the infinite grids of life that flow through the Mother…Life flows through us…we are aware of the Unity. We
are ONE…the earth is connected to life everywhere..all the dimensions
unified in one space and and now…earthly and cosmic…the
Cosmic human reborn..

Air Portal…the flow…allow us to fly free as birds…to feel safe, protected and nurtured by the Mother…it gives us freedom..the cosmic human reborn in freedom, in unity with all
his brothers and sisters…we are ONE. We feel ONE…we flow in grace like
the wind, safe wherever we go…

Fire portal…the inner power. The strength..allows us to feel the Love and Solar protection..the connection with life everywhere…all the Universe unified..the Sun gives
his light to everyone as equal, without distinction..we are aware of the
Unity….we are ONE..everybody radiating love as a SUN…the cosmic human
reborn in equality…

Water Portal…the guide…the water is our body…our essence..we are WATER. The awakening of the water portal allows us to open the cosmic channel and to reestablish the unification
of our being. The cosmic human reborn…reborn the connection with life
everywhere. We are ONE..we feel as ONE with all life everywhere…

Crystalline Portal…the opening and expansion…allows us to recover our christ consciousness and hold it in our being….the unity manifested here and now…we are guides
us…we expand love to all that surrounds us…

Breath deeply…

Feel…víbriant…be UNITY

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