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Love is innocent as a child
Love is happiness unbounded
Love is peace as deep as the oceans
Love is the infinite joy of the stars
Love is gentle and kind
Love is the wonder of the universe
Love is the beauty of Gaia and Venus
Love is clear and pure
Love is the silence of the ages
Love is justice throughout the earth
Love is the dancing of the mermaids
Love is bold and daring
Love is the greatest adventure
Love is the infinite bliss
Love is the greatest mystery
Love takes you higher and higher
Love is the harmony of all things
Love is the highest wisdom and the greatest power
Love is the embrace of a lover and a stranger
Love flows through all things
Love outlasts life and death
Love is what we take with us
Love will heal our hearts and minds
Love is the eternal embrace
Love shines forever beyond the shores of time.

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Comment by Starlight1111 on August 16, 2012 at 3:07am your poem n it reminded me of something I wrote some time ago ^-^

We are never ever alone
Cuz God is everything and everyone in the universe.
God is all that is.
God is the laugh of a child.
The wise words of the elderly.
Every breath you take.
The food that you eat.
Every cell of your body.
The fresh air that soothes your skin.
The shiny stars at night.
The waves of the sea.
The light of the Moon.
The fruits of a tree.
The warmth of the Sun.
The mountains in the horizon.
The smell of a rose.
A long warm hug.
An innocent kiss.
The warrior soul within.
The kindness of the heart.
Compassion and infinity.
Every animal in the world.
Your little loving pet.
Your mom that puts you to sleep.
The birds that sing.
The pouring rain.
A gentile breeze.
Therefore you're never alone.
God is in every corner of your world.
God is in you, in your soul.
God has never left you alone.
God feeds you.
Cuz God is the fresh fruit you enjoy.
God smiles at you.
Cuz God the little baby smiling at you.
God fills your lungs with air.
Cuz God is the very air you breath in.
God warms you up during the day.
Cuz God's the sunrise over the hills.
God shines very bright in the sky
Cuz God's the light of the moon at dark.
God keeps you safe.
Cuz God is your guardian and protector.
Weather that is your parents, grandparents or mentors.
God is always with you.
Cuz God is your siblings, your friends, your reflection.
God sings to you.
Cuz God is the birds on the trees.
God showers and cleans you.
Cus God is the water that washes your skin.
God is you. You are God.
God is pure unconditional love. So are we all.
Can't we take a moment to see.
That God has never left us alone.
God is nor a he or a she.
God is all that is. God is pure energy.
The energy of creation.
The pure energy we all carry within.
We all part of God.
Like a small cell of the whole.
We are everything and everyone.
We are all that is.
We are time, space.
We are love.
We are compassion.
We are kindness.
We are joy.
We are innocence.
We are eternal.
We are immortal.
We are infinite.
We are us.
You are Me. I am You.
In your eyes my reflection i see.
In my eyes you are me.
I am love and so are you.

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