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I Love You This Much


I Love You to remind you to Love yourself when you decide to embody fear so to dominate me and everyone else you decide you want to deeply hurt.


I Love You so much that I choose to be a pacifist for the sole purpose to bring you the image you so desperately seek of the you that hides behind all these aggressive tendencies.


I Love You when I open my heart for the first time to only be shunned and mocked in return.


I Love You when I divulge my inner most feelings to you in hopes that you will finally understand who I am but instead you refuse to hear me out and then call me strange.


I Love You to encourage you to remember where your heart is when you tell me I am a waste of space and that I should drop dead.


I Love You and respect your decision to not Love me back.

I Love your ability to be who you believe you are even when that may be detrimental to me and others.

I Love your process of enlightenment that you have chosen whether aware or not of how others are being affected by your actions which sometimes I don’t agree with.


I Love You instead of hating you because hate brings more disorder when you commit to your beliefs of division and take action to destroy worlds.


I Love and respect your free will enough to let you throw me in graves and bury me alive. If I hated you then I would become the very thing I hated and how would we know each other apart. Instead I will forgive you habitual ways.


I Love you so to reflect who you truly are even when you have made the conscious decision to not acknowledge that this beloved devilish exterior is a front to keep from the beautiful shining Light Being to come out.


You can kill me many times over and I still will stand tall to ascend as your compassionate brother and sister.


Nothing will ever stop me from choosing with all my courage to unconditionally Love You This Much.



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